PF Official On Copperbelt Linked With NDC Move After Meeting Mwenya Musenge

Patriotic Front Copperbelt vice information publicity secretary Kelvin Sinyangwe has been linked to the National Democratic Congress party after photos of his private meeting with NDC founder Mwenya Musenge were circulated on Patriotic Front WhatsApp groups.

Sinyangwe, the former Kitwe Mayor and immediate past Kitwe District Chairman, was spotted meeting with the former Copperbelt Minister at the NDC secretariat in Kitwe District.

The situation has incensed some Patriotic Front members who have demanded for an explanation from their leadwer.

“These photos are very clear and we can’t allow such things to be happening. I think we need discipline, and I have information that he will be making an announcement soon to switch to NDC. This man has been with us and at no point have we suspected that he could do this,” one PF member complained.

Another member defended Sinyangwe.

“Maybe we should not judge him too soon, the best we can do is let the Provincial Executive summon him so that we can hear his side of the story because we cannot allow this to continue at such a time in the party,” another member said.

But when reached for a comment, Sinyangwe rubbished the stories circulating saying he had no plans ditching the ruling party for the NDC.

He said despite Musenge belonging to a different political party, the two were still friends and there was no need to panic or fear when they were seen together.

“Who said I want to join NDC, what is there? That is a new political party. Who in his right senses would leave the ruling party to join a political party in its infancy. I can’t do that I am a man with principles and I belong to PF not those rumours circulating around,” Sinyangwe said.

We have been in the system for too long such stories don’t scare us. It’s actually good to open up such debates, but the fact still remains, I am PF. Nothing else. This game of politics is a game for bigger animals and those thinking am joining NDC should keep their ears open. Let’s see if such a thing will happen.”

Sinyangwe further encouraged party members to draw their energies to mobilising the party rather than looking for whom to criticise in the party.

“Some of us were nurtured by the late President Michael Sata and we have principles we can’t just throw away anyhow. PF is here to stay and we will be here,” said Sinyangwe.


  1. Professor:M Patrick.

    I see no problem for sinyangwe to have a discussion with musenge. We should not talk from the layer

    • Joy

      If you do not have relatives and friends that’s your stupidity.

  2. martin

    Comment why is it that the pf members are always observing other peoples movements. i think every one in this country has he’s or her own rights in every thing as long it is acceptable with laws of this country.

  3. sj

    People, pipo shouldn’t we mingle? Or you’ll be suspected of a cross over. Anyway that’s what politics are, rubbing shoulders with opponents for good or bad reasons.

  4. nshilimubemba

    You mean when you are politician you cease to have freedom of association.
    Really it politics is a dirty game and those who patronize then are equally the same.

  5. mengmoreler

    That’s y muli ba koswe mupoto and chimbwi no plan jst yimwe simufuna kutengako nzelu kubanzanu .rubish party yama cadres nzelu monga bakaponya kosafuna wina kuti alongeleko pa station panu.foolish childrens lik their father.

  6. Spishi k

    In Zambia we are free to talk to anyone

  7. shadreck

    People are free to mingle.

  8. mulase

    There is a state of BROUHAHA in the PF and this game of witch hunting will continue till they ar kicked out of govt.Every member seen chatting with another member from the opposition is labeled a sell out.I have for example alot of friends in the PF and we chat,drink and exchange notes 24/7 but no one seems to care maybe because iam not a FACTOR.The question is wat about these MPs who ar seen charting and drinking together at Parliament Motel?In my house my wife is PF and iam NDC but we share the same bed and chat without any problem. Come on guys let’s stop this nonsense.

    • Game meat

      What a house? Wife is PF and husband in NEC and you call that a family in harmony? Can’t believe it.

  9. Mpombo

    This NDC issue will be humbled when elections campaigns heats up.But the major ploy behind its formation won’t be disclosed here lest the other opposition who view its coming as a blessing are alerted

  10. duks

    Mengmoreler u r foolish mother fuker idiot don’t repeat again

  11. Richard

    Cholera party, its that a crime to taik with mr musenge or CK.

  12. Game meat

    What a house? Wife is PF and husband in NDC and you call that a family in harmony? Can’t believe it.

  13. Matuzi

    PF please concetrat on sweeping cholera out not that imwe bafikala ninshi tamulakula?umwaume tabamulisisha ngoma.
    You know that cholera is yearly and mostly dueling mangoes, why don’t you plan on advance to do likewise to elephantalices prevention programs. I priffer AIDS than Cholera.Anso sembe ipaya chabe BA PF your President would have maybe put more efforts.
    Next year please plan for cholera prevention not curling coz the time it takes to be identified is too small.
    I am talking to the Government of the pf if they feil then HH and GBM balipakona.
    people are dyeing like streatkids and say lungu alekontolola,very stupid with your slogan .Busy hunting of mistakes from others instead. Truly you have no vision for the people of lovely Zambians.
    Moreover lusaka is a capital city bat full of daty like pf part,awe mwe.

  14. mulase

    I beg to differ with yo comment Mr mpombo or who ever u may be.NDC is not worried about elections as at now.. Lo lo!We ar preoccupied with recruitments and formation of Party organs nation wide and this exercise shouldn’t take us beyond 2019 only then can we say how much ready we ar to face elections.I mean u cannot dare sit for exams before u study bwana.Its unfortunate I can not preempt our strategy on this forum on how we intend to kick start our major programs. All I can assure u is we ar on the ground. The issue of some ruling party members joining us or rather luring them to join us is not even on our agenda.But that is not to say we don’t need them no no no.We need them like now though we wud rather lure a Ward committee to join us than these individuals in higher positions. So if PF sees me with a Ward chairman they must cry foul than seeing me with a Provincial chairman.

  15. Derby

    The way some of you utter words is like cholera has been brought by an individual person in the so called the government of the day, have manners and lets concentrate on how to curb this pandemic together because all members are affected regardless of polical affiliation. Tukwateko umucinshi kubayashi bafwile na cholera nendupwa shishele.

  16. mengmoreler

    Yiwe chi dux plz I’m nt interested wth yo big license in yo west ,plz ngati zakuluma maningi don’t yo madnes on air or may b u’r one of da mentioned if u’r kazimangilile pamutengo wa nshaba.

  17. mengmoreler

    Yiwe chi dux plz I’m nt interested wth yo big license in yo west ,plz ngati zakuluma maningi don’t show yo madnes on air or may b u’r one of da mentioned if u’r kazimangilile pamutengo wa nshaba. M mothr fuka thanx,bt u God will revenge 4m b4 da end of vis months

  18. Hifta De Lifta

    U’re Really Da Sons Of Yo Father Dat Y U’re Afraid Of Luzing Yo Party Memberz ,yea None Wil Remain Lets Go Guyz Come on! Ifilubo Mu Pafu Vachilamo, Pipo Cant Stay Munyumba Muli Doti Its Until We Swip ,ad Lets Swip Pafu Out Of Da Government Ad Rule Wit Pipo Wo’ve Da Heart Of Taking Care of Many Thing Nt Bakandile At Ndilepo Ilyonshilafumapo. U B Answerable!

  19. duks

    Iwe mavuzi pathako mbolo yako uziganiza pokamba this is public media when u change god we’ll bless u m of $ ds days?

  20. mulase

    Mr game meat..I don’t c anything wrong in our marriage. Political affiliation plays a minor part in our marriage and it’s not even nearer to the marriage vows we made.I liken political parties to football clubs my friend. Wud u still not believe that whilst iam a staunch ManU fan my wife supports the CITIZENS (Man City) and we get along. It’s foolishness not to respect the choice of which team or party yo spouse supports.I hope this has cleared yo mind.Away from this.. In one of my posts I did mention that these Political leaders u hear quarreling in medias and Parliament actually do dine together. I have an uncle who was an Mp and I used to visit him at Parliament motel.If u meet these MPs out there from opposing parties chatting and drinking out there..uuh u can stop fighting each other in the streets politically. Maybe the current crop of politicians ar different to those of the 70s and late 80s.

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