Zambia Faces Uganda in CHAN Match

The Zambia national team kickoff their African Nations Championship (CHAN) with a clash against the Cranes of Uganda at the Grand Stade de Marrakech.

Coach Wedson Nyirenda will be hoping that his charges come to the party with their pre-ordained script tailored along an opening day strong start.

Skipper Ziyo Tembo will have to commandeer his troops from central defence alongside Adrian Chama while the wingbacks strong candidates are Simon Silwimba and Fackson Kapumbu.

In the engine room the solidity of Kondwani Mtonga may be complemented by the fluidity of Jack Chirwa with Friday Samu and Lazarous Kambole the favourites to lead the attack.

Gifted winger Augustine Mulenga and Ernest Mbewe may take up the flanks to complete the set up that will have Toaster Nsabata as the last line of defence in goal.

On the bench options abound upfront with the commanding presence of Alex Ng’onga and Martin Phiri providing possible options.

Zambia will be dressed in the new KoPa kit.

In the other Group B match Ivory Coast will face Namibia in an 18:30 (CAT) kickoff while Zambia takes to the field at two hours later (21:30 Zambian time).

Pay television channel SuperSport will beam the mataches live on SS9 and SS4.



Group A
Guinea Vs Sudan (16:30 CAT)

Group B

Ivory Coast Vs Nambia (18:30 CAT)
Zambia Vs Uganda (21:30 CAT)


Morocco 4-0 Mauritania

(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. Tomzee

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  2. Tomzee

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  3. As I see it

    Go Zambia go we are behind you

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  5. Chilu

    Goooooooooo Zambia we are there for I would like to wish you all the best as you play the first match in this year, eat hard and work hard. Go Zambia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kedric siame

    Go Zambia go Zambia 4 Uganda 1

  7. BJ

    The host team has shown seriousness by winning first game, convincingly! As for u our boys, put behind cosafa blues and beat Uganda outright. Go boys go and beat them.

  8. Victor

    I Bet U Zambia 4~0 Uganda

  9. Sakala Andrew

    Go junior chipolopolo go copper bullets im confident if you work hard you will lift the cup

  10. peter

    provide all the fixtures for Zambia games…

  11. chimphepo

    Chaile you blank ,fake President ,use your brains.
    The PFare doing the right thing over cholera.
    Muli chipuba

    • JR

      Boyz took time to settle down. Otherwz 2nd half, passing ball was seen following. Our Zambian game. Wada with your masters, show the world what you are made of. You didn’t get that for nothing. Your CV is higher than most of those around. Make us proud once more ba Wada! Amatwi yakoma nama politics of insults pa Zed. Kanshi mukaleka lisa ukutukana. Christian nation, twatendwa, give us a piece of mind. Ninshi imwe mwafyelwefye namasele mukanwa full- full! Mwacilamo, sick and tired!!!

  12. Royd

    Zambia who wine uganda 2 null

  13. RB

    The land is their, the cup is ours. Go chipolopolo, go Zambia…. All the best guys.

  14. Pamutunda

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  15. Bryan Vanaswegen

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  16. Joseph sserunkuma

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  18. kingstone

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  19. Bro-Moses

    Our mens-our team-our heros.!
    We love you our Zambian national team.
    We may have a number of mistakes done in the past but this is another chance given to us to correct them all.
    Goooo gooo gooo Zambia.

  20. Paul Shakambwa

    Go Go Guys. Time zone is now to do the right thing you went there for. We need 2 goals to nil. Show them that you are real Copper bullets. We are behind u Guys. Wishing you the best.

  21. Phillip

    Go zambia we are wishing you all the best

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  23. The great p

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  24. Trexis

    Go Zambia go, God first in all your matches. We are behind you.

  25. Muhammad j banda

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  26. Muhammad j banda

    Zambia 2_Uganda 0

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  28. George

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  29. king coin

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  30. mkk

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  31. gershom sulanji

    Comment yes guys u hav to know y u ar there and pray for the strength of God and always make us happy

  32. Vinniy

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  33. Kelly

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  36. phiriandrew

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  37. Hotness

    Go chipolopolo go,the entire country is behind you. The scores will be,Zambia 3 and Uganda 1.

  38. Hotness

    All the best guys,please take your time to avoid pressure.

  39. Aaron sinyaman

    Zambia 2 Uganda 0 tulachinja Ifwe game ni 90 min kaa,?

  40. Sinyangwe Aaron

    Z…. 3 Uganda 0 tulya tute Ifwe. Ok

  41. Gerald Jonas Miti

    Comment Actually Uganda Is A Strong Team. They Are Not Push Over. And If Its For Zambia To Win It Wil Be 2 – 0
    May The Best Team Win.

  42. Christopher kabwe

    The Cranes are no threat to the might Chipolopolo.Go Zambia Go.

  43. Hotness

    More goals in the net guys

  44. Pakati

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  45. Tobias

    Zambia 2
    Uganda 1

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    Zambia 3 Uganda 0

  54. Davies Mwila Jr

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  55. ENC

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  56. Boyd

    wishing u all the best guys God bless

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  58. Cath

    All the mighty Zambia

  59. Boyd

    wishing u all the best guys may God be with u.

  60. JERE

    its my prayer that Zambia will win

  61. Moomba Fred

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  62. Kawilila

    Uganda 0: Zed 3

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  68. Hotness

    Go Zambia go, we are waiting for positive results from Marrakech stadium this evening,may God be with you.

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  71. kasaali ashiraf

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  77. Ranfel

    Zambia-8 Uganda 2

  78. Magabah Glaah

    Uganda 3-1 Zambia

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  87. Hotness

    Thumbs up copper bullets for beating the cranes of Uganda by 3goals to 1,but do not become complacent as you still have a long way to go.

  88. weston banda

    Hw much was de match

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