Tutwa Warns Max: “I’ll Sort You Out”

Out of favour Kabwe Central Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube has come down heavily on controversial ruling party cadre Maxwell Chongu for alleging that the lawmaker swindled him in 2014.

Ngulube who has thrown all caution to the wind in his war against his party has dressed down Chongu labelling him a former ‘hungry youth’ being used by State House.

The Kabwe lawmaker said that he picked Chongu from the streets in 2015 and lifted him from his car dealer business.

Ngulube said that Chongu should not pretend that he was a PF member as he had only jumped on the ruling party ship once the fierce battle to install President Lungu as party presidential candidate had almost been won.

He warned Chongu that he would sort him out if the ruling party cadre continues being using him.

In his anger Ngulube may have gone some miles in admitting some of the unsavoury acts he engaged in sustaining Chongu’s cadre activities.

Ngulube is on the verge of being expelled from the ruling Patriotic Front but has chosen not to go down quietly.

He has gone all over town blowing the trumpet of what role he played in the installation of President Lungu as the PF presidential candidate after President Michael Sata died.


  1. J.L

    Ngulube tell him, musoke

  2. Xando

    Sort him out. & who is this maxwell? Is he a man or woman?

    • abilima

      Instead of advising Tutwa to behave as a law maker, you f.ools are busy encouraging the immature young man to lower himself to the cadre level.

  3. mercutio

    Things fall apart…,the centre can no longer hold.

  4. Jim Phiri Jr

    Check Yo Self Esteem Mr Tutwa…They Say If U Quaral With A Fool The Public Will Also Take U As One…

  5. Richard

    A Party of shithole, pipo.

  6. R odgers

    Da problem with Zambian politicians u have taken every into 2 into politics u have even forget yo jobs and y u are selected 2b on that sit and da pipo voted 4u…ba tutwa are u still our servant o our boss ?

  7. Connie muyunda

    Well spoken.

  8. muzolovelucy

    mr tutwa ngulube is an intellectual of high calibre.
    I respect this man.

  9. Spender

    Uuuh!still loading………..

  10. KnownAzgodMwenya

    Things gone wrong!

  11. Anne


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