Antonio Mwanza: You Can’t Fight Cholera With A Curfew

Opposition FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says the riot in Kanyama could have been avoided if only authorities were a little sensitive.

Mwanza says putting Kanyama on lockdown with providing its resident an alternative smacked of the lack of common sense.

“What the people of Kanyama need is not a curfew but clean water, decent sanitation, proper housing, proper drainages and conducive trading places,” he says in a social media post.

“Just a little bit of sensitivity and common sense could have prevented the riots in Kanyama.

“You can’t put a whole compound, with tens of thousands of people on lock down. First you take away their means of survival, then you impose a curfew on the entire population and somehow expect that they will survive.

“That’s really warped thinking. A hungry mob is an angry mob.

“You don’t fight cholera by imposing a curfew.”

Mwanza says Zambian authorities should use civil and effective measures to deal with the cholera pandemic instead of creating problems out of it.

“We have taken away people’s only source of survival without giving them any meaningful alternatives and yet we expect the very people with empty pockets to be buying chlorine, hand sanitisers, clean water and to build decent toilets and drainages to forestall cholera. What irony!!!”

Residents of Kanyama are engaged in running battles with police after authorities put up strict measures to contain the outbreak of cholera.


  1. Mutemwa

    On point, infact its a hit.

    • Kelly lovely

      Not on point .if I may ask you this qeution who was the cuaser of cholera ,Are not the ones people from kanyama …..??????

      • fashion mbuya

        If u were locked in your township for many days n u finish your food supplies, How would u survive???? Won’t u fight 4 your life 2 live????? Is it better 4 kanyama resident 2 die out of hunger???? Think my friend think

      • GT

        People what if cholera is remain s up to July


    Which is bad

  3. james

    this is the worst government zambia has ever had.

  4. Jk

    Mother Zambia !!!!

  5. Roadkill

    Our president is surrounded by brainless warthogs.Am beginning to hate this GOVT,they have become too overconfident.

  6. Jonathan mumba

    what s wrong people please ooooh my god

  7. cornelius kamwayi

    its rily unfortunate that a once so called pillar of peace in the region could be experience such issues.the authority get back on drawing board if its to contain the rising issues which may result in economic cratch.i totaly agree with antonio mwanza and mr kambwili.this is a wakeup cal to the authority to be very analytical when making decisions.Fellow Zambians lets wakeup to the challenge.gud day.

  8. zagaman

    this z mockery we have had cholera during the time of kaunda regime,but wht z hapening z a mystery in zambian history of governance

  9. frank

    we must be very careful otherwise,we”re handing for a disaster

  10. Emmanuel

    May the Lord help us,pliz lord come and do what only you can do.

  11. Morgan jay mwenya

    Well this is hot

  12. dundumwezi

    i cal upon my felloaw zambian 2 put aside politics coz its time is over now let us work hand in hand 2 attain this problem .with our govt there z no problem 2 put meassures 4 kanyama residents coz these pipo tend not care there areas more especially when there z no outbreak of any disease .so pliz u shud learn a lesson 2 keep lsk in advance coz the way lsk z during dry season u cant like it ,i dont know what z wrong with ba council not 2 take serious measures in october than making strict measures during rain seasons meanwhile its 2 let 2 control gabbages in the street.so pliz pliz let us try 2 mantain our environments in time coz its not gud 2 start condeming yo friends when there z something wrong in our country more especialy the govt. mind u lsk is the dirtiest city in zambia so if u continue with the same spirit of not caring yo city chorela is going 2 be yo song each and every year that side

  13. zacks

    This is TRUE.When we cry for jobs they will not give us..

  14. King #

    End time has come.
    Cholera is an excuse
    Pray hard ✖ harder =strongly?

  15. Richard

    useless govt, all what , they know is to stealing day & night.

  16. abilima

    The Antonio boy is so dull – is Kanyama on a 24 hours a day curfew? What is it that is so important that you can do at night apart from work? Does he understand why curfews are imposed in such situations?

    • So cholera can be controlled between 18-06 hrs?

      So cholera can be controlled between 18-06 hrs?

  17. Frank chikonde

    True Mr Antonio mwanza,it’s not gud, we ar pocketless nd they want us to be buying ma hand sanitizers nd so forth

  18. King David

    Why why

  19. Prince Chilimboyi

    We have seen his true colours.know what to next Zambians.

    • mr true

      Politics or no politics we have selfish leaders the only think of themselves and they family’s .

  20. Ricky

    Seriously why

  21. sydney


  22. Trevor pambwe

    Only god knows wev sung songs for jobs still no change,ministeries r bin created bt kaya kaya kaya?

  23. Mission to Kala

    You wont get into Plot One by politising everything. Leave the govt to do its job. Its not right to condemn everything that the govt does. Mwaloba ilya uma

  24. Xando

    Lekeni ifwamuungulu tukanyama. Kopala nga aboma,maapi yeka yeka

  25. Alexander

    Was fire thing, now its Chorela thing!!! Next will be maleria thing where will be start wearing ama mosquito nets ine speechless Mr edga lungu think twice plz abantu balafwa…………………………..

  26. Scz chamuya of kanyama

    Mr mwanza u have spoken well, if government can follow your advice kanyamas ploblems can go.

  27. Big c

    I hear ambulance sirens everywhere in lsk.does it mean all the cholera patients are coming from kanyama?the military are using force ,mostly unnecessarily.why should pipo be indoors by 18hrs.is gvt spraying some cholera killing chemical?let us know pliz.

  28. Trevor pambwe

    Only dat pipo you chose to be there they don’t think beyond de educational papers dats y chaba so

  29. Given Twin

    U hav spoken well mr Mwanza. The only problem Nivi Nkote veka veka vamu PF no understanding. Ba kosweee mu mpoto

  30. Fieu

    I c people and decisions who chooses for you please one at a time, only Jehovah. Please let’s lean.word life stands for, leaning in for evidence

  31. James ngosa

    Everything thoz kanyama guys a doing is wrong,rubbish and cn not be supported. Such behavior is sponsored to bring down the efforts of govt. Luapula has been hit before by cholera so many times in Kaunda,chiluba,mwanawasa,sata,bwezani including Lungu but pipo dot resort to rioting. Its not the govt to blame but ourselves bcoz of ubusali

  32. ENC

    It’s a sad situation!!!.. What the government should have done was to employ more people to clean the cities in the country. Inturn, putting money in people’s pockets not taking them away from the only source of income they have. Seems like we don’t have advisors in our country. If they are there – they are just lofing

  33. Hit man

    Correctly illaborated by Mr mwanza. A curfew in a largely populated place like kanyama and an area that survives on selling small commodities. Its rilly unbearable, I second mwanza kanyama needs proper sanitation etc clean runing water and good toilets and sock awares. NDC

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