Kanyama Residents Riot Forcing Security Personnel To Fire Teargas

Zambia Police officers have fired teargas canisters to disperse rioting Kanyama resident protesting tight measures to control the outbreak of cholera.

Kanyama is an unplanned settlement and a hive of activity with majority of its residents engaged in street vending in and around Lusaka’s Central Business District.

Since the outbreak of cholera, government has limited movements and removed vendors from the street greatly impacting on the livelihood of inhabitants of the community which sits at the base of the city centre.

Residents in the area are now reacting to the strict measures which are ultimately meant to help protect them.


  1. medhone

    ba president how many times ar u going to relocate marketeers.u chased us from soweto market to chinika school groud then to mobile markt.now today chased from mobile to i dont know.may u luk dis problem in another angle not only about chorela.u ar killing us with anger.we like u now like this we dont know wat next fo 2021 let people do busines at mobile before u finish rehabilitating soweto. please dont put lusaka on fire .we ar tired of this situation.giv people wat to eat.

    • Maya

      I really like your comment bro the government should leave us in peace…….we have suffered here in Kanyama.

    • james kaumba

      U have learnt a lesson u People wavotele mwanamutapi e don’t Ku beba mulelya amenshi HH for 2021!!

    • Bishop

      Let home leave everyone in peace riot will continues bcz we are jobless,

    • Jacob mwale

      This situatuion is getting out of hand now

  2. Brighton

    the kanyama residents must keep Kanyama clean then if they dont want restricted movements

  3. Lewis

    Comment Very bad situetion

  4. homson

    But the goverment have done the right thing, now as we the concerned citizen we want the gorvement to reallocate the vendors pliz

  5. Lawrence Mallon Mbewe

    Government is doing anything possible to save lives of people but Zambians We easily forget – Remember we used to complain ati BOMA must work but in the process we feel they are unfair hence we React in a disgusting way

  6. samuel


  7. Lc

    Stop playing people’s minds or else u leave this country remember hw the great Mugabe were is he today

    • james kaumba

      Go ECL paka 2021,so that bashininkishe ba mbuli humble leader! which humble leader mulelapila ba muntu!

  8. moses kamanga

    yeeee pipo lets co-operate

  9. mwenya

    Comments. so deverstate

  10. Evans Zulu

    Officers Bwana leave them chorela will displind thm

  11. Wasojax

    Lets people of kanyama to come back to there homes and start there business

  12. Fulltime UPND

    Yes this is the gvnt you voted for.

    • nineo

      Balekeni ba Sonte opo bavotele!

    • james kaumba

      bwakuli chabila mwapaye no Lu PF yenu mwalivyimbile nayo likwatiseni tuteni banyama

  13. Summer salt

    Arrest who ever is found wanting, if one desires a dirty house then know that they want it a den of thieves. Remember that a clean kitchen brings appetite whereas a dirty house harbours diseases.

  14. Davies m

    They should really find a place for the vendors.cause death and conflict come as a result of food..

  15. bxnnnx


  16. Jackson scientist

    The start up of the riot is just fine. Is not that kanyama residents are wrong, it is the government which is wrong. Besides, there is no way marketers can be twice shifted from their respective work places. Where are they going to find their needs if the probability of them surviving is 0. Moreover, Zambia must consider two alternatives:either to change the president or the situation. J. T.

  17. Yungo™

    The idea ? of the government is same what right but the only problem of we Zambians ?? is that we are not that hygienic, we throw dirty any how. And that leads to the same diseases.

  18. Keggy

    What do u think people will eat and money to pay the rentals. Government please can also tell owners of houses that January is a free month the way u did in schools of not to open until furthermore.

  19. Mastone Zulu

    Comment Boma Ni Boma

  20. Pearson

    Please people of kanyama let the government work. OK do you love this disease so called cholera?

  21. Chiombo

    The move by gvt z good but the way the armies are handling the situation z v bad.Ba lungu think twice!

  22. pearson mwanza

    Only God knowns .

  23. Blazing hunger

    The measures put in place are for their own health benefits..if they (kanyama residents) can’t stand it leave them to die but let them not put the authority to blame…

  24. bulaya

    lawrence and zulu,if u dont know anything keep quiet.it is not only kanyama afected.john laing ,chipata comp, madev,chaisa,missis,makeni,garden chilulu, garden house,george,matero and kamwala also do busines around main central busines of lusaka. yu idiots

  25. Boyka Ben

    Let The Government Work, Its Better U Die With Hunger Than With Cholera

  26. Bright Kanyama

    Cholera or no cholera people still die…..to me this whole process is making things worse…

  27. Jarvis

    Life is more precious. The livelihood of people is greatly affected. Its a dilemma!

  28. Chileshe k

    You guys you were busy shouting pamaka where you today you are busy running mu street and complaining that lungu is not fair

  29. King jay

    People in town depend on business, where are they going to find food!!!???

  30. Truth

    First relocation them then destroy

  31. Naaman Mwela

    Let us work together in promoting peace Zambia, we must come to a reliazation that there are good n bad times for any nation. Now that the bad times hav come lets work together n help one another with earns meet.

  32. foothold

    Bushe icakalipisha pa nsala na cholera nicinshi?

  33. C J

    The government is doing just fine. I don’t know those foolish who don’t know the problem

  34. Alex

    Be patients ba kanyama cholera can wipe you out in less than 24ys let the government clean the city

  35. Dany

    Our present parent hz left us with hunger their as busy foot eating in their officer’s while we the children ar suffering at home bcoz hz bn sent out from the streets were we used to get food we need to look for another responssible parent like HH

  36. Pf suppoter

    Please mr President tell the counsel to relocate us in streets those salling clothes coz our families ar dieing from hunger plz man of God.

  37. Amafunde

    Imwe BA Lusaka u are so date,you should learn to copy from Livingstone and Ndola.Keep up guys lekeni baleifwila ukokwine na kolela yenu.

  38. peter siachikole

    Kanyama people need to refrain themselves from these issues of rioting each and every time. If a problem comes it has to be solved peacefully without fighting or breaking properties. Lets put everything in the hands of God Jehovah for he is a provider

  39. micah

    Govts measures ar ok bt kanyama folks ar tired of these restrictions since they ar used.with the life of moving at one place to another and doing businesses

  40. micah

    Govts measures ar ok bt kanyama folks ar tired of these restrictions since they ar used.with the life of moving from one place to another and doing businesses

  41. Amano

    Please let us allow the government to do the right thing for all of us. If street vendors are allowed back on the streets, we will start seeing another spike in the number cholera cases. GRZ needs to be commended for bringing measures that are designed to protect all Zambians and not just a group of disgruntled people. People should stop threatening the president with 2021 elections because the majority of us believe his actions are correct and we are behind him.

  42. w eliezer tembo

    You pipo u dont think well,ur minds are collapse with dirt. Let the officers clean Zambia so that we have good health.the armies the are doing good job to keep Zambia clean .

  43. Kim

    Thats The Only Problem Of Failing 2 Prevent Something B4 It Comes Out!
    We All Knw Tht Cholera Doesnt Leav Zambia,lsk Particulary.Y Nt Tryng 2 Keep Our Environments Clean B4 Th Outbreak?
    The Government Becomes Quit When Cholera Is Quit As Well,wen It Breaks Up ,thy Want To Show Up Bt Its 2 Late.
    I Pety U Pipo In Tht Situation..
    Thnk God Am In An Area Were We Live A Cholera Free Life.

  44. Tyga prince

    No wonder hh will neva rule Zambia coz of his supporters

  45. kabange

    Guys chorela is bad don’t play.

  46. Jax

    how about let Cholera spread and die? that makes more sense.
    whatever happens, only government has be blamed? people have their share of blame as well.
    you want our Zambia to spread disease and kill people? what is wrong with you people?
    FYI, I’m not a fan for any of the political parties.

  47. Ngombe

    nenve mwenzofuna ba pipo think twice wen choosing a president

    • Garry ford

      This is no longer chorela its too much viva hh 2021

  48. gra ham

    ati lungu zambia we will suffer mwandi 2021 ni pa ngombe ?

  49. peter siachikole

    Kanyama people why you always find yourselves in the issue of riots each and evary time each year?why cant you change? this is another year people lets stop rioting, stealing or destroying people’s properties. Dont blame mr edgar chagwa lungu for he is like moses who was leading the children of God to cannan.Lets pray together as a country and God will answer for he is not that can speak lies and He changes not.Good things work for good to those who love Him. Lets submitt to the authority of God dont make your own authorities. Please am encouraging you to pray without ceasing God heres each and every prayer. He cant fail. Dont insult our president Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu because he was chosen by the almight God lead us to cannan Amen and Amen.

  50. Ackim Ngoma

    Let them do there own business not to chess them in the Street

  51. Ackim Ngoma

    Let them do there own business not to chess them in the Street

  52. james

    it’s now Cristal-clear on who really burnt city market in an effort to displace marketeers.

  53. .kantolomba boy

    ubusaka busuma bane,cleanness is next to God

  54. mulongoti

    Muntu alibe champion visiyeni vife nakolela vinajaila kuzinyela mum a plastic bags ngati ni kunganga Sembe banagona muchishala for one week

  55. TRABLE

    Ba kanyama be calm with the problem that you are going through at the moment, let’s us promote peace in our nation.

  56. Sams

    Just kno that the end is at hand

  57. Violet Banda

    What the Government is doing is not only for the good of the people of Kanyama but for the whole country…who is stopping them from going to look for food from other sources..but they resort to the most primitive of ways to express their grievance …rioting destroying the same property meant to help them, honestly?When cholera breaks out Kanyama is always the first to record deaths from it, instead of appreciating what Government is doing for them, they do this..sjambok them they deserve it.

  58. Daniel

    Mr president please we have begged you please keep us like all the President did we are dyeing of anger

  59. rhodah

    How special are the kanyama vendors that they shd be allowed to sell things
    Whilst other vendors are home obeying the law.the vendors acted immature.
    Since the clean up started vendors have been obeying. So why start violence

  60. Me

    Comment We need 2pray 2 GOD

  61. Joz

    Too bad people

  62. Joz

    don’t worry about life God is near to come just put your faith on him

  63. Tumbuka & Nkoya

    I love my country just like i love my Family member.I want Zambia clean just like i want any member of my family to be alive.Cholera is as result of dirt. So why police in Kanyama Alon? why not in Kabulonga or kalundu..? Counselors,mayor Area member of Parliament don’t wait for the problem to grow…people of Kanyama the Gvt wants the best for you not to punish you..next time after this don’t wait for this but live a clean envelopment stop throwing fical,dead dogs and any dirt materials in drainages find rubbish bins Barry dead dogs,fical etc..please help yourselves by keeping yourselves clean then the police will not come next time.. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.. Don’t politicize everything please we need a clean Zambia..

  64. dombo lombo sitwe

    I would like to advise the gvt to put dustbins in everytown and put stiff law who ever. throws liter must pay. the reason why zambia is dirty is becos hygiene law is not sfiff. let us be clean and local gvt should perfom their duties and the minister should make sure work is done like what the lake saka used to do when he was the minister of health .he used to go round the nation not just sitted in office,so ministers do not be toothless bite every department will work effectively

  65. Yulu

    Focus is to clean the dirty. Let’s support the govt move.

  66. Yulu

    Focus is to clean the dirty let’s us support the govt move.

  67. Frank chikonde

    Cleaning is very important nd they just have to continue as usual because Lsk is very dirty compared to other towns the problem is hw they are conducting it, people are suffering out there, instead of preventing chorela politicians hv involved themselves into it that’s the problem

  68. Sabrina

    Too bad

  69. Chatowa William simwaka

    People of my country indeed we are in problem that need good and wonderful attention that may over come this disease that has just invented our.we all known that the president has introduce the defence wing to help to bring Sanite let us help them to do the so that we allow good and safe place for us and our business. clean place we bring good health and conducive environment for our business and it will also attract more customers and continue making our business florishing. Let us protect our land than distroying it’s natural beauty that makes it wonderful in our eyes and continue loving one another us countrymen.

  70. Nason

    If their ar people to blame abut Wat happened today is the people of kanyama nowounder its a dirty area ,people in lsk who understands cleaness hav responded positively to governments interventions. GRZ has been moving u frm place to place bcoz u cnt even maintain the areas u ar given temperly. The fact tat u hav no cholera does nt mean tat u ar nt at risk, kanyama is the leading producer of cholera in Zambia , plz pipo of kanyama help the government to clean the dirty frm yur area nd maintain proper hygiene standards and all will be well wth u. Am nt surprised to uunderstand tat the opposition part UPND was conducting the protest nd painting a picture tat its the PF tat has brought cholera. With such thots i wounder how he manages his home.

  71. Macmillian

    DANEL 2 VS 44

  72. Macmillian

    Put all problem to jehovah

  73. Chinika boy Given Twin

    I think we ar tired of dis corrupt government,people lets open our eyes

  74. Brian Ghilliotti

    I monitor African conflicts closely, and I have rarely seen any violent unrest breaking out in Zambia. An epidemic could very well be used by an oppressive government to help implement other agendas. The question is (also) how would extremist groups within Zambia exploit this situation to push their agendas? Brian Ghilliotti

  75. benjamin

    cholera is too bad kkkkkk we will die if no corectly mesures.

  76. Kopala voice

    Stop complaining you people coz this is the very gvnt you voted for, beside the govnt is doing it for your own health. J witness so ndeloleshafye!!!

  77. Cp

    Kanyama chi komboni cha doty of all compounds….Ba chipwanye chi komboni…its the worst and dirtiest of all the compounds in Zambia.

  78. Bwalya

    One thing i like president lungu for is that pipo cam to realise his good decisions later after they hv blamed and blamed him.

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