Citizen’s View: Kalaba Vs Antonio; Whose Decision Had An Impact


1. Harry Kalaba’s resignation and his well planned and fully funded meeting with his people in Luapula has shaken the PF’s stability more than Kambwili’s tantrums over overtime. To some extent Kambwili even felt threatened by Kalaba’s move such that the NDC had to quickly announce on their FACEBOOK page that Kambwili will context as Presidential candidate in 2021. It appears like Kalaba is acting more smarter than he is talking. With proper image builders and advisor’s around him, he is likely to sell faster. In fact his resignation on ground of too much corruption in the country touched nearly everyone in all corners of the country. That’s why he is likely to sell faster.

2. Antonio Mourinho Mwanza defection was timely but he could not have joined the PF. If his move was calculated to make him context the Munali constituency for any possible by-election – then well and good. However, if he just defected to become a PF member then the move is as useless as being member of the defunct FDD. If he won’t be made munali MP before 2021 then he is bound to remain a no body. Muma politics abantu efyo bapwa ifi fine just because of one wrong move. Ba Canicius Banda abo…..inonshita babafye zee…na pilgrims yabo yaliya ilepwa….no more political noise or appearances. Ka appointment fye kaliba shimya. In 2021 there is nothing that CB will do. He will just campaign for the PF – assuming he will even have the strength. Mwanza – if you look around too well – you will notice that a lot of people who welcome you were just junior cadres….tuma cadres twapa Facebook twika tweka fye without any tangible influence. Your move with an immediate position appointment is a mere show of desperation of the #dying_PF. The position itself will kill you. Position yakuchita deputise ba Sunday, finshi mukabomba nabo? PF ni time bomb mudala…..open your eyes and see. Appearing on scenes with the president won’t help you either because even him….he has lost support of Zambians.

3. Nkandu Luo should step down. It is time politicians learnt to respect court orders or to resign on moral grounds. Kalaba has set a precedent. Nkandu Luo must stepdown and let us hold a by election ASAP.

By Kaluba Bright


  1. BEN


  2. Mwale Clifford

    “Cry My Beloved Country. “….
    Zambia where are u going sure!!!

  3. Billy Joe

    What is this meaning of ‘context’ in this context??

  4. Mpombo

    In 2001 i vigorously campaigned and believed Mazoka would win because of the political mood in urban Zambia.2006 and 2008 Sata against Mwanawasa and RB respectively alas the defeat in 2006 was very neuseating that we organised our selves for protests in lusaka.But after introspection i have learnt that elections’re not won on social media,Muvi tv or post(mast) newspaper but in the booth.When MMD split natural selection took place westerners,southerners and N/westerners Lungwangwa and company went UPND or in Saboi lingua Tonga supremacist party.While the Northerners and easterners joined the populist PF Siliya and company.This natural selection will happen in NDC and PF stands to benefit in any second round voting unless they’re knocked out in the first round.Another advantage to PF is Upnd will boycott the second round those with good memory will remember my prophesy and words.The fact that people have whimpered too much on Antonio than Chilaba means ya Antonio yababa maningi

  5. Samson

    If this was a book, it was going to be the most boring.

  6. Mwape Chipona

    Tribe politics is killing PF Mr kalaba resignation has brought confusion in the PFparty

  7. Mibanga Chinyama

    we ar jst watching keep on resigning b4 its 2 late!!!

    • Joseph

      Zambians ,where are we going ? Please let us put our country in the hands of God so that he can control.

  8. Wise Me

    Please don’t increase the number of tribal parties that will accuse the genuine winners to have stolen votes by trying to promote names that are only popular in the region’s they come from. Zambia is not kantemba but a huge supermarket that requires big buyers. Ask people who have failed even with external support. Zambian s are resilient people who are not swayed by simple manipulations of some rich or immature politicIans. Poverty is a major factor in changing rulers in Zambia. The PF should be able to deal with it. My advice to the PF is deal with civil service corruption which the President is aware of. For instance manipulation of the evaucher system. The other area is the benefits payment. For example at UTH junior officers have the power to omit the names of people who have been on the waiting list opting to those recently listed. This is likely to make people suspect corruption and loose faith in their leaders. Help us from artificially created poverty. We believe the government can do it.

  9. innocent

    Umutwe wamunobe chalo chimbi,what you deem bad is good for some else.Politics of defections have been there,so it’s not a new thing for people to start making silly political comments.As the saying goes;we lose some and gain some. One Zambia One nation

  10. mercutio

    Lets wait & see where the wind ‘ll blow…!

  11. newbie

    Good accurate analysis on both situations. Kalaba clearly is the more cerebral and strategic of the two, and his planning his political moves carefully. Mwanza is living up to ‘politics of the belly’, which is the just worst kind of politics. You get no vote for that kind of hypocrisy.

  12. mulongoti

    I didn’t know That every one in zambia wanted to be president this is surprising And this means that then we will have the provincial presidents And it will bring trabo because it will be a wAko wAko president please the corruption there toking about is a lie it’s selfishness that Has ravaged our nation if you pippo listen to interviews of politics with kalani on prime TV you can tell who he belongs to he’s a journalist who is not supposed to be partisan but concerning kalaba and mwanza the two have chosen to do what’s right for them there’s no human being better than the other each one of us has two sides the politicians of today malabish This fighting for presidency will just bring Voters apathy you will see

  13. mukenga

    Could believe Mwanza could resign from the Moribund FDD to join PF. Everyone know FDD is dead and leaving it isn’t news but to join PF is hypocritical for Mwanza. What is PF becoming a party for easterners. Sorry for easterners and bembas there no tribalism but it only exist in southern/western/nw. For interest sake which party do you support Mr Mpombo since MMD died with Dr Mwanawasa(MHSRIP)

  14. Majoni Tyson

    Mr Kalaba has shown up the heart of love and sympathy for the calamities Zambians are facing due to high levels of corruption and incompetent leader whose main agenda is feel their pocket on the expense of taxpayers and the poor citizens. Truely if u ar a man of pipo like my friend kalaba, u can’t be happy of watching the nation going astray. Zambians, let’s all put away tribe mentality and focus giving vote to pipo with capacity to lift our country high. The plagues and calamities the nation is facing reflects that we don’t have chosen leaders. Read carefully the Bible you understand Better the spring of all these challenges we’re facing. Eating two meals has now become an issue bcoz poverty has reached its climax.

  15. Majoni Tyson

    True men are never afraid of intimidation, what’s happening now is that whoever seems to speak the truth about the government paves his own way to prison. These idle ravenous men have abandoned their duties and concentrated on pipo who hate evil. Well done Mr kalaba for showing sincere love of yo pipo. May God add days to yo life.

  16. Jk

    Being part of the problem is not solving the problem but being part of the solution is solving the problem thus how I perceive politicians and people in the gallery. Corruption is too much personal in that we’re not doing the right thing in what we have been entrusted to do being in church, schools, hospitals, politics, in streets, and in various points of business. We should all be involved in fight corruption otherwise it appears to be crossing the next generation. Not even leaders like ck n kalaba can quench corruption in Zambia in the next five yrs to come yes talking and actions are too different aspect.

    • Julius

      Its a good move,because in zambia we need a strong opposition parties and leaders.

  17. Tumbuka & Nkoya

    People let’s not be deceived by these thieves… Am telling you if you don’t believe one of them then don’t believe all of them…Zambians are innocent people….

  18. Julius

    Its a good move,because in zambia we need a strong opposition parties and leaders.

  19. Richard

    zambian politics, very useless.

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