It’s Irrational To Blame UPND For Kanyama Riots – Chaile

Opposition Radical Revolutionary Party president president Vincent Chaile says it’s irrational for the ruling Patriotic Front F government to blame the opposition over the riots in Kanyama.

Chaile says President Edgar Lungu knows that “a hungry man is an angry man.”

He says one need not be a philosopher or great mind like Albert Einstein to understand there can never be meaningful dialogue with an empty stomach.

“The people who are shielding the president from seeing reality on the ground are the same ones busy misinformation him.

“When people start shouting …we want change we …want change …that does not mean they are sponsored by the oppossition.,” Chaile says.

He says President Lungu should realise that the Sata legacy that he has been riding on is slowly fading away

Chaile said it was now time for President Lungu to building his own legacy.

“Surely what is so difficult for govt with all the resources at their dispose to clean the streets… so that our people are vending in a clean environment,” he wonders.

Kanyama residents took the streets on Friday after government declared curfew to mitigate the spread of cholera.


  1. adrian nsefu

    The truth shall set us free the word of God says so. slogans and symbols displayed spoke for themself. we do not need to be university graduates to know this. remember power comes from God and educated politicians should differentiate issues of life and death .remember you are vying the same position God will laugh at you bcoz you are a blind leader who does not need to be entrusted with lives of people God forbid.

    • CK

      Proved failure!

    • Kelvin Kabambi

      Presidential it is not something that can be taken personal, , why it is just a Game and it does not show a good heart to terrify someone who is also trying to take over the same position you have , why we will all die and when you die fighting something physical it will close your way of heaven so atleast let everything be done plainly. God bless you.

  2. levymuwowo

    infact those people who are bringing riot they must b the ones who brought this disease in a sense that u are doing it for yo yo compaine

  3. levy

    kindly upnd stop doing this

    • james kaumba

      who can manufacture a disease of cholera?its u who allowed dirty in the city,dance with yo pandemic because of allowing dirty water to yo own citizens

    • citizen

      y ar u blaming upnd for this

  4. medhone

    corect senior man.ECL is being given wrong information by so called cartels,and these ar people surounding him. ba president go beyond their advice.they want to paint bad image of u so that we say u have failed.we like u,do this before time please

    • Oko2


  5. Vinçent chaile

    Foolish talks,f***** your party cadres

  6. mkango

    Comment the people are hungry it is hunger not UPND


    this man has failed everyone. including his own dogs. ecl wawa!

  8. Crusher

    Vincent Chaile when are you going to clean the black paint you painted on my wall ati Vote for vincenct Chaile, on great East Road.Very irresponsible of you l
    have not fogotten.

  9. Kunta Kinte

    Get out of the shield & face the reality. It takes time for an infant’s eyes 2 open. Even a pre school child can understand the situation.

  10. james

    you don’t have to be a political scientist to understand that this is propaganda by pf to discredit their political rival, this is a failed state. period.

  11. FGM

    Mr. Chaile , you have said the truth. Our President has a full five year term in which to build his own legacy , which I believe he can; Sata did it in three years time.

    • Mukula Tree

      Nonsense. Edgar has already built a legacy of corruption in 2 years. He has no any other vision beyond making money for his retirement. Do expect anything else from this lazy and morally weak man.

  12. cts

    Actually u pipo u shud appreciat for de support de upnd has givn u. Everything dat goes wrong wt yo foolish gvt ni ba upnd ,stop blaming other pipo for yo felya.de tym of pointing at yo friends,z de same tym u wud v used to solve problems.use yo tym wisely b4 it z too late.this z tym to work if u want those pipo to be quiet ,do wat they want.

  13. cts

    Before start building a house,someone needs to sit down n plan de costes of land,cement ,labor, etc.dats wat u were supposed to do b4 removing de street vendor from town.u wud v prepared de place 4 for dem.

  14. chimphepo

    Chaila you are blank ,fake president ,use your brains .The PF government is doing something good over cholera.
    Muli chipuba

  15. Lolo

    The author of this article have limited information about the issue

  16. musaba

    No insults
    Just be on point plz

  17. Henry

    Y mostly people claiming about UPND

  18. Henry

    Why most of people claiming about UPND only?

  19. MUTALE

    Ba UPND stop vandalism otherwise will be doomed

  20. Manjolo

    Please don’t accuse upnd,we just need under stand ing leader

  21. martin

    Comment why and how blaming the upnd. over kanyama which is a strong hold of the ruling pf. the issue is with the ruling pf to find solutions, and no to pointing fingers on their friends, they pointed where they worked during campain but out break of cholera they point at the upnd how and why. the pf is in the driving sit upnd is just a passanger. mind you if you are a father and you issue statements which are not helping your children. your own children can rise againest you.

  22. Real man

    Does it mean who ever starts a riot is sponsored by UPND MMMMM

  23. Ronald Milimo

    Reconcil to prophet shepherd bushiri,the programe will be over.

    • Mimi

      Who is this bushiri,,,wake up
      He is not God.
      Reconcile for wat.

      • Jk

        Bushiri he has power to make u dance muletina imipanshi koswe!

  24. saimbwende saimbwende

    This riot is surely linked to UPND, how come other places with the same trading restrictions have not taken to street. Does it mean Kanyama is the only restricted area? I can say Kanyama is a mini stronghold of UPND and most tongas live in there. if you conduct a check of those arrested you will find that most of them are tongas and hence UPND .I don’t agree with you Mr. Chaila.

    • Kapala Mwanza

      So you are confirming Kanyama is a stronghold of UPND yet the election results showed a PF win. For sure votes were stolen in Kanyama like in many other constituencies.

  25. Roderick chilala

    Upnd and hh they want to make themselves to be good.but God is great he will bring everything on the open one day. Let them continue with their behavior.

  26. No Fear

    Its in Lusaka nt dudumwezi or mongu we shall see

  27. No Fear

    Its in Lusaka not dudumwezi or mongu we shall see

  28. Kizito

    The pf government is doing nothing bcoz they have failed to control sanitation and to keep our capital city clean this shows that they can’t rule this national its like pf died when the founder put to rest us Zambians we don’t have to support blindly its time to think twice as can see year did Zambia recorded the maximum number of deaths and patients suffering from compared to wat we have recorded this year.these people they are just stealing the money.

  29. Neptune spear

    Zambians do you have ears?your head of state Edgar c Lungu in 2016 he openly told you on radio phionex that I have no vision for zambia

  30. vionesa kaizu

    Action without plan makes no sense. How can you chase people from their selling places without giving them a place? Because ni1 here in Zambia can stay for five days with an empty stomach.Now what is your plan if chorela continues for five months?

  31. joe

    Be rational you people. Surely you can’t use whatever education to analyze issues? pf should blame themselves for this. That’s you are called SHITHOLE by Trump because of your sharrow minds. Get up and speak out the truth!!!

  32. Ismaily

    We need to have patient guys

  33. Yetubene

    I don’t think so

  34. D.L. Chikubabe

    Who is the MP for Kanyama?
    Is he/ she UPND?
    How come everyone is painting UPND green instead of red?
    The people who rioted are the residents of Kanyama and NOT UPND or PF supporters. It was the angry residents of that area who were forced to be indoors at 18 hrs by the government.
    Does it mean that cholera is transmitted at night?
    The people who rioted came from all section of Kanyama and not from a single political party.
    RB was mislead by those people who were very close to him and this is the same situation we are seeing Mr Chagwa is.

  35. Henry

    We should per attention and reliz for what’s happing

  36. Big man

    Telling someone to stop a business is like telling someone to stop eating, & you know how hunger is.
    Please do not accuse any political party over that violence, it’s hunger not C.k, not H.H

  37. Lawrence phiri

    This is bull shit. This paper is so political. Very one is affected u fuckers

  38. Amano

    Why do people rush to blame others when things go wrong on their watch? It’s time leaders started basing their comments and decisions on real evidence. It’s unfortunate that when some leaders fail to perform, they start lying to the president and the general public. Let’s hope the president will see through all these divisive lies and lay off some of these loud mouths. This cholera crisis should unite us instead of being added to the list of endless political topics.

  39. Professor:M Patrick.

    Together we can fight this cholera and not to fight among ourselves. We are one Zambia one nation.

  40. mazimayumu

    Olo wankala namimbe osachosa means nidaliso

  41. Richard masanta

    It is proved that the PF government have failed to gavern the country. Mr Lungu just resign let others also take over please we are tired.

  42. Richard masanta

    Daily Nation Newspaper is like you are being sponsored by rulling party, Because your news are always in favor of the government. Therefore, most of the news you disseminate are fake.

  43. R. M. Banda

    Chaile, how many years did you spend at UNZA? That explains how you view issues. Being a former UNZASU president does not guarantee you to very at politics and a presidential aspirant? Be rational!

  44. mulongoti

    Imwe ba upnd why are you arguing what symbols are used in the picture there thats proper exhibit even in court who said they ll stop selling for good why did they just riot after hh achokakako Kaili he just wanted kunjala he went to give them a tip for viwawa it’s upnd naiwe chaile don’t campaign for upnd do it for your self we will see atase for now its ecl cholera or no chorela the president is lungu Kabili ba hh kaso kaso give the pipo of kanyama what the want if you happen to be president are you going to rebuild kanyama?promise

  45. Love your neighbor

    Shallow thinkers keep marrying upnd to Tonga tribe, upnd is a political party & Tonga is a tribe, saimbwende not all tongas are upnd my bro/sis, there are some who don’t support any Political party at all, rastas like me coz I don’t trust politicians & some are pf. So when u keep on saying all tongas are upnd u are attacking the tribe not a political party. That’s tribalism. I keep on suggesting that tribalism should start being a prosecutable case or crime to stop all this nosense.

  46. Jacky's

    Zambia is a Christian nation please don’t hate your friend,hh is innocent.

  47. Peter

    Zambia is a Christian nation

  48. whattttttttt

    Stop to blame upnd pliz

  49. Kelvin Kabambi

    Let us love one another we are from one man and one woman ,, and in heaven we will still go and have one father ,, then it indicates in the bible that one should love one another, , because none can show love to God without showing it to people who you know ..so let’s start first with ourselves then even when we say that we love God it will be meaningful in the eyes of God and in the eyes of people.

  50. Love your neighbor

    Mwenya Musenge’s vehicle was smashed by who, is it only the upnd cadres that are violent or pf? Even when u pipo where voting, always when violence was reported only upnd was mention

  51. Love your neighbor

    Mwenya Musenge’s vehicle was smashed by who, is it only the upnd cadres that are violent or pf? Even when u pipo where voting, always when violence was reported only upnd was mentioned, when is pf going to come and condemn its cadres?

  52. Wise Me

    The fact will remain that violence will never solve any problem because it comes from hatred and greedy. That God descended to exhibit the highest level of humility in the face of extreme hostility completely defeats the wrong notion that a hungry man is an angry man. A leader should never abbet violence by young ones. Teach good morals so that this country might have a new beginning. People revolting when others are searching for solution to a challenging situation is simply primitive. I repeat, this type of analyzing issues is inimical to a university graduate and a presidential aspirant. With that you have already lost my vote.

  53. citizen

    yes yes

  54. citizen

    y should u blame upnd blame the ruling party yashani

  55. Majoni Tyson

    The UPND shouldn’t be warried about accusations imposed on them by this failing government. No wonder they are failures bcoz they don’t know how to respond to criticisms. The pipo that have suffered are not only the UPND but the entire marketeers and business men. I now clearly understand the meaning behind the song dunana reverse,it meant wateva the of spoke during campaigns was to be understood in the reversal way. Come 2021, my felow Zambians don’t be whirled by the tunes of songs and for the calamities imposed by this failing regime of lungu. It takes wise pipo like HH to drag pipo from this cave of poverty and anguish. Can u plz put way yo spirit of voting on tribe lines u will perish for failing to understand things. Let Zambia be governed by the wise all will be well.

  56. Moses nkole

    Good morning?

  57. kings

    zambia the real shithole in africa

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