Fake Doctor, 19, Arrested In Kitwe

A 19 year old of foreign origin has been arrested for masquerading as medical Doctor at Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

Police sources and Kitwe teaching Hospital Spokesperson Phoebe Chileya have confirmed the development.

The suspect is believed to have been undertaking illegal deals yet to be established at the teaching hospital before meeting his fate.

He has been spotted patronising the hospital before police moved in to arrest him after a tipoff from the hospital management.

Police sources disclosed that the suspect has been using a fake National indentify card with names Doubem Sabby from the University Teaching Hospital, Ndola Department of Neurosurgeon.

“We are very shocked that a boy of 19 years can involve himself in such activities, he has told us that he is Darlington Doubem but those are not the names appearing on his Identity Card. Yes we have him in our custody and we have instituted investigations, get full details from madam Katanga” a police source said.

However, Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga was still waiting for the report.

Kitwe Teaching Hospital Spokesperson Phoebe Chileya confirmed that a man had been arrested at the Health Institution of masquerading as medical doctor.


  1. mugabe

    you have done well.it is this same fake doctor who wanted to cut my balls during circumcision.

  2. Pelekelo Jack Sunday

    Job well done force……..

  3. James

    I think they are many, investigate also from other hospitals .It’s the reason why they are giving wrong medication to people thank you and well done

  4. chewe f

    Why hiding his face? the must know

  5. Cecilia kasamika

    Thank God aikatwa

  6. Rucious

    job well done may you jail that idiot forever and keep on hunting some more….

  7. Dee

    Well done continue hunting more fraudsters.


    Let him face the LAW and bear the consequences please..

  9. A.G

    That is good…Health professional has been invaded with all sorts of illegal personnel…this attributes to alit of ” back yard Health Universities” training masses in medicine and other health related courses. There is need for HPCZ, GNC and the government at large to scrutinise the health system.

  10. Chimezi

    The way they scrutinized the teachers that’s the way to go for the health sector.

  11. Suzi

    Job well done ,uv saved the lives of so many people…..such criminals should face the law and pay for their deadly acts…

  12. MUZO

    I Think The Boy Is Mentally Disturbed.Was He On Pay Role? Who Was Paying The Boy? I Sense Some Madness In De Guy.Take Him 2 Chinama Hospital First For Medical Checkups.


    Job well done

  14. Kisha

    But how was received at the institution and for long has he been there?

  15. Kisha

    Who were those junior doctor reporting to that chap. That chap at 19 years of age can not of that along. Bamuponone alubulule aboali nabena plz do investigation


    Well done Zambia !

  17. Bwalya Charles

    Pliz force….. try to investigate all the hospital in Zambia well done!

  18. Peter

    well done zambia!
    Congraturation to force as well.

  19. Steve

    Congratulation guys

  20. Steve

    Well done

  21. Steve

    Good move

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