Pres. Lungu, Dr Chilufya Burning Some Fat

President Edgar Lungu got off to a morning workout session and continues to inspire the nation with his keep fit strategy.

He was joined by some members of his team and health minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya.


Good morning colleagues!

An early-morning workout is a blessing for the whole day! Do you take time to exercise? Are you taking care of yourself as far as keeping fit is concerned? The Head of State is leading by example!

If, it’s true, we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.

Good day!



  1. shekano

    Nice page, I would like to be getting updates

  2. petmulaz

    Nice one. Bodyworks are vital for a health living.

  3. Lulu Jay

    Honestly does this mean that they are no other important issue to publish to the nation?definitely you can do better

  4. slime man

    us we have no fat what are we going to burn

  5. mr hunger

    you have time to exercise when you have food on the table.Us we poor people have no time to exercise because we are looking for what we shall eat next

  6. old major

    napolione is always right.

  7. LC

    Go back to chorela outbreak and lead the solders in cleaning the city than wat u are doing

    • yumbe

      The president and the soldiers showed us how to fight it if you’re still waiting for them it will kill you and your family

  8. mulase

    Unga tamange na njala?Can u run on an empty stomach? This running is only for u who ar obese and have big bellles and u want to bun the excess fat osati ise ampawi(poor).Invite me at nkwazi house for only one month after which I can start jogging with u.Napapata!

  9. Keyfipo

    No bwino bwino, what if I don’t do it

  10. Sunford munkombwe

    can pipo of kanyama and other affected street vendors find a time to keep fit when there is no food in their homes ? Schools are opening soon ! Parents don’t even know were to find the school fees since their only means of survival ( vending) has been shattered without an alternative. When pipo see the president they expect to hear developmental plans not ifyo mulelanda. Incase they forget human needs are into phases like maxweber American psychologist puts it, physiological needs come first (food,shelter and clothing) before tamulatweba ifyofyama keep feet first thing first plz help the hungry citizens by stabilizing our economy ! You managed to bring the dollar at k10, the you relax ! Is that all you can do ? Any way!!!!!

  11. Royd

    Nice to our president lungu a good workout

  12. Jahman metal

    Eya mwandini Mmmm

  13. ian

    go ahead to show how u feel on that chair, iam a man who work hard now its only that iam not rich or call things on silver plate and say thank you
    dad to mi neniko

  14. kaumba james

    I’m pretty sure are better things u can talk about not those chakolwa who want to remove Jameson

  15. gsk

    Shithole government

  16. cmmp

    why not transfer that energy into cleaning up the mess u have created, but kwena ba lungu mwakasa u’ve messed up big time, u’ve broken a record, in almost all the government ministries there are problems, ministry of agriculture farmers are cryin, ministry of education strikes are the norm of the day & leakages have hiked like never before, ministry of lands & resources there z the mukula issue & illegal land grabs, ministry of finance there is the debt endemic & mismanagement of funds & corruption, ministry of health there is cholera and i could just go on in all the ministries, it might be normal for ministries to have problems but not like this and not at the same time

    • Matthews Mumba

      Heartless politicians, you have no heart for the people who took you to plot 1. Come 2021, you and your minions will come back to us and start asking for votes. Shameless !!!
      Trump is 100% right!!!!!!

  17. Lumumba Vendors

    Nothing to do that’s why you went out wasting time

  18. Perry simunyola

    Its your ministry Mr chitalu chilufya

  19. james

    amidst these economical problems zambia is facing they can even find time to exercise these people don’t care.

  20. Clip Man


  21. Barotseland

    Rubbish his burning hung over thus after taking a bottle of wine .We want a stadium in Mongu than foolish advates please pipo are dying of hunger when u are enjoying stolen money lisholi tuwe zwaaa Pf

  22. Barotseland

    Zwaaa Pf masholi

  23. Matthews Mumba

    Ba koswe mumpoto!!!!!!!!

  24. Matthews Mumba

    Heartless politicians, you have no heart for the people who took you to plot 1. Come 2021, you and your minions will come back to us and start asking for votes. Shameless !!!
    Trump is 100% right!!!!!!

  25. Muma

    Presidua nemimbulu shabo! you should invite us to burning the fats one of this days if we have even fats left, with this supression of street vending.

  26. Muma

    Ba Presidua nemimbulu shenu! You should invite us one of this days to the party of burning fats that is if there’s even little left in us, with this supression of street vending.

  27. Happy

    No say only God knows how we are suffering some of us

  28. mr.mbula t

    Tiyeni nayo alunugu.about!

  29. People no good

    All you want is food everything is good why people you don’t appreciate. Njala, insala is that can be a story for everywhere sure.

  30. DVD

    Nice one keep fit ba kateka.

  31. ckm

    Leave ower leader along ok.

  32. faksonmusa@facebook.com

    Mwahina bad! Yondani koni

  33. Kelvin

    Baning the fat that is better ,but me am hangly my stomach is empty so I can’t ban fat so if I run I will ban my blood

  34. leon

    A health nation starts with an individual .keep it up

  35. jay z

    Zambians u ar so behind here in state itx a dairy base ,wake up Zambia come on

  36. jay z


  37. Patrick

    Comment okay dats good

  38. Amos Chanda assistant

    After jogging thy get alawac

  39. paul

    Why do you like politicking for the things that you even know. I think you pipo have got a very big problem. With the president, no matter what he will lead us until last destination which is 2021. Mr ECL he is a very humble man who humbled himself he don’t respond to your no sense thing, but why you always attacking him. As for me I love him and it’s us pipo who voted for him in 2016. And some of you are busy saying bad thing on him, just what you are doing. Andfor UPND so called HH and GBM they don’t know what they are doing, especially HH he is the who made our country to be poor than she was in 19th century before chileya come into power in 1991. After selling all government properties such as UBZ, NAMBODI, ZCCM and the like, so called HH he was in for front selling all the Government asset so what are you saying over that Animal HH. He is useless than anyone else pompwe HH, that is the fact councilsthey are ssuffering just because of him selling all council houses countrywide with the late president Dr chiluba.

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