Police Move To Arrest CBU Workers

Copperbelt University lectures are being interrogated for unlawful confinement of vice Chancellor Prof. Naison Ngoma for allegedly failing to management the University.

The deadlock at the University over demands that Professor Naison Ngoma resigns have reached another level with lecturers maintaining that intimidations of being questioned by police will not make them drop their demands.

Police Copperbelt chief Charity Katanga said about 44 lecturers who include union leaders are being questioned for unlawful confinement of the vice chancellor.

“Yes I can confirm that we have summoned the lectures to come and answer to allegations of unlawful confinement. As I speak statements of warn and caution have been recorded and if we find a case then the matters will be taken to court. If investigations prove otherwise again we will advice,” Katanga said.

She added that the behaviour of CBU lecturers and other employees was irresponsible and police got involved to establish facts on the issue.

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) General Secretary warned the police command to stop interfering in misunderstandings involving the unionised workers and the Vice Chancellor at the Copperbelt University.


  1. intelligence

    just retire that Ngoma guy..let him go famring..he has failed the school

  2. munzungu simuntu

    make cbu a trade school not a university.we are tired of their misunderstanding between management and lectures.We are simple farmers we dont eat with them their money.

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