More Than 5, 000 Containers Of Mukula Illegally Exported To China

The Zambia Association of Timber and Forestry Based Industry has alleged that about 5,000 mukula laden containers from Zambia have been exported to China following the ban on the exportation of timber species in 2017.

ZTFBI general secretary Kalowa Moota has charged that the government has breached the Forestry Act No. 4 of 2015 by effecting a ban while timber continues to be exported without following the law.

He said the manner in which timber is being exported is designed to only promote and cover illegal activities by the privileged few depriving majority Zambians who are legally supposed to participate in the sector.

“In reference to the Article 64 of the Forestry Act No. 4 of 2015, the Minister can only ban timber export through a Statutory Instrument in extensive consultation with stakeholders. The ban can only be interpreted as designed to only promote and cover the illegal activities by the privileged few depriving majority Zambians,” he said.

Moota has further accused government of using Article 100 of the Forestry Act to cover activities of illegal export of timber.

He added that according to Forestry Act No. 4 of 2015 on the timber concession license, the restriction on mukula harvesting, transportation and trading is null and void as it is not backed by any Statutory Instrument.

Moota said the timber industry has potential to create over 5 million jobs for Zambians if well managed by engaging all stakeholders.

“We don’t believe in the ban on the exportation of mukula and other timber species because every ban has proved to be a failure in the past and it only exacerbate more illegalities.

“For instance during the 2012 ban, there were more than 4000 mukula timber containers from Zambia, as for the 2017 ban, we are aware that about 5000 mukula laden containers from Zambia have been exported to China,” he added.

Recently, PF youths intercepted trucks laden with mukula trees being exported to China while the Zambia Revenue Authority impounded another set in a syndicate that has griped the nation with shock.


  1. analyst

    Do we even have a plan of replenishing these trees or we are just harvesting?? I understand some of those forests are even being shared as residential plots. The trees were planted by the UNIP guys (they had a heart for the country) and we just plundering them….

    • Chileshe Chitalu

      Say that again,I wonder why they can not just tell the same people to open companies here.

  2. Destiny

    Zambia is on it again, what the government.

  3. chinsali asset

    Government do something please

  4. kabange

    Good job guys

  5. kabange

    Good job

  6. CQ

    Kwena fyonse fi ba pf ni kokp na meleki (cocoa in milk)
    Wake up many are against ur actions we hav lost interest in ur leadership
    Awe nangu nalipena nkavota bwino nipali ndc & kambwili epela

  7. kabange

    Good job

    Good job

  8. voice in the void

    Address to the ZNS Lwamfumu, investigation services nd other security forces assigned to arrest people found in the mukula trade. I bring to your attention that mukula trees are still been cut in Katuta Kampemba area despite the ban of this trade. Who is being this? Investigate! Why do you close ears nd eyes? Transportation is done at midnight. If you are willing to work with the govt, go nd check. After Lwamfumu proceed up to Chilila Prim.School, turn to the left, go forward, you will find alongside the road old nd new hips of mukula logs. That’s a clear evidence of the depletion of Zambian resources by some individuals. What’s th Forest Department doing? Plz go nd tour th above mentioned area if you are real Zambians.

  9. jah chito

    zambianz why we lik money work hard boma ilanganepo

  10. Nixon

    Shame on the wrong doers … Please let’s put Zambia first

  11. mkango

    Comment this is the resoan why pipo have discontent the gorvt

  12. nineo

    This Moota and his ZTFBI are dull people who are scared of their own shadows. How can they surely fail to name the exporter of this if they know about it? seriously details of the exporter must be there and if these chaps are scared to name them then they should shut up!!!!!!!!

    • e7

      you’re right…. these fools knows who is exporting Timber despite the ban!!!! But he is busy barking with fear…..
      let him keep quiet for his talk is a loss…

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