Mumbi Phiri Bounces Back in Parliament

Patriotic Front deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has bounced back to parliament after President Edgar Lungu nominated her to replace the dismissed Lucky Mulusa.

The outspoken Phiri will add a combative voice given the out of control Roan Member of Parliament who has become rebellious against the PF on whose ticket he stands in parliament is firing from the opposite aisle.

Phiri was by-passed for adoption for the Munali Constituency by Nkandu Luo but has been looking for a way back to parliament.

The former Munali lawmaker who served from 2006 to 2011 was also by-passed for adoption in 2011 and sent in the diplomatic service by late President Michael Sata.

Mulusa was fired by President Lungu creating an opening for Phiri to step back into parliament.


  1. general

    Well come move

  2. Chatowa William simwaka

    Remember leadership comes from above and nothing can change that continue with the same spirit until you have people that will take mother to zambia other level.welcome move

    • jay jnr

      leadership can only come from God if only leaders are in fear of God. Don’t mislead pipo

  3. jacksonsense

    good move mr president.

    We are bnd u.

  4. Talkan

    Comment recycled product. what value is she going to add? apart frm filling the gap..

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