CBU Union Leaders Face Arrest

The three stakeholder unions from the Copperbelt University have unearthed a scheme in which leaders will be arrested as a ploy to intimidate members.

The three unions are Copperbelt University and Allied Workers Union (CBUAWU), Copperbelt University Senior Administrative and Technical Staff Union (CUSATSU) and Copperbelt University Academics Union (CBUAU)

According to a joint statement, the Unionised Workers said manoeuvres to silence them as a way of keeping Prof. Naison Ngoma as vice chancellor of Copperbelt University will not work.

They have charged that Prof. Naison Ngoma has failed to manage the institution and manoeuvres to arrest union leaders are ill conceived and risk worsening the situation at the Copperbelt University.

“We would like to categorically state that locking up union leaders will not solve the problems at CBU. As workers, we will still remain resolute regarding our call for Prof. Naison Ngoma to leave office because he has failed to manage the institution.

“Even if the union leadership is arrested, it must be known that the resolution to pass the vote of no confidence in the vice chancellor is an irreversible collective resolve of all the workers from CBU,” the statement read in part.

They add, “the nation must know that we, as workers, do not hate Prof. Naison Ngoma as a person. We just don’t have confidence in his leadership anymore because he has failed to run the institution properly. As workers, we have a responsibility to ensure that the institution is run effectively and efficiently.”

The Unionised workers are now inviting the public to take time off their busy schedule and visit the Copperbelt University to appreciate the challenges the University is grappling with.

“Come and see for the pathetic status of the learning and working environment at CBU because your children who are students are exposed to a very pathetic learning environment as if they do not pay huge sums of monies in tuition fees. The issues we have been raising are true and not baseless.”

CBU is faced with a management crisis as workers continue to demand the dissolution of the current management team under Prof. Ngoma.


  1. Muma

    If the people you are leading loses confidence in you then nothing good to hope for. Tough luck big man,hope they are judging justly.

  2. enoch. c

    No one can work with out confidence. For one to do their work they should have confidence and should be also be given good treatment, encouragement from the supervisers.

  3. Geoffrey


    • Docks Locks

      Why arresting them?
      Go and arrest even those who are transporting mukula logs out of our country.

  4. mulongoti

    Every one is invited to go and see how the campus is looking before we all join in chasing Naison ngoma why kulimbikila Ngati cash up a vintu just god dear time is overdue

  5. chimuka Hatontola

    His assets must be investigated!

  6. Hotness

    If he has failed to run the institution, let him be fired.

  7. Sydney kambatika

    If just,let the unionists go out with it and let prof Ngoma leave cbu.but if wrongly influenced, the unionists will regret their move.
    Hands together for a better Zambia!!!!

  8. joseph simpasa

    Let nature take its cause

  9. Syambian


  10. Liji

    True when your followers don’t not want you to lead them no matter what you do it won’t be done right.

  11. Bandian

    Graduating from this university was by the grace of God. The last 4 to 5 years the problem is Prof. Naison Ngoma, why can’t he go? Who still need him when the people under him don’t want him. Please let him go!!

  12. Kalima

    Welcome to zambia were leadership is more important that people under it.
    Keeping power to yourself is more tresured than than the well being of the people you are leading….
    Self intrest than the intrest of the majority. ??????????

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