Kitwe’s Sons Of the Devil Gang Members Arrested

Seven youths belonging to a gang called Sons of the Devil (SOD) have been arrested in Kitwe for alleged robbery and attacking an 18 year old boy of Bulangililo Township.

The group has been terrorising communities mostly Kwacha, Bulangililo and Buchi Township conducting criminal activities in the recent past.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has indentified those arrested as Gift Chinyemba, 19, Lewis Chinyemba, 28, Akatamu Chilumbu, 19, Alick Mvula, 18, Saidi Mwanza, 17, Saviour Mumba, 18 and a 16 year old all of Bulangililo Township.

Katanga said the suspects are alleged to have attacked and robbed Benny Machiko aged 18years of Bulangililo Township.

“The victim reported that he was attacked by more than ten criminals commonly known as SOD’s and sustained multiple injuries and also k100 was robbed from him near Bulangililo market around 17hrs.

Katanga said the suspects have been apprehended and are detained at Riverside police.


  1. Pelekelo Jack Sunday

    Justice is our cry…

  2. Caleb

    They also have to do that here in Lusaka, cause people are now afraid of moving freely

  3. langison tembo

    Let those people pay for what they were doing, don’t let them go free

  4. Felixnho rado

    nishiteti mubakakilefye balateka abantu I fine nishi buteko bulolelakashi because it’s to much government afweni abantu sure

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