Toll Gate Revenue Hit K667 Million In 2017 – Political Activist

The debate on how much the National Road Fund Agency has made from toll gates is misplaced and a misrepresentation of facts, says young political activist Edmond Mbanga Miti.

Miti says Zambia raised about K667 million from toll gate revenue not the K560 million announced by the minister of infrastructure.

Miti said it was wrong for people to deliberately misconstrue information so as to damage the names of innocent people.

He said the information making rounds on social media on how much was made in 2016 from toll gates lack basic understanding and is made to misinform the public.

Miti explained that the figures being quoted are for the period between the time the first toll gate was opened and 2016 and not for the year 2016.

He challenged the public to counter check the figures for the toll fees target for 2017 in the 2017 budget as pronounced by the minister of Finance during the presentation of the budget in 2016.

“Two days ago I read a story online about how much National Road Fund Agency had raised for the year 2017 in Comparison to the previous year 2016, what saddened me was the level of laziness some of these online media houses exhibited and worse still how gullible Zambians at large can be, so I took time to investigate the actual figures as a concerned citizen and this is what I found from my simple walk to national road fund agency HQ offices,” said Miti.

“Why can’t people take time to counter check or investigate the actual figures so that they can be talking from an informed position? It is simple for one to a research or better still take a simple walk to NRFA HQ and find out the truth as opposed to telling lies and injuring innocent individuals that are entrusted to run the affairs of our institutions.”

Below is a tabulation of the monies raised from toll gates as of 2013/14 as compiled by Miti.

-Toll fees raised in 2016 was K460.0 Million

-Toll fees raised in 2017

Is K667.0 Million

-Targeted Toll fees for 2017 according to the 2017 Yellow Book (National Budget) was K682.0 Million.

Meaning NRFA almost met the target for 2017 but only missed it by K15 Million, which according to me isn’t bad.

– Toll fees for the years 2013 – 2016 was K1.1 Billion.

The K560.0 million that was reported by the minister of Infrastructure development was actually for the first 3 quarters of 2017.

The above are the actually figures not what was reported on social media by some political propagandists whose only intention is to bring embarrassment to their government all in the name of playing politics.


  1. boss of bosses

    kikikikiki sontina epo watopa,ka edger chakolwa lungu.leka abantu balebomba,ulefwaya ukuchusha abantu iwe ulekwata pantumba,abanthu balechula.do what pipo wants not de way u do uku kolwa fye ne ngongole,i give u 2years to change yo atitute coz u are going down ka chakolwa

  2. Frank phiri

    Thanks for the corrections Mr

  3. FGM

    Revenue collection through toll gates is a commendable step taken by government, however multiple taxation on the same taxpayers should be detected and avoided. Some citizens are triple taxed while others pay literary nothing. The collected taxes should also be used for the planned purposes. May God bless Zambia.

  4. analyser

    The concept of Toll-gates is not only being abused but has not been understood by our government. Scrap it it does no serve a purpose. Go back to the drawing board. understand it the relaunch it. It’s a shame that the whole govt would start something just for the sake of it, and there we are we have the results of ABUSE

  5. jay jnr

    And since the money collected were being announced by Mr chitotela, and it was not the collect figures announced. What steps av u bn taken to let the minister, citizens and Zambia at large believe so that the money left according to ur investigation becomes part of it ?

  6. Richard

    pf govt, is a buck of thieves.

  7. kelly

    i think it is beta we remve rodtax n pay more on toll gates n other tax n levies.or reduce rod tax

  8. Godfrey Packy


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