OPINION: What Next for Harry Kalaba?

The tremor caused by the Harry Kalaba resignation from government should cause some reason for concern by the political leadership. Others may argue the resignation has caused an earthquake in the Patriotic Front government.

While others may dismiss it as being of no political consequence. Whatever the interpretation, the resignation is a harbinger of something gone wrong in the Patriotic Front. Kalaba alongside the likes of Dr Chitalu Chilufya, Felix Mutati, Lucky Mulusa, Vincent Mwale and vice president Inonge Wina have been among the few cabinet ministers whose standing has been generally above political affiliation.

Their standing has been such that ordinary Zambians could stand proud of them without having to wear political lenses. Kalaba has been high on the list of ministers that have carried their head above shoulders with a sober mind. The Bahati lawmaker has been above the mindless tribal and divisive political talk that is at the centre of Zambian politics currently. Any sober minded person would also attest to the competence of Kalaba in the portfolio of Foreign Affairs where he served with reasonable success.

When someone so settled and emblematic of the Patriotic Front DNA jumps ship what is the public to read? What has gone so dramatically wrong for Kalaba to ditch government? Is Kalaba just another ego chasing politician harbouring Presidential ambitions? Is Kalaba offering himself on the altar of political sacrifice for a greater political cause? Did he not cite corruption in the Patriotic Front government? Is he headed to the National Democratic Focus (NDC) noisy side of political business where Chishimba Kambwili is the lead vocalist?

Whatever his destination Kalaba should think carefully about his next move as many before him have struggled to strike a political masterpiece with their well-intended resignations. While the Levy Mwanawasa case stands tall in our history books there have been disastrous departures as happened with Mike Mulongoti, George Mpombo and Lameck Mangani.


  1. Sunford munkombwe

    He is tired of being behind the shadow of a chimbwi

  2. Derby

    Even drunken minded like some of us agrieve over that… Please work hard people just for the benefit of mother Zambia and our refugees from aunt DRC our neighboring nation.

  3. imani

    I think what is doing is pleasing his heart so let him what is right for him

  4. FGM

    Whatever has made Kalaba resign , Zambians want a responsible leadership to preside over our resources, nothing else. Be Responsible.

  5. mulase

    In my opinion and all fairness hon kalaba has attributes of a presidential material. The Bahati lawmaker deserved more than just a minister. The man is intelligent and was able to articulate national issues fluently nd diligently.He was always my darling each tym he speaks to the outside world.Whether u like it or not his departure from this corrupt govt has left a big hole and uncle Edgar will not enjoy sipping his favourite drink..Jameson this 2018.The truth is I don’t hate uncle Edgar but i detest his style of governance.

  6. Indoshi palupe


  7. mulase

    Epa pena ubwato bwatulika and the best to do is to jump out and swim to the Ship being steered by Hon CK otherwise kuti wa nwina.

  8. Timothy kabbar

    He did the right thing by resigning from the corrupt party

  9. Lc

    Honourable kalaba is a close friend of the president his resign tels something

  10. Love your neighbor

    All politicians are hypocrites, as a true embracer of rasta philosophy, I see these guys playing hide seek. Kalaba has his interests and political desires, thinking much that he is a perfect and clean politician is not wise enough, politicians are always self centered, dey are like rolling stones to me, if u praise politicians much u will be disappointed one day.

  11. Nicholas

    2018 ni go go forward hh

  12. justine jay kotati

    Pf shall never be shaken by small resignations because the signatories indosing it are in huge mumbers.My president do not be shakened you have numbers,as it says politics is all about numbers.I love you Ecl,you are my man.

  13. justin chitambala

    let mr kalaba go relax and doing otherthings is still a young man so dont concured u ba upnd your time is past u cant remember dr chiluba that word he said u tonga’s u never rule


    Mr president Let mr kalaba go n relax n choose de other person who can succeed his position

  15. Lewis

    All is well it’s time.

  16. Love your neighbor

    Justine chitambala please talk about politics not tribes, what have tongas done to you? mind you not all tongas are upnd & not all are politicians, same applies to bembas not all of them are pf or ndc, those are sentiments aimed at deviding the nation. One Z one chalo.

  17. mulongoti

    Look this 2018 each one of us had made resolutions it was one of those resolutions he made to resign lets wait and see if he wants to take over from hh to give upnd chance to rule that would mean what chiluba said the******#( ) will never rule let’s wait and see

  18. Mazimayumu

    We need trustees in our country called Zambia because am Zambian.

  19. Mazimayumu

    I think kalaba he is wise he does not want bad things to be happening before his eyes

  20. Kalaba

    Kalaba has ruined is political career, period!

    • Amon

      He would have been patience for sometime before deciding this.

  21. Harry

    Kalaba has ruined is political career, period!

  22. Santos

    I like his move obviously it’s wise

  23. Joseph

    Maybe he want to become a bishop or prophet.


    Umm leave him alone nimukulu

  25. Choolwe Namakobo

    He is sober minded and a good presidential material.He has broken the political record by stepping down as minister dedpite the luxuries.This normally happens in the westerb world.Well done hurry.

  26. Hamanzi Shamitaba

    I can do Kalaba’s job.

  27. mercutio

    Something is fishing in pf…something very big is fishing inside pf…kalaba to resign its a taboo…been so close to edgar lungu…something very big is happening & he does not want to be part of it.

  28. Slush k

    He did a good job.

  29. chris

    PF yalikatama
    People are just suffering
    This govt?????

  30. Love your neighbor

    Yes something is “fishing” in pf, ine nshili waku UK, kufyalo.

  31. Mbaiwa.s.shadrick

    He has just do what z good to himself,but to our mother Zambia is a bad abitious. you know mr.Harry you are just wasting zambian development but beasy jumping from one part to another what is that? you were elected to work for five years there in pf why rush to do thing my is you retire for good in politicts.Go and save your God my dear,don’
    t you know that politics is a dert game.

  32. DJ

    He has repented and stopped politics pantu tamutasha.

  33. kastar

    He has stopped tamutasha.

  34. double double

    I like the the guy he doesn’t open his mouth when it doesn’t matter n he’s careful when speaking, I call pipo of this nature as “leaders”

  35. Qhomzly

    How I wish we were voting on phones rather than queuing up like we do when it comes 2 voting.Here rigging isn’t toralated.We shall try this method some day then c hw ECL will find his way through

  36. Mike

    Let Kalaba resign as MP, otherwise he’ll retard development for the people of Bahati. If you’re a resident of this constituency, you’ll remember well what happened during the reign of one Chimbaka who was among the PF’s rebel MPs. Holding on to the parliamentary seat only serves his own interests and will not benefit the people who voted for him.

  37. Prince

    Kalaba knows what he is doing.

  38. Misozi simwanza

    Can any update me wat z going on Harry kalaba for him to reach in in extence of resigned then let me also resigne as a mp

  39. Tenis phiri

    they know each other,corruption yakwisa hz jst frustrated .

  40. Concerned citizen

    Honorable kalaba should have waited until ecl has ended his term of office and then contest for presidency at whichever stage unlike breaking our hearts as Zambians. That’s but strategy Mr kalaba. Who doesn’t your potential.I love the president, you mr kalaba and the patriotic front.Don’t go to NDC.

  41. Jacob m silondwa

    Kalaba knows what he is doing.lololo!!!!! People

  42. brown

    This is a sign that something is wrong in the government

  43. Michael Phiri

    If you have followed Zambian politics, you wouldn’t need to talk about such. There were resignations in2001under our late republican President Chiluba may his soul rest in peace. But government went head winning elections. Every person has their destine.God created alot of people each with a Gift. So indeed he is not a foctor. Look at Britain the way leaders resign. There even Prime Ministers. But the country continues. So be broad minded.

  44. Thambuli Major


  45. Solomon Pleito

    Nshamwenemo imibombele isuma muli uyu muntu nalekefye ififine. As bahati dwellers akesa pona umwauce mu 2021.

  46. Samuel

    every big fish is running away from the PF party there two things involved

  47. Big Geo

    This is no joking matter for a sensible person,Harry holds key information.deny it pf leadership stinks corruption,,,,,I feel like vomiting,it hates,so don’t push Harry any how,leave him alone!

    • Christian

      I wonder where we are going,all the party giants are really going.i like the man,he is the man of integrity and wisdom,they should not forget that the whole nation is watching.

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