Letter: Social Media & Our Leaders; Are They Guilty?

Being a leader is far more to having the muscle to command or intimidate others. One thing I am certain of is that when you are elected as a leader, it doesn’t mean that it’s everyone who has elected you or that everyone will like you as the people who chose you.

Leaders must bear the heart to embrace and contain even those who did not choose or vote for them. A real leader must strategically contemplate on how he/she will convince and win those who don’t like him as well as those who did not elect him/her to the office or position that he holds. Leaders must know that a fly does not get into a closed mouth and a closed mouth catches no flies. Leaders must know when to keep quiet to avoid social and political ‘noisy’ with their followers and opponents.

Just as a saying, “a burnt child dreads the fire.” There will be time when our people, the electorate will never be willing to participate in the election due to the experience which they have obtained from the ruthless greed incompetent leaders who think they are more important than the people who chose them. A real leader must humble himself to his/her people and find time to gather with them and discuss, share ideas and solve problems that him and his people are facing.

Yes I am imperatively aware that a drop of ink may make a million think however leaders must avoid social media talks and focus on significant and productive objectives aimed at undertaking and implementing social, economic, and political decisions. I know that social media is being exploited and used as a tool to attack leaders in both ruling and opposition parties but we must learn to pay much attention to things that matters the most, not petty social issues. We must be more concerned about things that’s affecting our people.

Let us not spend our precious time arguing, responding and wasting time arresting and paying attention to social media users who don’t even matter. Pay attention to people who show themselves on TV and Radio stations. Those are the people we must concentrate on because what they say on public medias is what matters and affect us the most. How can you start hunting for someone who doesn’t want to show himself?

-Castrol Kafweta
-Aspiring MP for Solwezi Central


  1. Kopala voice

    Wise words from a wise man.

  2. lazarours

    well spoken our leaders and friends in opposition should learn to deliver to our expetation not finger pointing each other.it wont take us too no where.

  3. FGM

    You’re very right Mr. Most leaders end up becoming dictators due to unnecessary pride . We surely need leaders that will always know that they are the servants of their subjects. And that they are in those positions not for their personal glory but for the good of their subjects . In Africa leadership was about being glorified and prayed but in democracy leaders should know that they are in those positions to serve and not to be served.

  4. CK

    Truthful wise talk!

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