UPND Are Political Time Wasters – Kalaluka

Losing Mongu Central parliamentary candidate Mwala Kalaluka has branded the opposition UPND as political time wasters.

Kalaluka who is a journalist by profession and one of the products of the now defunct Post Newspapers said the UPND stance on the Kanyama riots was opportunistic and devoid of substance.

The journalist turned socialist by proclamation and contested elections under the failed Rainbow Party project said that the UPND should not delight in the riots.


Following the riots that have erupted in Lusaka over the PF government’s measures to address the deadly cholera outbreak, which situation could have been avoided had we a serious leadership in place, I have observed our colleagues who support Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND taking a swipe at those who are aggrieved by these restrictive measures. They’re laughing at the irate members that they are the ones who voted for Edgar Lungu instead of HH. This is being heartless because you cannot blame someone you have not taught how to be conscious of their struggles. Stop lying to the people that the problems they’re facing will evaporate once they vote for your HH as president. The UPND has several members of parliament, mayors and councillors who were voted for in 2016 on the basis of the party, yet have these individuals delivered on their campaign mandate? No. Now they’re busy fighting for 2021 adoptions, strongly believing that if HH is the presidential candidate again, they will use his name to bounce back into leadership. Sorry, that approach will not work for you this time round, you political time-wasters. Whilst you are laughing at the people of Kanyama, who you only consider in terms of votes, we will socialise with them around their struggles and teach them to wage their own liberation from your likes. We shall see who will laugh last in 2021.


  1. Mr J

    Before you make such statements bear in mind that not every one of us is stupid and foolish.Stop using upnd as a scapegoat for what happened in kanyama and provide real solutions to the problems at hand.

  2. CK

    Upalezwi! Zwakwateni/

  3. mengmoreler

    U kalaluka!any way i hav stopd,bt a good advise z mind yo business and u’r a looser.

  4. Edwards

    Mr kalaluka you are a failure. I pit you. Go to hell.

  5. jacksonsense

    ba hh is this hamagedon you promised? Just resently u went 2 kanyama in pretence to visit cholera petientes kanshi kwimya ntulubundi,u wil never rul this country never,never,never…u are hartles. nzelu village.

  6. muchindu

    don’t think that kanyama marketeer residents are all UPND bear in mind that even PF supporters are fed up of your gov’t

  7. Richard

    Kalaluka, u are a shithole. you ve eyes but you can’t see, what happen in our country.

  8. Andreas banda

    diseases & politics, re different so don’t politicise

  9. saimbwende saimbwende

    Mr. Kalaluka you are spot on . HH wants now to force his way to the state house using other strategies after knowing that he cannot make it through the ballot. He is now inciting the People of kanyama to riot to gain political mileage. How come other places with the same trading restrictions have not rioted? KKKKK this man lacks political direction no wonder he is going to lose again in 2021

    • martin

      Comment just admitte when ever you fail to deliver to people’s expec tation, the cbu riotted were they upnds. zambian thats why you let things go out of order for not comin g out to tell the truth. the truth of the matter is there but you twist you languege that it’s H H and the upnd, how? has the upnd brought cholera? church gatherings have been abandoned. and tomorrow will be a national day of prayers on cholera, how has cholera ended. or becouse it gorv there will be no cholera. speack the truth not just beating up bushes and pointing fingers on innocent people.

  10. frank

    Why kalaluka should go to hel u agon get away with your supportive part shame amigo. Pray for this cholera not !!!!!! PF and UPND u quargaras based in lusaka open your nostrils.

  11. Shimpundu


  12. Chileshe

    iwe kacikala teka umusula panshi

  13. intelligence

    the chap is just hungry..stop blaming UPND..get lost

  14. Misango Ya mishanga Seller

    I have just been talking to a Die Hard PF Vendor. She tells me never again will she vote for PF

  15. Majoni Tyson

    This man is speaking with an anger of failing. There no party others than UPND, that has potential to work on the agony faced by Zambians. Plz kaluka whatever you call yourself, watch out. No one has time to listen to a failure like you. No wonder you failed, pipo know your folly.

  16. pf

    we are not fed up with gov.We are happy with it only you is.

  17. NDC

    hh is a failure.5 times losing kalaluka you have harmed the nail on its head.Can that be success

  18. pwe pwe pwe

    Am a PF die hard i will vote for pf no matter what.I cant vote for a tribalist cow.

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