Opinion: Our Political System Is A Fraud; Don’t Blame Antonio – Chailr

To some extent I don’t blame comrade Antonio Mwanza for his defection to ruling party. Our political system is [a] fraud. It does not support youths in the political hierarchy. There is no democracy in political parties.

We have allowed too much mediocrity [in] our country. Whoever stand[s/contests] on a certain political party is assured of victory no matter how dull someone can be. Our people vote on party lines and not quality. One would even wonder how [the] Lusaka mayor won despite missing all debates on national television.

Our comrade Antonio Mwanza has realised that riding on a pf ticket in 2021 is a quick way to get to parliament which is a correct decision politically. In Munali me and comrade Mwanza were the best candidates but alas people voted on party lines. We learnt it a [the] hard way.

Again elders don’t want [to] retire and become statesmen. They have monopolised key positions. The only way we can survive as youths in politics is to throw away our principles and morals and become boolikers. Chilufya tayali is a perfect example.

Vincent Chaile

President Radical Revolutionary Party


  1. kayz

    Go Go Go PF 2021 still on throne draw H2O don’t listen 2 frogz.

  2. FGM

    A very sad scenario that should be changed through the supreme law of the country.


    it’s only in zambia, where we ve tribalism & wako ni wako family.

  4. Mpombo

    We’re waiting for Chimbwili and Chilaba

  5. Mpombo

    We’re waiting for Chimbwili and Chilaba to rethink their decisions. Our political system allows us to poach a person like HH who is next on the list of defectors .wapya baisa!

  6. Uncle Bizzo

    Say the truth why you join PF

  7. Richard masanta

    It is true Zambians vote for the political party without considering a type of a candidate they are putting into office. Take for instance, if someone stand in other political party while a dog stands on PF ticket, dog can win elections.


    Money speaks. Mr. Antonio Mwanza has joined PF because his eyes have seen through the tannel where money is obtained easily so long you talk of the opposition especilly UPND, you are immediately given it on a silver plate. There he was given K28,000 already, for what, just joining the party? What we should know as Zambians is that even finished fool from the street can today join PF because there are many loopholes seen there. But remember, whatever goes up must come down. It will be one day when things will be sour.

  9. Jkn

    Voting on grounds of a political party could because of a number of political parties that contests the elections, its becomes imperative for smaller parties with a handful following to project to form a government when they can hardly fill positions of even ward councillors in a constituency. If we had at least two it can be of much help now because everyone is hungry it remains difficult.

  10. Real man

    Correct mr Vincent

  11. samuel

    i love pf and president ecl

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