Kitwe Records 2 New Cases Of Cholera

Two more cases of Cholera have been recorded in Kitwe bring the total to five cases since the epidemic broke out in the district.

The two cases have been recorded in Kitwe’s Ndeke township where a 9 month old baby tested positive while the other is aged 7 from the same area.

However, Kitwe District commissioner Binwell Mpundu who confirmed the new cases said the 9 months old was brought in dead at Kitwe Teaching Hospital in which medical officers suspect was cholera.

He said the medical officers were still carrying out tests of the deceased whose twin tested positive to cholera.

“The circumstances around this child are a bit tricky because they were twins that were taken to the hospital one was a BID case; the other twin tested positive to cholera, but we are not certain if the other child died out of cholera. They have to do tests on the child that was brought in dead,” Mpundu said.

He said members of the family where the cholera case was recorded and a funeral have been asked to disperse to avoid further outbreaks of the disease.

Mpundu has further asked parents to take precautionary measures because most reports recorded in the district included children.


  1. Real man

    Too bad

  2. james kaumba

    God come to our aid we sinners pretending to be Christians when our hearts are of pagans forgive this Nation Zambia amen!

  3. David Brown

    To bad

  4. Kabamba

    Put in more preventive measures – kick out cholera out of the Copperbelt.

  5. Lufeyo banda

    Sad developement

  6. Graham Cassie kan

    We need you Lord more than ever.Heal our nation AMEN

  7. Jabulani

    Bad news

  8. kumbwa zulu

    Quick action must be taken to prevent this highly contagious disease from spreading in kitwe and the surrounding areas. Those suspected of the disease must be quarantined in one specified place. Let’s keep on cleaning our sorroundings and washing our hands after using toilets.

  9. justin

    Too bad prompt action is needed. The needful has to be done to prevent this deadly disease

  10. beatias isaiah moomba

    Comment. too bad God hav mercy

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