Letter: Who Is Keeping Pres. Lungu Away From The Masses?



Today Monday scores of Zambians were waiting to hear the Presidents’ voice either on radio or TV not to see pictures. To hear him sound the alarm in both sound and picture making sweeping changes not only to cabinet but to the wider overall management of the country. Structural reforms in agriculture and his posture against these things that have taken center stage such as Cholera and the Crying Traders, Labour Matters, Army Worms and Corruption Allegations.

But fortunately for those appointed, which ever wisdom he used to appoint the same, is a debate for another day. But the President saliently did that behind closed doors, subjecting every Zambian to wait for ZNBC news to hear his voice probably in a less than two minute clip.

My honest opinion is the President has yet again missed a mouth watering opportunity not only to address the nation but to make popular decisions. A President elected on a popular majority of 50percent + 1 must from time to time identify with the popular majority.

For me the President has been insulated from reality and his party-PF. My most immediate humble advise to the Presidential handlers is that they must not delink the President from the party which is the reason he is President.

He is a politician and much of the reason why our former President Rupiah Banda lost in 2011 is because he lost touch with the party-MMD as according to Dickson Jere. RUPIAH BANDA was made too busy with the presidency and party matters he delegated.

The President is not a private individual but he is a partisan politician and PF concerns must form part of his top agenda items. The level of discontent among PF youths is increasingly supposed to be of his concern and every time the President gets an opportunity to address the nation he mustn’t shy away from those glaring realities.

At the rate at which we are moving I may need to agree with PF Die Hard Maxwell Chongu that there is urgent need for political reforms in the country otherwise I fear for myself.

I wonder sometimes does the President hear us, what mode of communication can someone use surely? First lady Esther Lungu and Tasila Lungu please help us. Who is failing our humble leader, is it the INTELLIGENCE or the walls at STATE HOUSE?

There is no where to hide, you jump on a taxi or a bus, everyone is complaining. In the hospitals and market places, people have missed their President and they don’t see or hear him directly unless through others. They miss their humble and poor President who lived among us. WHERE IS OUR PRESIDENT?

Prince Ndoyi
MMD Youth


  1. Jay dee

    Mmm so quiet

  2. chips

    Well articulated mr ndoyi.
    In addion,fisp program ,up to now dome farmers hav not yet recvd de imput but they hav fposited the k400.wrn ar they going to plough?
    Some new districts roads ar trenches.a 1hr 30 min journey is now taking 6-7 hrs

  3. The Truth

    He is way to busy eating.

  4. masau mwanza


  5. mwaice

    we are watching

  6. Abraham chikwale

    we are watching

  7. Bishop makayi

    He busy drinking wait for him in 2020 November he will come back and do compagn

  8. Gardless

    Give him a chance maybe he’s making new plans

  9. margret folowisa


  10. ian

    Nock nock nock

  11. Zipo

    How is he. I remember the denials about Sata’s illness. To make matters worse, his wife a medical doctor allowed him to deteriorate to the point where it must have been hard watch him waste away, it was certainly hard for me. As for Lungu we shall wait and see

  12. MJ BANDA

    This sounds true

  13. roydsilengo

    We are waiting to hear

  14. One chair

    Very true

  15. chimps A

    We are all Zambian because of this cholera

  16. Lloyd

    Very true I have been wondering as well not even a press statement from the head of state to address the nation on what is happening so sad the mass are watching.

  17. Simeo Musonda

    It is desirable that the government of the day provide platforms on which Youths can vent their emotions and participate in National Affairs.
    It is unfortunate that Presidents in Zambia are mainly blocked from the masses and Reality, by the Zambian intelligence.

    • lungu

      The absence should be complacency free and very productive.

  18. JAPHET

    Zoona bakateka besu twaluba fwebana without any given information on the way forward. Should we die from chorella and njala,coz simutiganizapo?

  19. Kapatu villager

    The article is real and means well. The question of the President not being seen or him holding press conferência must bê put on Amos Chanda and Kaizer Zulu who think they own him. Mr president come out and speak to zambians and not they chanda

  20. james

    no amount of propaganda will be able to make the pf to win elections in 2021.

  21. Nalitanda Ngula

    Happy man

  22. cmmp


  23. cle

    He’s lost in the wilderness maybe

  24. juanita zulu

    Wether u like it or not he is President, let him do what is suppose to do don’t tell him what to .Twilafwayilisha imilandu muma leaders btlet us pray for our leaders so that God should help them lead in a right way.NATUCHINJE for the BETTER.

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