Chipolopolo Off To CHAN

Zambia’s Chipolopolo have left for Morocco to compete in the the 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN).

Coach Wedson Nyirenda and his 23 bullets have since arrive in South Africa where they are making an overnight and will play a friendly match against Orlando Pirates tomorrow morning.

The team will leave for Morocco on Wednesday evening via Dubai. Zambia will jet into Casablanca on Thursday morning.

Nyirenda’s CHAN team is in Group B alongside Uganda, Ivory Coast and Namibia. The team starts the campaign on Sunday and will face Uganda’s Cranes.


  1. Amos bwalya

    #all the best Chipolopplo, teach them a lesson

  2. Willy nacho

    Nice team all the best

  3. frank

    Zambia is christian nation i know for sure dat we ar goin to overcome dis disease only if we mantain our country clean and vry hiegenie people shud throwin rubishes anyhow especially woman ama diepers apaliponse umwana nga’ania you jst change de baby and throw the dieper there nangu ni mutauni muli tamusakamana lets us work together as one zambia one nation to clean our nation our lord God is with us nothing to worry umunwe umo tausalainda.

  4. Sylvester

    Do your best guys

  5. Hotness

    Make us proud guys by scoring more goals. I wish you all the best as you take on the cranes of Uganda on Sunday.

  6. Shebarne Kamboyi

    Go Zambia go

  7. soccer fan


  8. Selenje Fredrick

    Go Zambia Go

  9. Selenje Fredrick

    Nice team

  10. roydsilengo

    Nice team guyz am wishing u all the best

  11. Kedric siame

    Reversal bola na lesa go Zambia go

  12. Elon Sikasukwe

    Thats wonderful brothers. Just know that when you on the ground we fellow Zambians are also playing with you and defending our young, strong and courageous youths. One Mweene and your trainees. We people of Kalomo Southern province of Zambia We are proud of you. One Dundumweenze.

  13. Leonard Miyambo Jr.

    We love you guys and focus is needed. Cholera alert…!

  14. Justine

    Go go go chipolopolo don’t disappointed us just do everything you know make sure bashalebalelila.and all our blessing will be with you guyz.all the best…….

  15. Lc

    Wishing you our boys the best

  16. lawrence

    We want Alex ngonga to start

  17. Sidney M

    Teti tufwe pabili cholera na bola

  18. Aaron

    All the best guys

  19. sario

    Of teach them

  20. Sweet sport

    Goodluck guyz

  21. Nzeleke T Sane

    Black is beautiful, show them the function of our family coloursāš½

  22. ABA SOLO

    Go Zambia Go.But Don’t Let Ng’onga Play


    Wish you all the best guys..

  24. Ronald tembo

    go Zambia go all the best

  25. Moze Ghat levelz

    Go Zambia Go wishing u all the best to the Zambian squard Patson Daka wishing all the best. ??????????????

  26. King fish

    What. About fashion sakala, Enock mwepu ,Nyondo and others where are. They

  27. Leonard chungupengu

    All the best …

  28. Bar man

    What. About The under 20. Why not on de line up any Way go Zambia go

  29. Ernest kokela

    All the best my guys….

  30. Ashby's

    I wish all the best and do your duty.

  31. evans

    Nice team

  32. victor manuel

    go patson daka and fix it

  33. mkk

    All the best Team Z

  34. Justine

    Do the best copper bullets we ar behind you guys.

  35. Kopala voice

    Go Zambia go!!! We love you Guy’s.

  36. innocent

    All the way chipolopolo,go Zambia go

  37. Francis

    Commenti I wish you all the best guyz……

  38. Francis

    Comment All the bst…

  39. Xando

    For us on earth,who kno that this is sports page,we wish u all the best

  40. Ovid chisanga

    Don’t forget guys twenda na less wishing all the best guys .

  41. uncles

    Pliz guys forget about cholera just score the goals

  42. Edmond

    We are counting on you guys…… All the best

  43. Calvin

    Show them guyz what we made of!

  44. phillip lukinde

    All the bast Zambian team the flag flys hhigher them anyone show them anyone

  45. banda joseph

    All de best guys! work hard and bring goods results.Thank!

  46. Lusale

    all the best gaiyz

  47. Mwiya

    With you all the best

  48. Innocent Kalunga

    Wishing u all the best

  49. Vithumwa banda

    Comment wishing u de best guyz.Go zambia Go!!!

  50. banda joseph katete boma

    Comment:where u a going there’s no cholera.Just work hard cordinate,work as team and dont be self with de ball give it to yo friend.if u have scold de ball which means the team zambia has gone forward.we a with in prayers.

  51. Alex Kulumbekwa

    Go zambia go…..wishing you guys all the best



  53. James

    Is Zambia Really Going To Play With A Club (Orlando Pirates) ????

  54. Rathan moono

    All the best guys,make our mother land proud.

  55. marvin

    Go Zambia go

  56. Muzeya Ginny

    We wish you all best team may Almighty be with you.

  57. Luke Mwanza

    Poor squad local team awe

  58. Kaela Selestin

    wishing you all the best guy, no fear that side

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