CBU Workers Snub State House Aide

Unionised workers at the Copperbelt University yesterday snubbed State House political advisor Kazier Zulu and Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu when a meeting was called to find a solution to problems affecting the institution.

Mpundu summoned the Unionised Workers at the Kitwe City Council to meet state officials and help resolve the impasse at the Copperbelt University.

The District Commissioner was however angered to learn that the Unionised workers had refused to attend the organised meeting.

In addressing the media, Mpundu said the behaviour exhibited by the Unionised Workers was disappointing and will not be condoned in the district.

“We had informed them that we meet here on a neutral ground to help address the issues but am disappointed that they have decided to stay away from this meeting. This behaviour will not be allowed because we will be forced to take action against such indiscipline behaviour,” Mpundu said.

He said the district was faced with a number of challenges among them the possible cholera outbreak and it was disappointing that despite finding time to meet them, the unionised workers decided to stay away.

Meanwhile, Presidential advisor Kaizar Zulu who at the venue of the meeting issued instructions on the phone that the workers be punished for their behaviour.

However, the unionised workers said any meeting called by authorities was not important to them because they had laid their demands on the table.

Worker’s representative Dr. Derrick Ntalasha said the workers had demanded the resignation of Vice Chancellor Professor Naison Ngoma.

“We asked them to come here [CBU premises] where the problem is. Why call us when the problem is here. We have given our position, Professor Ngoma must go! Nothing else,” Dr Ntalasha said.


  1. Damuma

    What has CBU problems got to do with the Presidential Advisor? Where is the responsible Minister?. This is where we get it all wrong. Had Nandi Luo failed? If so, Sent her packing.

    • Junza

      Nkandu Luo went to meet the Unionised workers but they refused to meet her as well. Being rigid won’t help anyone but dialoguing will. On a serious note, how come every VC appointed to run CBU is rejected by the union?? Zambians generally don’t like anyone who holds them accountable but I am not supporting poor management.

    • Chama


  2. Barotseland

    Why sending such fools like Kaizer Zulu just see the laguague used for sure how can you punish Innocent people . You will Nya when your Pf party comes out of power idiot we are watching yo silly big mouth young man

  3. Pardon

    Really the man must go. Thumbs up for Dr Ntalasha….

  4. Real man

    Ndelolesha fye ::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::;:

  5. junta

    Z man has been a source of problems at cbu let him go…

  6. mengmoreler

    These people lik kaiza Zulu are the one bringing problm and how can u take a problm to solve a problm?

  7. mulongoti

    Mr ngoma lison why do just want to be there when you’ve been rejected several times is that your father’s farmland leave you should not be forced like Mugabe besides you’re over 55 you have failed to deliver at cbu not even painting and look at the toilets just go my friend don’t forcet things thethere’s time for every thing dear maybe try asking your wife and children

  8. lloyd mulenga

    This dude has been rejected what else does he want?

  9. noxy

    well if you dont like something try to change it but if you cant ..change your attitude towards it….people dont want sir

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