Letter: Using Soldiers To Clean Lusaka


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My name is Chileshe [not real name], third year public administration student at the University of Zambia. I wish to comment on the use of the military in cleaning works. From the onset, it’s very saddening that our government has stopped making efforts towards creating jobs for us youths because lets say each military personnel is getting k250 seeing they can’t do that for free, how many youths can we hire in the same amount?

Unless one wants to tell me the military did some cleaning course, otherwise these are jobs which the government could have given to the youths through the Lusaka City Council, as well as other District councils.

We do not need military presence of that magnitude, unless you tell me there’s martial law in effect. Zambian youths wake up! As a student who critically analyzes things, the military is not there to clean but the one who engaged them was only showing them his power over them. You can agree with me that violence has been the order of the day in places where the men in uniform visit to help fight cholera ‘with guns’.

What the government would have done is to give youths these piece works, even at K20 each per day, and we’d be done cleaning by now, of course with four or five men in uniform to deal with public resistance.

Thank you.


  1. Chewe

    give ba police they do nothing apart from corrupt activities


    Chileshe, I do not think any one else would have managed to push out the vebders from the streets. Even the police would not have managed. You see, now everything is politicised. So the only people to use were soldiers. The police are so scared of carders that they cannot do anything to them. Only soldiers have the capacity to bring sanity. No one can demonstrate against the soldiers.

    • Derby Nyirenda

      Well said my bro,as I usual say. Civil mind is very difficult to manipulate, now those vendors failed to abide by the council’s rules, who else apart from military officers could have managed that mess? Us millitarians know it better, it’s not a threate being with arms at such exercises because those are our pens we use to combat lawlessness especially this time around when we are faced with this unfortunate disease,thanks colleagues keep up good work.

    • Enock

      What chileshe is saying is that they are to different issues ,cleaning the mess and chasing the stuborn street vendors cleaning can be done by student s on a small allowance ,chasing the vendor s can be done by the military personnel no one is disputing that .

    • Sean Lee

      Iyeeeeeeeee mayo

  3. Summer salt

    Look chileshe, if you can think deep you will definitely know that you are not a student but a preacher who thinks whilst talking which is dangerous. If you knew what you where suggesting, with my deep thoughts is catastrophe; you as a student have waged war with police several times, you don’t fear teargas, rubber bullet, or shambok. So if they hired us, do you think we can survive? No! Coz not every trader is a citizen and others not from Lusaka. Hence, we are dealing with dangerous minds. As you may know, whilst the soldiers were cleaning they found dangerous weapons in the ntembas and decomposed bodies, now what are you insinuating, that you have nothing to do, the government will never come to your house and put money in your pocket. Wake up and stop seeking people’s views to gain cheap milage.

  4. Sj

    Ba Chile wesu, Men In Uniform have done a perfect job of removing the Garbbage. These people ‘ve moved in with a single word of command without qestioning Why, Which, When, Who, How, What garbbage to remove. Let’s see if Citizenry can uphold the Values of CLEANLINESS. Comment

  5. Yuma

    Chileshe or whatever you are called. Using the military in disasters is very common worldwide. Right now in Europe the military is been used to help with cleaning up snow and moving people who have been stuck after the heavy snow fall. The Canadian Army has always been used to clear snow and like what one Army General said the military is trained in all aspects of life and are more competent than most organizations to deal with calamities. Besides with the students we have now who resort to stoning innocent people’s vehicles who can trust you???

  6. mulase

    U ar quiet right Sumner salt This task is not as easy as this student thinks.The Police and the council have failed to remove these vendors from the streets so many tymz and for him to think a mere youth can manage such a mammoth task is mind boggling. This is not about the money these soldiers may get but the ability to flush out these stubborn vendors. In any case this is a voluntary task and I wonder wea the said youth ar to help keep Zambia clean nd free from diseases. Anyway let us forgive this student for we know that after his graduation he will not dare be part of such cleanups.

    • Mwaka

      Chile go sleep you need it ,you don’t know what you are talking about

    • T.J. Banda

      Chileshe, if given the same amount K250 per day, would you have managed to remove the vendors from the streets ? Let’s reason before making any utterances of criticism. Those ( soldiers ) are the only people with capacity to handle vendors.

  7. shu shu shu

    Chileshe or Hachileshe is a brainless youngman. What are our soldiers doing in the camps apart from waiting to go for peace keeping operations? Government does not have to pay soldiers to clean Lusaka as they are salaried staff employed to fight enemies both foreign and within. Cholera is a internal enemy so deploying soldiers without allowances was within performing their duties.

  8. Laz

    No wonder ni administration

  9. Wise Me

    That’s why we are where we with cholera. Having youths at universities with problem creating minds in stead of problem solving brains. Their goal is to make money at all costs. Our education is supposed to equip us with knowledge of and skills to live healthy hygienically and environmentally clean without being bullied into it, but we have failed. Cholera is a killer at war with civilians who have lamentably failed to deal it a blow. Go, go our gallant men and women of the barracks. Even after succeeding we will need enforcement of cleanliness everyday and everywhere.

  10. T.J. Banda

    Chileshe, if given the same amount K250 per day, would you have managed to remove the vendors from the streets? Reason before criticising the activity those ( soldiers ) are the only people who have the capacity to handle vendors.

  11. George Mainza

    Let us try to plan and do good things all the time,we should always remember that our country Is a christian nation.

  12. Sydney Ibrahim njobvu

    that true Gav Ba police to clean the town

  13. Dennis Bwalya

    Our President is a very clever man I appreciate him on that move only the army has and had the power over carders I have seen a situation were police being overpowered by carders only soldiers can handle these brutal carders

  14. Best

    Every body careful with chileshe statements. Does the Army clean streets every day or council does it. Today it is reasonable to use Army for this exercise but for other opportunities please through such works to the unschooled community for youth empowerment. Please criticisms are welcome.

  15. DD

    Military personnel are multi skilled and they uphold discipline. Like what been said vendors know too that soldiers mean business. They don’t take bribe unlike police officers who have allowed this scourge tainted their profession. And by the way it’s the youth operational zones so if they cannot do the cleaning where they work or better still demand from councils for facilities in these places. They only like being used by politicians come election season but they have failed even to ask the same people that use them to approach councils on their behalf to demand for health environment in their operation area. This cleaning will be temporary if vendors are back and nothing further happening.

  16. beatwell

    To god be the glory

  17. Christianhood messiah party

    Cholera is a disaster hence in any disaster military personnel are mostly used and in fact the commander-in-chief should take further step flushing out undocumented foreigners using the same tactic coz immigration department has failed to quell the situation.

  18. Johnson The Great


  19. Abraham Dick Mungela

    The Army was the right choice.It would have taken years to complete that task had it been some one else! To control the irate street vendors was another issue! Some times you do not have to spare the rod to spoil the child!

  20. Mj

    Ba chileshe the soldiers were the only people capable of removing those vendors from the streets and make those streets clean. do u think students and ordinary youths would have managed them when the police have failed numerous times?I don’t think so,ever since the soldiers took charge the mess created has been reduced.by the way have u seen how clean barracks are?

    • Emmanuel

      Good job to our men and women in army uinform. Sanity finally is back in Zambia. It remains now with local government to continue with this kind of cleanness.

  21. Emmanuel

    Bravo ECL for letting our men and women in uniform to clean and clear the streets. Zambia now looks clean. Local government now find the better place for trader with proper toilets and clean water . Please make sure that b4 u move people to the trading place it should be conducive in all manner of human health.

  22. Dc

    Ba Chile just concentrate on your studies this is not a matter of jokes.

  23. dtone

    i don’t see why we should start pointing fingeres at anybody here wit the fact that chileshe reasoning about this situation is actually his personal opinion, thats what he thinks,what do you think? we want to hear your thoughts about the rised issue not insults and bad language that wont make any postive impact to the question at hand..you are the same people who spent hours on queque’s to cast votes dununaling reverse see now..2018 isn’t the only year that we have had choera in zambia..no! its an annual thing and this time around its out of hand because of this coorupt government..

  24. ICE.BOY 6, 24

    Yes is tru police to clean the town

  25. Ronnah

    Chileshe I dont agree wth u, our capital is as clean as Livingstone even more, hu beta them the army to clean and manage the situetion, I hope this stl remains end street venders neva go back in da treets…

  26. Brian katongo

    cholera sure someone comes with a gun fully armed what more edola si ma landmines chabe

  27. Pelekelo Jack Sunday

    Am fully by ur side brother man,thoz one’ against u are foolz i can say…..pipo,let us open our brains have u cum 2 think of this precious time they are wastin that they could be instead recruitin mor meaning 2 say,u could also get a chance of being one of them…..

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