Prof. Clive Chirwa Was Professionally Sodomised, says Fisho Mwale

Former Lusaka mayor Fisho Mwale has re-opened the chapter in Professor Clive Chirwa’s sojourn to Zambia.

Prof. Chirwa arrived in Zambia with a bang but his political touch could have landed him in hot soup after he had an affair with the MMD, UPND and later PF.

His ending was a sad note that ended with criminal prosecution in the Zambian magistrate court.

His cousin Fisho has stumbled on some of his aeronautic works and shares the story.


SOMETIMES AM SO PROUD TO BE ZAMBIAN…..last month I flew on Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner and I was amazed at the brightening and darkening windows which like a little boy with a new toy I kept playing with.

Little did I know that the invention was by a Cousin of mine , ( I underline cousin to show am related to him) non other than ProfessorClive Chirwa, a scientist Zambia vilified as a criminal and academic impostor.

Clive was professionally sodomised by his Zambia Railways board and government. For 3 years he was a “prisoner” in his own country, passport taken away . His NASA credentials or claim to be one of the world’s renown aircraft crash expert did not help. Zambia is not kind to its own heroes.

So I called him up when I saw his invention and asked “Cousin was it really you who patented the invention?“ and to my joy and pride he said it was him in partnership with Splice and funded by Boeing.

I wanted to ask for a loan from royalties but My chest grew with pride as a Zambian , I could not ask if he will ever come back to help his country.

I remember in pain that even people who went to school called him a fraud and yet outside Zambia he is a respected intellectual.


  1. ben

    I would have loved to see how he could have revamped Z.R,L. His blue print was marvelous.

    • A.J

      He’s the one who directed ZR down the drainage.How in the world was he going 2 revamp it? Follow current issue

      • uncle bob

        simple answer is Jesus was not accepted by his own people

        • DVD

          Thanks I like that comment Jesus was not accepted by his own people it’s hard to accept such VIPs. Unless useless one’s.only God can judge.

      • Phiri gwali

        Misplaced comment. It shows the level of illiteracy in u my brother.

  2. Hassan Limamu

    Have so much respect for this man especially when I read his achievements and prayed SATA could bring him on board and for sure my prayer was answered. I looked forward to him achieving his presentation since he gave himself time in which he was to achieve that. Alas he was played on for even people who are educated. My heart really bleeds for this man????

  3. Robert Mukuka

    Zambia treated on what he did and not he has archived as an intellectual,as an intellectual he should have understood economical status of his country,how do explain someone spending K70,000 just on lodging while heading a non productive cooperate and these are same people who received absolutely free education yet want to milk he own country.

  4. cry my beloved country

    blame sata he thought clive would challenge him.Zambians are jealousy they dont want their fellow zambians to better than them or to succed.

  5. Hummer where it hurts

    That is the nature of politicians ,they suck and spit.

  6. joseph Zulu

    Comment very touching story.

  7. shu shu shu

    Zambia is run by social scientist that know nothing about the physical sciences and cant add one plus one. That is why Zambia will remain behind and start importing food once the effects of global warming hit because we let social scientist claim that GMOs are dangerous with providing any evidence.

    • ryan

      Global Warming, Are you kidding me? Al Gore and America’s left has you living in a bubble. Do you know how much money Al Gore has made off of the Global Warming junk? People are so easy to fool..

  8. My wish

    He didn’t come here to sacrifice for his country. How would one lead such an extravagant life in 3 years

  9. junta

    Clive Was too extravagant……

  10. mulase

    Just as much as I do sympathize with how Clive was treated I also feel that he had no sense of humour and sympathy for the company he was called to revamp.As a former Zambia railways employee I feel that his expenditure was extravagant for a person who knew so well how the company was struggling to raise money for its operations My question to Mr Fisho is..was Clive’s expenditure commensurate to his input at that tym?The answer is certainly NO bwana.Believe me not wen I say that I decided to leave the company left wen I realised that as a Signal technician I was getting money from the company which I didn’t work for.Our dept ran out of transport and I could not attend to Signal faults and yet the company kept paying me a Salary. That said u can now c how some pipo want to reap wea they did not sow.

    • moses

      my brother Prof Chirwa was not employed accidentally,neither did he come to work as a volunteer, except that, the opportunity cost incurred on or foregone on his part was more than or close to a 9 digit figure. The Prof was given willingly a contract of service which had attached conditions of service generated by the employers, which by common sense is a leave it or take it game. By offering these conditions, the employers demonstrated capacity to meet their contractual obligations. The Prof agreed to be employed, because he thought the conditions were ok and acceptable looking the economic status of the company and that, he was willing to sacrifice a bit for his country. I say so because the contractual perks designated for the Prof did not go to the same level as those from Boeing, aerospace and others, believe you me. Prof Chirwa did not respond to an advert looking for a ZRL CEO, but a presidential request, to which he responded positively with respect as expected. Therefore, based on the above facts, l see no where were the issue of extravagance comes in. Please certain levels of education have a prescribed form and degree of enumeration, which is never debatable, even with this the Prof was still able and willing to save for his country. Please lets be civilised and place a credit were it is due. Jealous will not take us anywhere, but just backward. Read the Prof ‘s academic and professional standing globally, then ask yourself if you are talking or writing sense! Mind you he is not the first Prof to respond with respect to a presidential call, in the 80’s Dr Kenneth Kaunda called back Prof Goma (MHSRIP) to a national assignment, he came back at speed just like Prof Chirwa. Did you want Prof Chirwa to reside at some ramshackle lodge so as to impress you. If you did not Prof Chirwa is a national asset, not just an ordinary citizen. l rest my case.

  11. Chioza Alfred

    I accompanied Prof. to the HILL (USA CONGRESS) in WASHINGTON DC. He had an engagement with the Law Makers. That’s how I knew that he had several patents with Boeing, Aero space n Chinese Air craft Manufacturers. Congress men didn’t believe that he was Zambian from Chief Chanjein Eastern Prov. Alas, Zambian Leadership will never
    accept, let alone acknowledge the achievement and success of their on. Sad isn’t it!

  12. hanene

    At times we should not rush blaming people over Incompetences done by others. Mr Chirwa had his employment elsewhere and entered a contract with. Whosoever . why award a contract when you that you have no money ? People running economic affairs of the country should be well learned so that they articulate national issues well. Why blame the recipient.?


    Whilst in Washington DC , I had the rare opportunity to accompany the Prof. to the Hill (CONGRESS) where Prof had an engagement with the USA CONGRESS. I then got to know that Prof. Was a talented Scientist who had several Patents with Boeing, Aero space and Chinese Aircraft Manufacturers. Congress were shocked to learn that he was a Zambian from Chief Chanje in Chipata. Like most African Leadership, they always fear Smart Guys- rather, they would like to hang with worthless Bootlickers and Hatchet Men!

  14. Christianhood messiah party

    Clive qualifications and earnings couldn’t match in his improvised poor country coz if his earnings in uk was $50,000 thus k500,000 zambian currency for which is too much.

  15. Jermaine

    Mr.Fisho Mwale,of all words to describe or liken the treatment Prof.Clive chirwa received, why “sodomised”? To sodomise means anal sexual penetration which is abnormal. Don’t you think you adding more salt to the injury of mistreatment your cousin got?

  16. Yando

    Prof. Chirwa was no hero at all. He demanded outrageous pay besides other emoluments despite his mediocre performance in his position. If really a scientist of high calibar he should have been busy patenting many more inventions where he could mention a price but came to do none scientific work. Managing is a different ball game all together. The man also demanded a huge pension including shared in ZRL which no same executive cannot do. He even gave an impression that he was doing Zambia a favour shame! Even you Fisho Mwale you are implying as though we spanned a great business turnaround mind. The man has a very useless interactive mind who could just burge into Zambia and say he wants to be President. In simpler he lacks strategy and tact other than pomposity for his unknown academic prowess in unknown universities.

  17. Robert

    Believe me or not the Professor is doing just fine right now with a better job. He is director of aeronautics at a company that supplies his patented aviation parts to Boeing and other plane manufacturers.

  18. webman

    I wonder if he can come back if recalled

  19. Mutola Libona

    That’s why we are classified under shit. …hole countries. We can’t even claim what belongs to us.

  20. Mutola Libona

    That’s why we are classified under shi’ …hole countries. We can’t even claim what belongs to us.

  21. MO.2

    if u don’t know anything A.J better not commenting,don’t just listen to rumors u don’t know that the little things he did in a year he saved as CEO of ZR was appreciated by those who work for ZR its not everything u hear which is gospel truth. those who really knew his plans and capabilities moan because of the way he went. He is a powerful man and capable of bringing development.

  22. London

    In all fairness Prof. Chirwa was the best. The predecessor, Prof. H is the one who drained the £120m Euro Bond and resigned and to go and be a University VC.
    At the time Chirwa was leaving he hard a strategy to revamp ZRL. 1. He wanted to increase speed from the current 15km per hour
    2. He was negotiating with policy makers to move all heavy to the railline
    3. After the increase in speed, he wanted to procure fairly high speed train.
    Now what happened is this, the lawmakers has/had trucks so if Chirwa succeeded it would have meant no business for the lawmakers. Open your eyes my brothers, see how selfish lawmakers are. They talk about development but they don’t care about development. If you see a stretch of a road being constructed just know it could been twice. The other half the money is shared. It is sad.
    The other thing is that, dull politicians don’t like intelligent ones. So they poisoned him to and extent that late Sata thought Chirwa was dangerous but all they wanted was to share the Euro Bond. Too sad. I salute Prof. Chirwa.

  23. mulase

    Moses our bone of contention is not about wat was obtaining in the contract with the employers but his lavish style of living which had nothing to do with wat was in the contract.Zambia Railways had houses suitable for his position but he personally chose to stay in a very expensive lodge. Some of the monies he was drawing of course from the Euro bond landed him in court.Having those qualifications did not warrant him to spend such colossal sums of money from a company which u and me know was limping.These qualifications we obtain should add value to the jobs we do.A qualification is simply a prerequisite qualifying someone to do a job but not wat u ar saying.For instance during my tym at Zambia Railways i had NO degrees but yet I was able to clear Signal and communication faults enabling trains to move which most of the graduates the company employed wea failing to do.We had the Chief signals and Telecoms engineer a white man a Mr Norgrove,engineer GG Zimba who wea more qualified than Mr chirwa but these men worked like labourers and the company benefited from them.Mr Musyani Clement who I believe is still with the railways and was my mentor can attest to this.So osatiuza ma rubbish aya ya ma qualifications yakuti olo nyelete(sewing needle) bakangiwa Ku pangs.

  24. Mumembe-Kabimba

    This is the company out distinguished professor single sourced to provide training services to ZRL


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