Stop The Destruction, Hichilema Urges Kanyama Residents

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has added his voice in urging residents of Kanyama to desist from engaging to acts that will lead to the destruction of property and loss of life.

Hichilema says the situation may be desperate, but there was no need to further complicate the situation.


Dear Citizens,

We have received information that traders who were displaced from the streets and resident in Kanyama have run out of patience and protesting, demanding to get back their trading places so that they can continue earning a living.

We fully understand the challenges that everyone is facing at this moment but we want to call for calm as together we identify lasting solutions to these challenges.

Further, we call on every well meaning Zambian not to involve themselves in violent protests that would lead to death.

May calm be restored in our country and we hope even those whose trading places have been declared prohibited throughout the country will not resort to violence but dialogue and identify lasting solutions. It is understood that people’s lives and livelihoods have been disturbed and its time the PF took this matter seriously. The solution to roadside trading is to designate an area for traders to conduct their business.

God bless you all,

God bless our country.



  1. sialumba siamoongwa

    With God all things are possible.Let us work as a team on purpose. God will heal our Zambia.

  2. sialumba siamoongwa

    With God all things are possible.Let. US work together as a team with a purpose.God will help us and heal our beloved Zambia.

  3. Billz

    Those are wise words Mr President of the UPND , if you continue to support what is right and criticise what is wrong ,we shall all support u in 2021 .

  4. Big D

    Good words my president let us unit and fight the problem which we’re facing.

  5. Jk

    HH help us Why is Zambia on fire because we dont choose leaders we choose bosses

  6. Justin

    if these are HH’S true words,let all leaders take the same stance bravo HH…!!

  7. Wise Me

    May God continue to heal those wounds of the previous election so that we given a wider choice. That is how to compete favourably. Even on the cross accepting that peace is the only way to salvation gives you God’s favour.

  8. duks

    if u can change yo language nd support de gvt of de day nd work together may be u can make it 2026 As HH GO FORWAD HH GO 2026 may god bless us so that we meat in de other side HH .COM???????

  9. evans

    Good words Mr hh

  10. Sky wizy

    This nation is on the trap

  11. Chatowa William simwaka

    Thanks indeed better solution need to become so sounding to our ears.we love our country and there is no better place like this for you and me .wise people focus on thing that will bring constructive in their life .love people of my country and l love you zambia be blessed.

  12. Ba Banja

    Yeah gud words Mr.president
    Is on gun point may God bless you

  13. Ba Banja

    Yeah Lusaka is in pain is on gun point please help the country

  14. Alberto

    We can not change the past, but we can only creat the future…..

  15. mc prince

    wise advice mr president thank you

  16. rk

    thanks for your baptised words mr Hh

  17. mapenenga w

    thanx Mr hh for the wise words but pipo let’s be active coz Zambia is in trouble now

  18. HastingsZambia

    Kanyama risidents and whoever is agrieved country wide and beyond,please try to pull yourselves together and focus on the way forward.Looting shops and setting properties ablaze will only worsen the situation.God will help you only if you mantain peace.

  19. nathcecy

    Wise words from President HH
    Let’s fight these challenges with the gvt

  20. Given Twin

    Guyz lets work together so that we can help dis corrupt government. The only problem Nkote sizifuna kuchaya retire. Gud words mr HH

  21. Moses nkole

    Wise words mr president.


    Am behind you mr President

  23. trek

    Mr HH we love you and will support in 2021.

  24. Kunta Kinte

    Wise advice from a wise man

  25. Jabulanichanda

    The Zambian mindset should be the target for real change

  26. mboo

    hypocrites hh

  27. suv

    yes u are right.

  28. D.L. Chikubabe

    The number one leader has spoken and everyone has listened.

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