Kalusha Heads To Liberia For George Weah’s Inauguration

Former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya says he is on his way to Liberia to attend newly elected President George Weah’s inauguration.

Kalusha, who has been in Morocco for the African Nations Championship in his capacity as CAF committee member, has expressed confidence in the 1996 World Footballer of the Year.

Weah is due to be sworn in after recently wining a tightly contested election.

“On my way from Casablanca, Morocco to Monrovia, Liberia to the Presidential inauguration of my good friend #GeorgeWeah I know he will make a difference to Liberia and I know his capabilities. Looking forward to a bright future for this country,” Kalusha posted on his Facebook page.


  1. Ba Man u

    up next for zambia is king kalu,viva kalusha bwalya,viva king kambwili

  2. One Zambia One Nation

    Thats the way to go ba Great Kalu


    Good luck ba kalu nothing wrong mukabaposheko ba king weah..

  4. Steven

    Looking forward to be come like him.

  5. Soccer Fan

    Kalu, is that your private jet? Give me a ride one day..

  6. edgar chibuta

    sure sure ba great king Kalu

  7. Charles M.Phiri

    Looking good great kalu

  8. Pythias k

    Gret kalu thts the spirit hope to see u in power here in zambia

  9. Collins


  10. Mutaba titus muleba

    Just work hard you can be like him one day in other areas.God bless you

  11. saimbwende saimbwende

    Go well great Kalu and greet king wear. if Gearge can do it why not you, Kalu

  12. Bombs

    That’s great, but the jet too big why not accompanied by the wife or _________

  13. ian

    the grea kalu

  14. LLoyd Kasumba


  15. mukenga

    Whats on your mind? Also President in Zambia? I would prefer you to the dull Dr Kambwili who has forgotten he insulted the people of southern province & the church. So what President will he be without one whole province and the Church? If i were him i would not waste money but join a party he can be appointed a Minister.

  16. Zambian

    Mukenga ulishilu !!!

    • Kennedy

      Football icon like great kulu can unity the nation against tribalism

    • mukenga

      Blogger by the name ZAMBIAN a blind supporter who has forgetten what the dull aspring President said on public media. Anyone aspiring to be President must watch his every move. Thats why i say yr Kabwili is dull as the people of Southern province and true Christians will never forgive him.

  17. Cecilia

    Great kalu that’s good to appreciate George.

  18. tackson Mbewe

    Looking gud

  19. fewdays chongo

    Looking gud ba great kalu i wish the chipolopolo boys a gud luck

  20. Paulos John

    Bravo Great Kalu, Keep the Zambian Fire burning and pass our greetings to King and Queen Weah. Please always keep Mrs Bwalya next to you and you will be destined to King and Queen

  21. Esaya Zulu

    Wooooh!!! That’s nice one ba kalu

  22. Esaya Zulu

    Woooooh!!! Nice one ba kalu

  23. Gift Malanga

    King great kalulushi, no matter how bad words can be spoken about you the truth is that you never be forgotten.
    I personally I love you and I will always love you.

  24. Johane mpofu

    Very responsible Kalusha God bless you

  25. joezman


  26. joezman


  27. Amos Chanda assistant

    Hop u hav nt carrid mukula tree

  28. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Way to go ba Kali,nice one.

  29. Moses Togbah

    It was great to have you in Liberia.

  30. Bramuels

    That’s the spirit Ba Kalu…true friends support each other …wishing you well my brother and in 2021 it can be you.

  31. Wilson

    Greetings to the newly president of Liberia, congratulations to him, we’re waiting for you Kalu to do the same, God bless you have a nice Trip.

  32. Kelvin

    Mr kalu

  33. Brighton

    Gods Time….best ..Great..KALU

  34. Brighton

    GOD’S Time….best ..Great..KALU

  35. BMK

    I personally think George Weah has done a lot for his country. He has been actively involved in poverty alleviation in his country. We have seen him sponsor the national soccer team at different stages. He has a heart for his country and has never been mentioned in corrupt scandals at any time.I think George Weah is far much better to be compared to some African football stars. Second is Drogba and i wouldn’t get surprised if i hear that he is president one day.

  36. Stephenematanda@gmail.com

    Great Kali kilo less fie

  37. Stephenematanda@gmail.com

    Great Kalu kuli lesa fie

  38. cm squared

    thats great ba kalusha

  39. Musonda

    I hope u will not listen to people who are calling you to join politics. You are good in your area (football), Keep it up!! Go for CAF, FIFA positions not politics. Otherwise in politics people will talk about the penalty as if you are the only one who has ever missed a penalty. I mean petty issues.

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