Soldier, Police Officers Disappoint Kasama Central MP

Kasama Central Member of Parliament Kelvin Sampa has accused law enforcement agencies of beating up marketeers at Chambeshi Market during the clean up exercise in Kasama district.

Sampa, a human rights activist, said it was shameful for the Zambia Police and the Zambia Army to beat up marketeers when the role is to provide law and order to the citizens.

The angry parliamentarian said it was unacceptable for the police and the army to behave in such a manner that left property belonging to marketeers damaged in the name of cleaning the market.

“I wish to express my disappointment as Member of Parliament for Kasama Central with what transpired where law enforcement agencies have been tasked to do the clean up exercise as regards to the cholera outbreak that has rocked the nation. The way this matter was handled at Chambeshi Market is a very sad situation for the people of Kasama,” Sampa said.

“How can the police and the army officers go and beating up our people, breaking down properties, and at the end of it all some people ending up losing property, this is very sad and shameful.”

Sampa has expressed disappointment with the conduct of the men and women in uniform and has further appealed to marketeers to remain calm urging them that efforts are being made to normalise their business activities.


  1. wise prince

    Comment yes it was unacceptable was very bad honourable you have to something

  2. advisor

    Soldiers are trained to be like that…ask those who live under military rule, they will tell you

    • Hummer where it hurts

      These men and women in uniforms, hammered hard on the citizenary not in kasama only but countrywide.In their pursuit to squeeze chorela out off the people, they left untold damages to properties and people’s minds. This will take time to heal.

    • Jonasampa1962

      The didn’t like the nature of the work given ,hence turned the hunger on innocent people.

  3. Lee

    Marketeers too much ifitala that’s why?if you cooperate, who can touch you.

  4. Saynkelaw

    Not ati soldiers are trained to b lyk dat! It is unacceptable and bad for da army to start beatng up da marketeers

  5. Chiombo

    Brilliant mp, these soldiers did bad in most parts of the country. Some people are ignorant @ that z how soldiers behave. U kno those ar the pipo to protect citizens. Anyway…

  6. lembani

    Well trained military and police officers don’t brutalize innocent civilians

  7. SACCM

    CommentThat conduct wasn’t accepteble.Even picking or geting your own iron sheets was a problem y.Where are we going people?Kabwe town was also in the same stuation.

  8. Kings

    I don’t ?think you will vote again unless otherwise

  9. Katowise


  10. Katowise144

    Thngs Are Bad

  11. Daniels

    Levels of indiscipline are very high in this country and I commend the officer for doing what they did in order to instill discipline in the people. This must continue, at least once a month soldiers must be release to enhance cleaning on streets and discipline the undisciplined.

  12. Justin kayss

    Using the military to perform civic functions always has catastrophic effects in the long run.the military are like a bull dog that must always be kept on a leash only in circumstances of security. The moment you release it to chase away kids playing in the street its problems.it will begin to love biting them until one day its going to transfer that love of biting on you.


    but according to my understanding and my opinion….i think a public notice was made on a given date that they will be a cleanup in all the markets and busy places surrounding our country…but due to the ignorance of the people and the public marketeer’s thats what lead to the brutle displin…hence i don’t blame the marketers either.. cause we as Zambians have never experience such an outrage of chorela outbreak in this manner before…so the marketers may also have been relaxed feeling inconvenienced with the public order….i dim we shouldn’t blame them lets thank the Lord Almighty that peace and order was maintained at the end of the day….One Zambia One Nation….Thank You

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