OPINION: Has Tutwa Lost His Way?

Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube could have very easily have been the man of the week given the numerous headlines he hit on the political scene. Ngulube had for a moment emerged as a crusader of conscience in the Patriotic Front fold and seemed just about anything that was wrong about the Patriotic Front.

He spoke vocally about the right of members to hold different opinions within the party. He pointed out how the party had allegedly been invaded by the MMD flock.

Ngulube, who has not hidden his desire to be appointed as a minister went about town scandalizing the appointment of Kwacha Member of Parliament Joe Malanji as foreign affairs minister. The youthful Kabwe lawmaker wondered when Malanji had shed off his MMD blue for the PF green notwithstanding Malanji is a ruling party lawmaker.

Ngulube rumbled on about how President Edgar Lungu was ungrateful for the role the Kabwe lawmaker played as returning officer at the Patriotic Front convention to declare him winner. To crown it all Ngulube shed off all the civility his legal mind demands of him to dress down the not so respectable PF cadre Max Chongu whom he threatened to sort out.

With that all the anti-ruling party forces embraced him as their new found darling. But then Ngulube thought better of everything that he had said and decided to make peace with the Patriotic Front.

The question then is what the public should make of his new found peace with the PF top brass. Has he finally seen the folly of his outbursts or maybe it is just something done out of political convenience? What happened to the free speaking Tutwa that the Zambian media was almost getting used to?

How long will this peace last? Ngulube was at it last year when he was dropped as party legal counsel but toned down after another of his peace moments overcame him.

So should the public still take Ngulube seriously? After all another of the youthful breed in Miles Sampa has already tortured the public through his merry go round political swings.


  1. Sinking titanic

    Iceberg of a tip…we are just watching from the terraces,
    Tulelolekesha fye
    2021is not too far

  2. Chief Chilu

    Tom and Jerry.

    • Akash

      Sugar and salt are both white.HH suffered a lot from this same lawyer called Tutwa sandani Ngulube.he even reached to the extent of shooting him.he is my neighbour here in kabwe.

  3. Akash

    Mr ngulube was a very committed member of PF,he played a very important role just to see mr Lungu in the office.If I recall what this man did polishing chilli the name of HH and UPND as a whole via Knc radio here in kabwe sometimes I cry.he forgot that sugar and salt are both white.

  4. mulase

    The biggest problem in the PF is that once a member points out their weaknesses he/she gets a whip and labeled unpatriotic, undisciplined, a rebel etc etc.But this is a Party which does not listen to the concerns of those members who follow their layed down procedures of airing a grievance.I say all this not from hearsay but I was part of the system.Unlike uncle ECL our late President and founder of PF the late Michael chilufya sata was proactive and wud address any such concerns himself prudently. And this is a man MHSRIP who knew if not all the Ward chairmen in the Party and wud interact with the lower organs more often than these big for nothing NEC members.I really wonder if ECL knows all the Provincial chairmen by name and which village they hail from????

  5. LC

    The boy thought he was so educated to suit any position in pf now that he is seeing new faces feeling in those position he was parading himself he thought of coming out in public seeking for advise not knowing that he’s loosing it all

  6. Sunford

    his now a wondering stray dog without firmness stands

  7. m.m.kangwa

    Well he seemed to know democracy but has lost it.or may be something is bn laid for him soon. Inama yabaiche tainona. Abaiche ubwingi in this buteko!!

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