Chipolopolo Off To Casablanca

The Zambia National team is off to Casablanca the base for the final Group B match at the ongoing African Nations Championship (CHAN).

Zambia will play Namibia on Monday in the final group match to determine who tops the group.

The Chipolopolo boys have left Adam Park Hotel in Marrakech where they have been housed since the tournament started.

Zambia beat Uganda 3-1 before shooting down Ivory Coast on Thursday to top Group B.


  1. Young Kwibbyz

    GO ZAMBIA GO make us proud.

    • Bola

      Wada congrats.the game on monday is a non panic button.use the guys who have not featured,for exposure n tactical purpose.injuries n cards.we can’t offord the two above.whether we lose or win it does not matter.reserve the winning team for Monday,s game.bring zat cup home .I believe in u n chambeshi.

    • Shemena

      Did Zambia win last night

  2. the sumba

    go zambia bola na Lesa

  3. Edwards

    It all takes our prayers together for you to travel safely. Change of place will not change our hopes and God’s plans. Just be focused as from start. We are behind you lads until you lift the cup.Its the chipolopolo first the rest follows behind that is why we say GO GO ZAMBIA.

  4. Freshy Freza

    go zambia go may god bless u guyz play wit flavour

  5. Esaya Zulu

    Guys let’s put our effort in lesa kindly will continue doing well

  6. Charles M.Phiri

    Show them guys that their is football in your legs.Zambia 3:Namibia 0

  7. Nathaniel mwakacheya

    Nicha kali bobo nicha kali chibootu. Congrats zambia

  8. mulase

    I wish Chipolopolo the best of luck.

  9. Elvis

    Make zed proud of boys do it

  10. chikwembeta

    Yes we did play well without ng’onga uwipaisha
    Go zambia go chipolopolo

    • Jk

      Why finger pointing ? It’s very frustrating to players ,plz stop talking about n’gonga !

  11. trueson

    go go zambia

  12. Prince jay kakolo

    Let’s go Zambia let’s go

  13. Phoebe mudendah

    God bless you ma boys

  14. hykon

    Go Zambia go mark us ploudy……..

  15. mwansa

    Go Zambia go and work extra had Zambia 3 Nambia 0

  16. Lc

    We are behind u guys

  17. mulle

    Mulenga finyunye amapomo,I love u boi go zed go…

  18. Derrick mesala


  19. Ondya's kingdom

    Go Zambia go

  20. Wizwit

    Go Zambia Go
    Have faith in God everything is possible

  21. Mweetwa

    Zambia 4 Vs 0 Namibia

  22. John

    Go ba chipolopolo

  23. Aaron Thonga

    We are behind you guys.make this nation proud.

    • Peter kaingu

      Guys we are looking forward a gracefully win . The God who began good thing will finish with you

    • manji Kayz

      Am asking are we still in the game or what?

  24. Hotness

    Congrats boys for the job well done, I know to the fact that you will make us proud come Monday when you play Namibia. The scoreline will be Zambia 3 Namibia 2.

  25. Simenda munukayumbwa

    We love u guys!

  26. Nethan

    Go Zambia Go we are behind you guys…..

  27. Nathan

    Go Zambia Go We are behind you guys…..

  28. sitwala


  29. Man twisitor

    go go forward chipolopolo God bls you guys

  30. Boyd

    Umwabume wansala,what’s your comments? Mine is to let the boys go, comment WO chap

  31. Gugu

    So did anybody miss ‘ Ng’onga??

  32. Jeff kunda

    Wishing you all the best #chipolopolo

  33. Jeff kunda

    Go zed go

  34. Sydney kambatika

    100% support.

  35. Jeff kunda

    Go Zambia go

  36. Evans Phiri

    We are the best south of the equator. Go Zambia Go!

  37. Philip junior

    Just continue doing Wat u ar doing n u wil reach 4 de starz

  38. Philip junior

    Go Zambia n make us proud so dat we cn remve de cholera out break

  39. Robert Joel mbambara

    Go zambia go we are behind you guys

  40. FRED

    GO ZED GO,,,,,,AL!!!

  41. RB

    The land is theirs and the cup is ours

  42. Shikulu

    We are proud of guys, all the best.

  43. omarry

    We are the champions go go copper buletts

  44. LAMECK

    Everything is possible with god,go go zambia

  45. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Go Zambia go… Until we lift the cup

  46. D Y Flow

    Go chipolopolo…

  47. J.L

    No Daut CHAN Tulesenda Pantu Zambia Fipolopolo!

  48. pfc

    Friday Samu has committed more mistakes. If all those mistakes where converted goes, Zambia would have scored more goes. In this coming game Zambia v Namibia, it would not be bad if the coach uses other players to rest the hard workers.

  49. chitambo zulu

    chipolopolo balange,best wishez ba copper bullets we are behind yu guys

  50. Mwale

    Zambia must play to win so that Namibia do not loose respect. It doesn’t matter who so ever we meet but Namibia must fall.

  51. Leonard

    Alex Ngong’a must be on a substitute bench please.

  52. Philture


  53. lameck

    Go zambia go

  54. CHRIS

    Go zambia go, make us proud guys! Zambia 2~1 namibia!

  55. George

    Go Zambia Go we ar happy with u guyz

  56. Chomba Chrispin

    Go Go Go Go Zambia we are behind you.

  57. Royd

    Go Zambia go

  58. Maxisylvia

    All best guy

  59. Maxisylvia

    All the best guys

  60. Benson Chalwe jr

    Wishing u all the best ba chipolopolo

  61. Kasanda KASUMPA

    Cup yesu#Zambia ni zeee.

  62. Gugu

    Good going Wada. No time to consider Ng’onga. Try others just in case our star players get injured at the crucial quarter final stage.

  63. Willah Santos

    Let’s go Zambia

  64. Tribben

    I know we believe and trust in God,go Zambia will do it and the cup is ours,⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

  65. Big brainner

    We are on top of the elephant!!guyz we love chipolopolo much than u’re wife’s.

  66. Mr. BJ

    Aim for nothing but a win to avoid the host team ba Morroco. I fear for you guys, the noise from their supporters might have a negative impact on the game. Otherwise ni bola na Less all the way!

  67. Pleito

    Alex Ng’onga should rest forever for Zambia to win 5-_0

  68. morgan tembo

    Go chipoloplo we are behind up

  69. pat lux

    Guy u v really made us proud,happy #zambia

  70. Ranfel

    Zambia 3 Namibia 0

  71. Benson phiri

    Nayo nayo guy’s be serious with what u ‘re doing

  72. Laston Bulaya

    Go go Zambia, we’re praying for you

  73. Erick Zulu

    Go Zambia Go come on guys we are behind you we have faith in Christ

  74. palata minina

    We era all proud of you guys

  75. Margret Bwikalo Lusale

    Make us proud boys Zambia 3, Namibia 0.

  76. brian kapotwe

    We trust you guys u gonna make it

  77. John

    In God we trust……. go Zambia go

  78. Kennedy lumwaya


  79. Clauvet


  80. Martin mwape

    Zambia 4–0 Namibia

  81. Tierra wiz

    Gooooooooo zambiaaaaaaaaa Gooooooo

  82. ROBERT

    Today’s game is @ must win of course but you should work hard..I’m proudly behind you guys, mpaklite litulike …go Zambia go! Love you chipolopolo…

  83. whyson

    Go Zambia go

  84. Elvis muleya

    Guys we are looking to you do it.

  85. Brian

    Goop Zambia go

  86. Patrick aka Pety

    “Go Zambia go, all the best guyz!!!”

  87. Luckson Wilombe

    Continue Working Hard Guyz

  88. Asupree Ned jnr

    Guys u make us proud, all the best in what ever u wil encounter. Ng’onga must first train hard that’s when he can feature into the first starting xi

  89. chungu

    Comment OUR BOYS WILL MAKE US PROUD WHEN WE MEET SUDAN ON SATURDAY-_-!go zambia go beat them guys we know that cup is ours

  90. Kennedy Sichivula j

    Go Zambia go u make as proud

  91. chilesheluko

    go zambia go

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