Harry Kalaba Responds to Resignation Calls

Former Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba has broken his silence on the calls for his resignation from some Patriotic Front officials.

Kalaba has been on the receiving end of resignation calls from the PF on whose ticket he holds the Bahati parliamentary seat.

The Bahati lawmaker quit his government job citing corruption.



Good Morning Zambia,

Yesterday, I promised to share my thoughts with you today and from the overwhelming response I have seen on my wall over the last 24 hours, I can sense a certain kind of positive anticipation about what I was to say. Thank you for your valuable contributions and insights and thank you for your moral support and encouragement.

Well, you have all heard the numerous calls from my fellow members of the Patriotic Front for me to resign from the Party if I am man enough. Some of these calls have been made by people I consider to be my brothers and sisters. I have been called all sorts of names and accused of treachery and betrayal simply for having an opinion.

Many of those making the allegations or challenging me to quit from the Party are doing so probably with a silent expectation to provoke a reaction from me. This is a failed formula usually adopted by those who resist the rules of mutual engagement and responsible dialogue.

But let me put something very straight, I will not attempt to preoccupy myself with proving what God has already established and done. He made me a man and man enough for that matter and I do not need to do anything to prove that. Resigning from the Party is not what will make me a man because I am already a man.

I do not subscribe to the simplicity of vindictiveness and possessive aggression. When you choose to consider yourself among men of honour, it is imperative that you should treasure the difficulty inherent in remaining silent even when provoked beyond measure. Being sober minded and understanding the call on your life comes at a price.

Those who are not prepared to pay the price opt out and resort to incessant and volatile utterances that more often than not just end up demeaning them. I’m not quiet because there isn’t a lot to talk about or reveal. There is actualy a lot. I can choose to talk about so many things in similar fashion to what Zambia has now become accustomed to but that approach has clearly and unquestionably failed before and has done very little to change the circumstances of you our people. In this regard, I am silent because in the silence of reflection, inspiration dawns – inspiration, which is often held in position by the strands of temperance and by its nature holds the promise of real and practical impact.

We have all come to learn that those who choose to talk at the slightest of provocation are often admonished and mistaken for glorious chatter-machines; why then should we pursue those who elect self-restraint and measured aggression even when provoked and insulted?

What shall it profit this country if our leaders choose to abandon their solemn duties and elect to spend government time dancing on the fortunes of negligence? What shall it profit this country if leaders, in the apparent disregard for the timelessness of time, elect to use their precious time inducing aggression in the minds of those who must be helped to understand the virtues of free expression? Why should difference of professional opinion mean the same thing as the end of brotherhood? This is the kind of politics we all must rise against.

I made a choice to leave my cabinet portfolio not because I decided to make enemies of all my brothers and sisters in the Party and Government. Most of them are still my brothers and sisters even if we may differ in the interpretation of issues. Those who want me to become a talking – Tom even for no just cause have no care for this country and its people. I will simply not be tempted. I elect solemn silence, observation and reflection, over the prospect of forever singing soprano on the platform of public relevance.

God bless you all, always.


  1. Rabbecca

    God be with you. Such are the pipo we need in this nation.

  2. Noa Nk Kabwe

    Mmmmm zoona

  3. Kelly kunda

    You are a man ,a real man sir????

  4. Chiombo

    Pliz big man join ck and be VP.u pipo can form gvt

  5. Destiny

    Such a courageous man not these politically impotent and visionless leaders we see that cannot even stand for the truth, bless u mr. Honourable

  6. Konks

    True or false. True

  7. Chishala Richard

    Cool Mr SIR

  8. Real man

    Well spoken my man if we had people who think like you this country could have developed some time back. Thanks for that message uwamano atolapo kamo

  9. mboro

    wise words kalaba

  10. mboro

    i ve seen you are truly a diplomat practising diplomacy

  11. Tabby

    Indeed you are man of honour

  12. Steven

    I have never seen a man like u hon who love GOD and follow his commandments .just forgive them and go-ahead.I thank u GOD blesse u.

  13. mulase

    I want to understand something here..is it irregular for someone to resign from cabinet if he feels something is not going right?Mind u hon kalaba is a God fearing man that I can attest and for a cadre who is not a believer to push for kalabas resignation all because he wants to please the powers that be is mind boggling. Hon kalaba in his uprightness did not want to be part of the rot going on in govt and morally decided to leave.Wat wrong has he committed? Surely Zambians who have a heart for the poor should protect Hon kalaba from the attacks he is getting from these thieves.Be mindful that the position Hon kalaba held in govt was big which made him privy to wat is going on in the govt and for a cadre who has never been in cabinet to undermine wat hon kalaba knows is simply going to make the hon open the PANDORA box.My advise to these pipo is to allow the sleeping dog sleep.

    • CQ

      U speak my mind,big up as well,let’s keep on encouraging only the best out of sinking pf and elsewhere,surely God will answer our prayers…
      Too much bootlicking (tu koswe)

  14. Mutaba titus muleba

    God bless you too

  15. Sunford


  16. mengmoreler

    Bakunyalikani!Aba ndiye Bantu taa;mwakumana nazo lelo.


    zambia is a democratic country and every person has a right to speak what he or she has seen to be right or wrong.Leave Kalaba alone to speak out the wrongs he has seen

  18. mulase

    U PF(Paya Farmer) comrades..Leave kalaba alone.Touch not the anointed kalaba coz u will die by correction in Chimbokaila.Kalaba is a true son of Major one.Once yo name is put on Major ones alter he he he he u ar gone!

  19. mulase

    U PF(Paya Farmer) comrades..Leave kalaba alone.Touch not the anointed kalaba coz u will die by correction in Chimbokaila.Kalaba is a true son of Major one.Once yo name is put on Major ones alter and the terminator Prays he he he he consider yourself in HELL

  20. Emmk

    Bravo Mr Mulase Wel Spoken U’re In My Mind, Hon Kalaba Haz Got Big Info In Hiz Heart They Shudn’t Provok Him He May Even Open Da SecretBox Fo 2016 Election Results, So Shiiiiiii Umunwe Pakanwa!

  21. Leah


  22. Lc

    Well spoken man of his words and wisdom

  23. Lolo

    Harry kalaba you are a man

  24. Sydney kambatika

    Too wise and strong.

  25. Ngoni

    Bauze this world.

  26. CQ

    He is not an empty tin like many have openly shown themselves to us,mwamona amano ubwingi ayakutungulula Lesa amupela
    Not imwe ba pompwe,ba koswe 2021 tulemitamfya incito we will change government without fail

  27. Love your neighbor

    Politicians, God fearing ??????? Katwishi.

  28. FGM

    Zambia shall not develop if the majority of it’s citizenry choose to support those that loot national resources without being punished. May God change the mindset of the sleeping Zambians.

  29. Mckings

    Thumbs up Hon Kalaba. U are truly an inspiration to our younger politicians

  30. Bunonshi

    Only the truth will set our Zambia free

  31. precious

    The Lord will remember you for your honesty

  32. precious

    You are indeed a great man I celebrate you

  33. mulongoti

    I see why pipo are calling for his resignation has if he was fired he just resigned from his cabinet position and remained a parliamentarian to represent his pipo and not a country what’s wrong with that mulekwatako amano pakuchita ifintu talefwaya ifyakulanda landa pls

  34. cts

    Mr Kalaba u r man of de year ,I never new dat there was someone who z God fearing in de pf realm .indeed u r a Man not just a man of action ,but also a man of honor .keep it up u v made my day n i pray to God dat may he use u in his work .May u pliz quit politics coz u dont deserve to be one of dem.

  35. Mrs B

    Only God knows the all truth and his will will be done.

  36. Sean Ace

    am just passing by…?

  37. Eddie

    True, absolute truth

  38. Ked chich

    Mr Kalaba you are not a person to play games with

  39. Docks Locks

    Hon Kalaba is the only former minister who openly accepted the Concourt ruling that all the ministers who got tax payers money after parliament was dissolved in 2016 before the August general elections.
    He proved himself to be the most honest among the rotten ministers of this government. All the other Rats in the Pot (Ma Koswe mu Poto) are very quite.
    If these rats continue pushing Hon Kalaba against the wall, he will be forced to reveal what happened before, during and after the 2016 general elections.
    The position held by Hon Kalaba was very sensitive and people should respect his opinion.
    Remember that he has a large following within the PF ranks. Even those who are calling for his resignation, are doing that to please the top party officials but in reality, they support Hon Kalaba.

  40. Docks Locks

    Yaba, awe mwandi sure ndithu.

  41. Docks Locks

    Kalaba for ever.

  42. Thambuli Major

    Its sounds braggadocio wat if he was expelled?

  43. Sylvester Kabaso

    Join NDC and ever contemplate on forming your own political party otherwise your career will end in doom

  44. Daviesmkandawire

    You was born wise.

  45. henry bwalya

    Life goes on truly we need someone who will care about this country
    Respect must be earned not bought because of riches.

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