Letter: The Case Of Andrew BAB 8154 And An Alleged 15-Year-Old Girl

A police man who took a video and arrested Andrew Zombe Lupasha BAB 8154 and Rebbecca 16 was unprofessional in his conduct and he must also be arrested for unprofessionally violating the human rights of the two alleged actors. Honestly speaking, Andrew the accused person was wrong and he committed a crime which I will term in this case as defilement and he has to be charged for it.

But looking at the video, both Andre BAB 8154 and Rebbecca were morally abused and subjected to ridicule and baronial embarrassment which can make the two actors take their lives. If it is true that the man who took that video was a police officer, then I strongly suggest that he be arrested and charged for human right violation.

In the video, I have seen Andrew and Rebbecca’s nakedness captured and the video leaked to social media by the alleged police man who caught them in act. In as much as Human Right Protection is concerned, Andrew and Rebecca’s rights were terribly violated by capturing them naked and also posting the naked video to social media. Such conduct by a police officer was careless and can cause the victim and the perpetrator to commit suicide.

The police officer was just supposed to capture their faces for evidence sake and not their naked private parts. The two actors were supposed to be locked and later taken to court for trial. Capturing and posting of a person’s private parts is morally wrong and it’s mentally and physically injurious to the actors. When someone has done something wrong or has committed a crime, it doesn’t mean that their rights should be violated by people charged with responsibility and authority to protect human rights.

In this case, there is no different between the [alleged] crime that Andrew committed to Rebbecca and the crime that the police officer committed to Andrew and Rebecca by capturing their private parts and posting the video to social media.
The Law Should Be Equally Applied Here!!

Castrol Kafweta


  1. Ms x

    You are right, under ip law no one has a right to take a picture or video of another person without their consent Andrew should sue the police officer if nothing is done by the authorities furthermore the act of disseminating pornographic materials is an offense thus the police officer is equally an offender in this case who should be punished by law.

    • Useless

      Kudos to the police for standing up for rights of the girl and spread of aids.

    • Mr Y

      You stated things wrongly. Noone has a right to take your picture when you are in private premises. However, the policeman could take the pictures for his evidence but without publishing them. Publishing them on the internet is an offence and is also against police ethics. He should be charged for this.

  2. Lc

    What really happened it’s new to me

  3. devil

    Useless officer

  4. Fraste

    Thats true!..even that Police man is part of this case.

  5. Gift Malanga

    Let God judge the two not you, Rebecca and Andrew their have just done a small thing as compare to what you do.

  6. ken

    The police officer was okey because the case should have credible evidence not just I saw. You are saying the police officer was wrong what about the couprit you try to shield the wrong one you so called lawyer

    • Get that Cop

      Evidence doesnt need to be published on the internet. Publishing is an offence

  7. peter nzowa

    The shame not only on the alleged two wrong doers. But also on the wife, children and the both families. It’s a shame to do that. We are all not perfect in some way or another.

  8. Jermaine

    It’s a shame for the unproffessionalism displayed the the cop who took the video. Whilst we can agree that the act the man and girl were found in was immoral, chances are that non of them could cope with the repercussions of their act especially if man and girl are related, girl is maid,dependent, underage, man is married and this can lead to one taking their lives to avoid embarrassments and jail.We may condemn the two law violators but we are not perfect than them,may God forgive them for their moral shortfalls.

  9. Brian Mundy

    The police man was unprofessional, now he will not freely for the rest of his life.It will be as if he is the one behind Andre’s death.Seriously he will not be at peace unless otherwise and he will never forget the lesson he has learnt.

  10. one

    why were they necked
    doing it ohh

  11. Richard


  12. Sirb

    Police officer should be arrested for exposing orbseen materials

  13. sanch

    That’s true

  14. Maj juku 1

    Infact there is no law that Andrew committed especially defilement cause he didn’t fuck the girl nd so no defilement but the officer committed more tha two crimes 1. Failing to do what was right 2. Failing to protect human rights of the two.3. Circulating obscene materials in the public nd 4 crime against a minor.
    Let the officers be charged

  15. Michael Phiri

    Reducing crime to pornography

  16. barry hams

    He was not only unprofessional but a cadre.

  17. P power

    The law must take action

  18. innocent

    People can buy justice,so it’s better to have concrete evidence.

  19. Big brainner

    This s why corruption s bad.these officers they fail to do their work.in this Case that officer his duty was to protect not even to get evidence,his present was.

  20. muhammad

    Yes that’s the example to the other police men

  21. double double


  22. Kay best

    The girl is a prostitute how can she agree to sleep with a person as old as that one and my question was that girl a virgin



  24. Abel

    The law must do their job

  25. bee

    andrew and rabecca were not wrong and also the police but accoding to ip law is police man is wrong what if it was you

  26. Umwaume

    Making a video of a sex act is a crime in itself.

  27. mulongoti

    The fact that the police man saw that the girl’ was under age he did right to take the video for evidence sake after that he could have arrested them and charged the man for defilement the only bad thing was to abuse the social media But the girl agreed to having been sexually abused by the man four times so the man is embarrassed to his wife and his family any way we reap what we sow

  28. sankananji wanda

    Zombe wasnt wrong he was jst a custmer buyn service, if u see in that clip his cock was creamy,this really tells us that Rebbecca, was nt being defiled, But Selling, U Know What I Mean, “namailo Baka Bwele”. Hard Luck My Man.

  29. David Nyirenda

    This is so sad especially that such is happening in the so called Christian Nation. OMG help us!

  30. Pleito Solomon

    Mr & mrs Bab agreed to have sex in the car nobody was forced. The police officer was jealous and interfered. This officer should be charged for interference in private matters not mr bab.

  31. Muchinga Mary

    Useless Man, go for your age. Mwati aids ikaya?

  32. D brave

    the police man was part of the plan maybe they planned to shoot a porno video.

  33. Dido

    God help us.

  34. CHUNGU

    I think zombe was wrong for doing such things, that’s public nonsense and the police both was wrong. if the police could keep that video for evidence not to post on media we will say they was right.

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