Northern Province Record 96% Pass Rate At Grade 12

Northern Province has recorded the best passing rate for grade 12 national examinations hitting the 96 percent mark in 2017.

Eastern, Luapuala, Muchinga and Copperbelt provinces complete the top five best performers with the capital Lusaka coming out in 6th place.

Southern province which has previously recorded some of the most impressive results has dropped to the bottom of the country with a disappointing 43% pass rate.

According to the Ministry of Education Central, Western, Northwestern and Southern provinces are under-performing because parents of school going children are forcing them into agricultural activities as well as early marriages and pregnancy.

The ministry further states that in Southern province particularly, parents and village elders are forcing their children into getting married,”


Northern Province 96.4%
Eastern Province 87%
Luapula Province 84%
Muchinga Province 80%
Copperbelt Province 78.9%
Lusaka Province 75.3%
Central Province 50.0%
Western Province 50%
Northwestern Province 50%
Southern Province 43.7%


  1. Helmut Mwima

    The performance of the province’s is excellent but the rest have to help parents understand the importance of education and is it possible to check for the G12 results now.

    • uhre

      Zambia Reports, where did you get this fake information? See the correct information below:
      Northern 75.51 per cent, Muchinga 73.29 per cent, Southern 70.06 per cent, Eastern 68.51 per cent…

  2. Marvellous

    Luapula No.3, Big ups!
    But Have they announce the results?
    can people start checking using their mobile phones?

  3. Emmanuel chota

    So when are we starting to check the results

  4. kasaka

    I think central they are used to use rekages, and teacher’s ar the one to blame.

    • omarry

      When are we starting checking the results

    • indeed emphasize on that

      Indeed teacher are so curiosity in providing unnecessarily materials to the pupils

  5. Charles chanda

    when are the results going to be realised

  6. ALI


  7. Trust chibala

    ummmmmmmmmmm eastern power is down this season why? surprisingly! congrats northern province!

  8. Mr big brain

    Congraturations northern province

  9. Wemi

    can we start checking?

  10. J.L

    Well Done 4de Percent Result Of Luapula Province.

  11. Watson kasongo

    Nhuuuu wat went wrong wth southern province?

  12. bright

    how can we check result on phone? help me

    • kelvin

      first reacharge with k5 and then write yo exam number space year space grade then send to 8383.

  13. Half London

    Luapula No.3 it sound good haaaaaaaa.

  14. Maano

    Very sad! Strangling the Opposition strongholds? Surely everybody must know that Southern Province has always been one of the strongest performers, historically. What has gone wrong? Certainly, the province is being starved of National resources!

  15. Edwards

    Big thanx to northern province.Are the results red for checking using our mobile phones.?

  16. TRUTH

    Muchinga used lickages and if am called I can testify especially in MPIKA district I know I school along MPIKA KASAMA road where teachers where ploting maths graphs for the pupils including police officers who where assigned to supervise where doing the same and the head is a victim.and the school is chambeshi day secondary schook

  17. JohnsonTheGreat

    When are we going to start checking via mobile phones

    • ethen

      Just want to congratulate all pupils that have made it and able to get their below 10points because there future is brighter only if they used there own knowledge because if they used leakage I guess the school of natural science will knock them up.????

  18. zealous

    Am so proud to hear that luapula is now at best 5.to those parents giving their offsprings into marriages,farming and ukucema ing’ombe they have to be condemned because these are the ones making our country to be more dull and ignorant,these parent have to know the importance of education

  19. Dee

    What about percentage by district

  20. fred

    Will the leakages affect results

  21. fred

    Will leakages affect the results



  23. Summer salt

    Banzelu Bana chokako Ku m’mawa. Unfortunately the Southerners have gone so deep in politics, hence, forgetting and neglecting their children but carrying children to political arena, saying it’s alright even if schools are up scorned or not. Please please, let’s not forget that he who holds the plough does not look back. Katu langa kumbele basaa!

  24. Izabelphiri

    Lilay chama thank you for making us proud #captain Lilly 747

  25. concerned

    so what can be said about the g12 of this year have they done well

  26. katongo

    congrats to those who ve managed to score 12 points and below….welcome to the might zit cbu …..provided u used your own knowledge…. u are most welcome

  27. humble

    l just want to say congratulations to those who used there brains,and for those who used leakages they are jst chitting themselves.

  28. Kisha

    It is true that parents are allowing children appscond. Good observation ministry of education

  29. John pk Zulu Jr sa Jerry k


  30. Mwape

    Well done Luapula for being the highest in 2017.

  31. Rebekah

    How do we check the results using mobile phones.Guide please.?

  32. William

    Western province well done 50% not a bad performance

  33. Umuntu mutwe

    North province we did it and we need to keep the fire burning

  34. Themes Mark

    Keep it up to the Easterners

  35. Chris

    Nothing wrong apart from making children to be tired all times,stop making children to look after animals in villages more especially in southern province and other provinces, it will let parents to starve like thieves at end. Badly to those making children not to archive grade exams,ministry of education take an action over it bcoz you will also be disappointed at end!!!!!!!!!

  36. N D C

    that is how election results will be in 2021 .Edgar vrs HH and all upnd fools will complain like grade twelve results coz their provinces are dull at the bottom .the only think they now is feeding cows.selela leave governance to us.we are the brains of the nation

  37. Derick Kalumba

    conglatulations to northen province and the pupils for their hard work, keep it up. listen guys you have to accept it that northen is working hard to archieve the best, its not always that the lusaka,copperbelt will be becoming the best, you have to accept and work hard four brains!!.

  38. Alex

    If this statistic is correct, it should trigger an inquiry. If the Ministry of Education is correctly quoted, it highlights the levels of incompetence in our government. A disparity of 96% versus 43% is a scandal that government must be ashamed of. Even when SP was out performing the rest, there was no such disparity. The reasons given by the Ministry of Education are preposterous because those conditions have always been there. Early marriages and agricultural activities are not new. Today’s Zambia glorifies and rewards cheats, crooks and the corrupt. We know that exam leakages have been institutionalized. Moreover, there is the political dimension.

    • Raymond

      I think you are very right and I don’t know y all is very happy about NP and Luapula P. If u look very carefully in luapula u will find out that the ones being called fishermen’s are school going children’s. Both these two areas the minister of education should look after this more of the one which has become last.

  39. FGM

    Zambia Reports verify your information with the relevant authorities before posting them. You have made Northern celebrate a stolen Victory. Post the correct ratings please. I personally hold you in high esteem.

  40. Bwalya Charles

    To much leakages last year that is why the % is to high in some province.

  41. Sirb

    Fake report. It means many schools in northern province had 100% passes. Ubufi

  42. ecz

    didn’t you hear Dr wancinga northern came first followed by Eastern power

  43. Henry

    Congratulations to all who have made it possible to grade ten at least the passing rate has increased this year than last year.

  44. Mr

    Congratulations Ba Lusaka this year

  45. Benny

    Congratulations Bembas and your cousins

  46. Gk kabula

    Why have some places in Zambia cherished the evil way of getting to positions they legally do not deserve?

  47. Dalitso

    This is a fake report

  48. mwitwa

    is it true that thereis nullification of 2017 grade 12 results

  49. Bwalya

    thats nt true dnt mislead the nation, go to ecz website and knw the trueth, and actual standing of the provinces hw they performed

  50. BLINX Mwinilunga.

    How about the nullification which i heard? Is it tru??

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