Pilato: I’m Safe, But Please Check On My Family

Satirical singer Pilato has sent an emotional appeal to his sympathisers to check on his family as he secures his life in exile.

Pilato has fled to unknown destination after dropping a political satire that depicts President Edgar Lungu as a rat in a pot devouring its content in an analogue of alleged corruption obtaining.

The Koswe Mumpoto hit has not gone down well with President Lungu’s supporters. The cadres have gone after Pilato’s life forcing the singer to abandon his country to seek political asylum elsewhere.

Writing for the first time since reports emerged he was in exile, Pilato pleads with his supporters to check on his family assuring he was safe.



It doesn’t matter where you claim to be going, you will only go where you are heading. If one is on the bus to Chawama, even if they claim to be going to Woodlands, they will only go as far as the bus can go. So it doesn’t matter what we claim to be, we are what we act. The greatest act of belief is not in the claiming but in the acting. Do we live what we believe?

Zambia is a beautiful country with very beautiful and peaceful people. It is sad that those that we’ve given our power to manage and rule our land are taking advantage of this fact. Today i am writing from a foreign country not because i chose to but because i chose life. It is important to die for a cause but it is even more important to live for it. My country Zambia is blessed with resources, copper, water, youths and so many other great things. If these resources are not benefiting the people of Zambia now, what will they benefit from in the future when we will not have anymore copper? If our resources dont improve the living standards of our people now what will?

I am an artist who lives among the poor people, these poor people speak to me daily. It is in their eyes i look everyday and i always pray that they dont lose hope. I pray that they keep believing for a better future. I pray that they still look at the national flag and be proud that they belong to a country that is not anything lesser than other countries. I pray that every Zambian will walk tall among his or her other human beings from other countries. I pray for dignity for my people. But what is dignity without a proper health-care? When our people cant find drugs in hospitals? What is their dignity when students are brutally beaten by the state police for asking for meal allowances from their own government? When majority of our young people can’t find jobs and when they do its under very inhumane conditions, what is their dignity?

When our people cry for proper health care, our leaders use that to enrich themselves. They use our cries to steal. They buy ambulances at prices that not even rich country can consider buying. When our youths cry for jobs, they sign a $1.2 billion road construction contracts and say our people will have jobs. A road that costs less in other places. We have a president who became rich just by being alive. In my attempt to share this story, I was threatened with death. I was forced to leave home and stayed in the bush for 25 days for marely sharing this truth.

The 14th of January 2018 was my daughter’s birthday, on this day i usually take her and the sister out for a Pizza but this time i couldn’t. I called and spoke to her and she asked when i was going back home, i cut the call because i didn’t know when. I have stopped calling home now because i dont know what to say to them.

In my lonely moments I ask myself, is it worthy fighting for the good of my people even when it means endagering my own life? Why can’t i be like many other artists that just sing and make money? A bigger part of me reminds me that i am a part of every human being that has shared their pain and sorrows with me. I want to be alive and safe but i only deserve the life that i can fight and speak for. I want my children to go to school, but they only deserve the education that every child in my country can get. I want proper health-care for Christina and Abishai but only that which every child in Zambia can get. This is why my life is threatened. This is why i am where i am today.

I have been warned that i will be snatched even from the courts of law. I have been warned that even if I dared to go hide in the American Embassy i would still be snatched and dealt with. I dont want to die for this fight, I want to live for it. The police officers have lost power to political blood thirsty Satanists who are beating and killing people with impunity. These demons attacked people at the graveyard and no one has accounted for that. I refuse to die or be beaten by such evil imitations of humanity. I will live to see the greatness of my people….and of my country

To my family and friends, I am well and safe, please whenever you can check on my family.

Thank you.


  1. king coin

    we’ve missed u pilato, just come nothing will happen. we lve u pilato.

  2. 11kv pøwèr


  3. Xando

    U are real brave pilato. And for those who are primitive, especially cadres will call u stupid. However,u are the mouthpiece for good Zambians. That’s y in near future, we shall terminate these parasites,cadres. They are so blind that they can’t c what’s happening. May the lord protect u and ur family

  4. Indoshi palupe

    So you do things with fear! Coward webo! But anyway, nice message…


    Only jah knows, Babylon tings ago get bun soon jah is near….

  6. Kunta Kinte

    Be blessed, time will tell

  7. Sirb

    Pilato,you speak for the speechless

  8. Pamutunda

    Pilato wants to become rich when hh become a President he has been promised, he is not fighting for the truth but money.

    • max

      Y can’t u just be realistic for once? What has hh got to do with this? Grow up for once. Don’t u c sense in what he has written?

    • champo

      That’s true

  9. Gift

    Don’t worry,u are in the God’s hand

  10. Jim Jam Jinkjo

    That’s wanderful pilato. U knw, pipo hate the Truth & like Deceiveness, I wonder y is So?

  11. Lungu ecl

    U knew how powerful yo president is hh cannot even protect u, u did this to show support to hh not these you’re saying any way tamverako ,your fellow musicians sing and make money but you insulting ba President

  12. M K

    Comment real men do not go into exile,they fight from within,so jst come back.

  13. Gregory

    You think you are wise now your foolish has made you an exile


      1) Joseph and Mary took baby Jesus with them in exile .
      2) Moses went in exile for the sake of the voiceless
      3) Paul was made prisoner for my sake.
      The true living God of Abraham ,Joccob, Daniel will defend the true champions of peace and love in this mother Zambia.
      Even before independence some hopeless Zambians were supporting colonial masters so that our fore fathers could not free this country on time .Ask KK.

    • Gift Malanga

      Hello, my dear I can’t judge you but read Matthews 5 v 22 it will tell you what will happen to you if you use the word in blankets (fool).
      On judgement day politics will not stand up for you.

  14. Reginasha

    All will be fine hoping you are safe

  15. Reginasha

    All will be fine hoping you are safe may God be with you

  16. Young G

    if we had many artist who are like you it would have been better.
    i salute you. nokwesha ulesha ulichaume

  17. Rodgers Phiri

    Pilato you are a man a voice of the voiceless jeep it up man and jxt forget about this corrupt people who are doing things out of selfish ambitions.

  18. Robert

    that’s been foolish, whom do you think will look over your family? those who were telling you lies are with they family now, you ,you are running

    • Brian Mude

      We are there for his family and you shouldn’t worry coz pilato is within his country

    • Gift Malanga

      My dear wake up that word fool it will lead you to hell fire. Read Matthews 5 v 22.

  19. The guru

    May God protect you pilato the true mouthpiece for zambians

  20. Luwy

    You are a good fighter,,continue speaking for the poor my guy.its true we have suffered alot no proper jobs only for their relatives

  21. Cornelius amsterdame

    The kicks of a dying horse are very dangerous.

  22. Stanley sikaonga

    Touching message big man. U are not alone in the big journey that u had taken, kindly know that God is always with u. Very soon the dark days of your life will be bright. May the loving God protect your family. All the best big man

  23. Quzzy


  24. harrison

    Bro you are blessing to our country zambia you cried for poor people but may the almighty God guide you wherever you I speak the blood of jesus upone you and your family bro they are safe and we believe in you

  25. commando

    pilato you are a fool.if you cannot cut you beard and hair on your face what of your hair around your anus and penis.don’t you no that you can bring cholera to Zambia because cholera can hide in your dirty mavuzi

    • KK11

      Eh! Lol.. Your thinking is so poor.

    • double double

      Am chewa by tribe and i dont get offended whenever a a bemba man or woman calls me ba “koswe” coz i also call them ba” kolwe “they r my cousin so if pilato and his xcellecy jokes dont get involved u vima cadres these 2 are tribal cousins

    • Gift Malanga

      Really the Holy One PF.
      In everything you do is OK but I can assure you those insult are leading you to hell and your political party will not save you.
      Pilato is not even talking to you or answer you back.
      Why are you making your soul to sin God will never forgive you.

      • George Nelson

        Pilato! If we can have 20 brave men as you in this country who can stand strong this country will be redeemed

  26. ham

    We prey for to be safe every were you are gudday we love you

  27. kambwili

    Sad situation indeed. In a country thought to be free and democratic, the citizens are always on the run. Our Lord God come and save us from the jaws of political crocodiles.

    • paul justine

      Am very much disappointed with kwambili you’re very childish. And I thought you could talk right thing but all you’re saying is no sense. Kwambili if you’re good politician why can’t till blameHH for selling all government properties mines and the like, and HH he is the one who make us start suffering, not LUNGU and not even yourself. You can be a shamed.

  28. George

    Truly pilato has ze passion of this country I agreed with you

  29. Kisha

    Come back home Mr pilato

  30. elisha

    we’ve misd u mwandi and love u more

    • jeff

      Come home pilato don’t be afraid just stand for the truth.

  31. Bbb

    You are speaking the truth we are all sufuring

  32. Siwilanji jones

    May God Guide & Protect you Legend.

  33. Simutowe Chilufya

    I personally miss you Pilato,stay blessed…

  34. jeff

    Come home pillato don’t be afraid stand for the truth.

  35. Samapimbi jessan

    We miss u a great man may God protect u wherever u are and yo family as well.

  36. Lwipa

    You just want to make a name that you are a political refugee yet you a getting a salary from someone. Be real what ever gose up must come down.people change like weather and don’t just be used, the Post news paper was once used where is it today be careful brother.

    • Gift Malanga

      So you are even happy saying those words don’t you fear God.

  37. Lwipa

    You just want to make a name that you are a political refugee yet you a getting a salary from someone. Be real what ever gose up must come down.people change like weather and don’t just be used, the Post news paper was once used where is it today be careful brother.

  38. Gugu

    Even if you are not happy with him…insulting the Head of State is wrong. Use your ballot not insults. Twakana

    • xoxo

      That’s bloodly true rather than insulting and running from country..just use the ballot.

    • Gift Malanga

      Did the head of state complain to you.
      Eat our funds to day tomorrow is you.


    We miss u pilato bravo u are… Love you


    We miss u pilato bravo u are… Love u

  41. mercutio

    You’re the man…the first satirist ever had in zambia shaming the govt of today. Jst be strong thats how satire lyrics may lead to at times but you jst hammered the nail on the head. And i quote nkana member of parliament once said..” if our leaders are like rats in the pot, then civil servants are monkeys in the maize field “, end of quote. Ba pili pili lala lala tooo tooo may God be with you & your beloved family always. Produce another song soon. Ba koswe ba tupesha twalafwa.

  42. mannix

    freedom of speech doesn’t allow you to insult the highest office of the Presidency,who are you to fight the government calling the President a rat?!, let me tell you how powerful this government is, the post is closed, your sponsor billionaire HH was caged!, it’s the insultive words you used that will cost you!

    • Lia Xung

      Tell them

    • Gift Malanga

      So that makes you feel good .
      Tomorrow it’s your family member.
      You’re are busy chewing our money but God is watching over you.
      Pilato is suffering in the hands of sinners but Jehovah God is there for him.

  43. Thats wat they all say, wen they speek something they know is unacceptable they run away and lie to the poor that am ur mouthpiece mean while they just want ukutulila amasukupa mutwe. just cum back en face the fact that u are just doing that for the sake of politics we know pilato , the world is full of weeds that God can not remove coz he can also remove the innocent. wen removing weeds mu field we also remove crops waufwa pilato we are used with your behavior just çum añd support hh ZAMBIA is a democratic country we also allow the voice of opposition parties to be heard . ~HK1

    just cum back pilato we are used 2 hearing such comments from ba opposition. don’t think that u can hide your self in us the poor just continue playing dirty games . plus your family pilato zoona who on earth would u tell to look for your family ? its your duty bro one Zambia one nation we are ready to recieve more names koswe natuibelela.

  44. cchitongwa China mutale

    Pilato!ur a fool! And foolishness doe’st pay anything, Abana ngabalilya name pizza,like u said, maje bupuba byako!respect elders boil don’t be too excited on the mic you are not an upcoming like me,kikikikikikikkokokokoliko.

  45. voter

    0nly 3 2 2021.it will be fine for a better change.

  46. Dally

    Just cum pilato we are used to hearing such from u in opposition, Zambia is a Democratic country so be free to talk we are used and waiting for more names koswe natuibelela . don’t lie to us the poor just go a heard and support ur President hh that’s y there is no democracy in your part one person alepona five times chabe .

  47. pilato

    Thats what you want to be known, funded & build a cv so that wen kachema comes into power u will be given a political job. You are such a hypocrite & so foolish

  48. commando

    You fake commando i want you to stop using this title ‘commando’ coz i’ve been using this title for so long when posting constructive criticism and positive postings.Please, find some other name or title which you can use to post your massages on social media because the readers won’t know which commando has been posting insults like the ones you posted above.I post positive massages and as the orignal commando am well known and respected for that on this platform.Am a christian by faith and and as such,i don’t insult or,use vulgar language not only on social media but even in my daily life.Don’t paint me a bad picture to people who know that that is the title i use on this platform infact i seldom post short massages on this platform.Obvious wanvela,obvious waumfwa,uutwile.My massage to you my bro or sis is crystal clear,stop using the title ‘commando’.

  49. mulongoti

    That’s y they say think before you do anything where are your funders where are they there enjoying with their children and wife you can run but you can’t hide akanwa katali kaletelele pwele

  50. Mbayo Jackson

    You fool…. If you don’t know your family is in danger….. Y can’t you just be like other musician… You dirty thing….. I blame the government of the day…. Y can’t they first give you hash discipline so that you learn all the consequences of insulting…. If you can insult an elderly man like ELC what of your parents???Your life is in danger because of your foolishness…… Learn to be like other Zambians….. I think you are not even a Zambian…. You not even outside Zambia, you are just within but uyopa kumangiwa…… Go to hell….. Sakala wabula ifibombelo Iwe….. Pompwe munshibila nsala…. Blue mutwe iwe…. Salamander

    • paulo

      Son of mfwiti, u ve water in yo brains i see. Pilato has a good concious. God ll kip him.

    • Gift Malanga

      Why should his family be in danger.
      You want to kill them.

  51. Meja

    If we use insults in our speech or whatever against God’s law then the results is that

  52. melchizedek

    Comment PILATO dont warry time will come they will say thanks to you

  53. emmanuel zuze

    dont worry,he will not rule zambia forever.

  54. jimmy shaba

    u are just running away from yourself.no place is better than home

  55. Jon

    Whom is telling to take care of his wife o whatever?? The chap is a shitnigga why start a war which you can’t win? You are going to take of your family you yourself.

  56. king of ndeke

    Its sad that u had flee my big man pilato,we will miss u,may lord protect u.Zambia loves u

  57. Patrick Misuka

    If u say truth, why running?

    • Augustine k

      May God protect you wherever you’re pilato.

    • Gift Malanga

      Jesus Christ died for the truth so what are you saying.

  58. Jmo

    he who fights and run away leaves the fight for another day your name pilato you must advise respectfully espescially when the one in authority is there by the will of God and chosen by the pipo more over musicians should be neutral

  59. Jppd

    Pilato can you please grow up whom do you except to take care of your family when not even your relations are doing that people Will end up fucking your wife in the name of taking Care of your family

  60. commando

    who are you to stop me to use commando.do I no you dog.I think you are a moron.who care if you are a faith christian.am also a faithful muslim

  61. Kajokoto

    Reality is only when you conform the truth and at the same time you have got to remember that, when you stand for the truth you will always stand alone. May my God protect you from any harm and remain anointed forever.

  62. Felix

    A fact remains a fact
    I know we cannot express ourselves you did well pilato its was like you were speaking for the dumb who can’t speak

  63. Kalunga

    You’re a great inspiration Pilato. Just when everyone is intimidated n subdued u’ve raised our voices. You’re not alone. It’s just a matter of time.

  64. Shipaulo

    Me I don’t know teacher ,,Pilato you are the best!

  65. Hachi

    Bro you are a coward man I don’t know if you grew up with your parents to teach you how to respect eldely people in your communities or were ever you have gone , I don’t think you even have time your self to ready a Bible which can show you ,your way in life.
    Respect our Zambian president what as he done to you or your family? The people who are backing they won’t save you or even their time cames to run this great nation of Zambia they won’t remember you at all, their interest is to enrich them selves just do a research on your own so apologies to ecl and you won’t die but you keep on in life don’t be a coward man, these people are just using you they are evil men and women and they never continue keeping you abroad for ever time will tell, remember God is watching you which you can’t hide from him.

    • Gift Malanga

      Who is evil people backing Pilato or people want Pilato dead.
      What if it is the other way round.

  66. chitambo zulu

    tell yo president hh to luk afteryo family.ufe chabe kwe ulili

  67. chitambo zulu

    Pilato you are very stu…..!am stili comenting it’s still loading

  68. Albizo

    Nice words pilato, jst come back u ll be safe

  69. pilato

    Kachikala pilato ngatawakwata bawiso nangu banoko abakukufunda just suiside yoself coz when u cum back y will suffer

  70. Mulenga ndici

    Icishinka chalubula abantu, pilato embeko ati wakasa ingoma amafi,ngatwalanda pabuntungwa nibanga abantu bafwilapo, mumone lupwa wesu kumpolokoso ifyo abwelele icitumbi. Anyway God is with you pilato and he is protecting your family remember great men are perfected by great trials.

  71. Pilato Bukala bobe

    Keep on running ? no piece with you konto

  72. James

    Comment all the way Pilao sure

  73. Given Twin

    Don’t worry God z alive all things ll b okay. God loves u


    You see now you are in trouble how can you insult our Father our Good president.

  75. jito

    if you really have evidence of what you were talking about in your song why should you run away. if you are perscuted produce evidence the courts of law will protect you. running away means that you were just an instrument for someone and you did not know what you were doing. stop being coward be strong like you were when composing the song Koswe mumpoto. Now you become “koswe mu exile”

  76. Jack

    Fwampulapo nafimbi nafimbi entitled bakoswe mu state house

  77. Lubuto

    Pilato it’s good to die for the pipo if your words always come deep down your hear but if someone is behind you please help will only watch you die while your children needs you. Please pilato resist the politics You have children who needs you near.you can’t even please God in politics….am pity for your children God loves you stop politics please please and stick to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..Change your language in singing and in politics.See now what have you benefited from being the voice of the pipo in politics? Be the voice of the pipo to the Gospel of God.Repent please please!

    • fred

      Hey pilato think before u do something now look what u have done u have just made your family and your relatives to worry about you because of your disgusting song.

  78. Sensimilla Threeleaf

    Dis ya system adoin’ thinz ‘na Babylonia way mus’ come tu n’ end man.

  79. One Mude

    We love you Pilato. You speak the truth and all shall be well soon….. Good things are yet to come for you and your very own country

  80. litunga

    Pilato is a good man…. He speaks the truth

  81. don d

    i pray to the lord God in heaven he send the angels from heaven they ar upon u
    God bless u !!!!!!!

  82. Kypa

    Way to go brother Chama, don’t worry your family is in safe hands, don’t stop telling them fools the truth, God will always guide you, peace my brother.

  83. manmuba

    In every democratic govt;leaders has to be respected even the Bible emphasise on this.

  84. brave soldier

    am sorry

  85. Evans

    Pilato come will are missing your presence

  86. Evans

    Pilato man of is words

  87. Gerald Nkandu

    pipo will never destroy what God has put in you dear……
    do another song wherever you are,speak for the voiceless

    • Why fighting with fear, and why running away when you know you are right.

      If you know you’re right, just come back, we know hh promised you something, but unfortunately he will never succeed

  88. kelo

    You are the man of actions and all is well your family is protected aswell. May God bless you were ever you are…

  89. Kalelo


  90. Lex

    I love you pilato

  91. tazy

    Pilato drop a new song am bord waishiba

  92. nalibelela

    people who say the truth are not loved. running away is not a sign of either weakness or cowardness. it is also important to run from a mouth of an angry or hungry hippopotamus.what is wrong in our country is that cadres are now everything. we had elections and presidents before but we never experienced such things. but why now. something is wrong has go wrong in our country.

  93. zacks

    Pilato is becoming famous. any way it’s normal to have a brave like him who deals with big people.

  94. fullset

    Stanyoko u think ur clever.. U jus signing for money Mukongo wanoko

  95. Michael Malwena

    to bad for you my brother

  96. fyakuifwaila

    Ulimwaume mwandi your truth shall set you free from your exile one day one time you well free worry no more.

  97. Kopala voice

    May God protect you man

  98. baduka

    Pilato I doubt you if you really meant it you could have stood your ground
    And lol visionary ppo stand for one thing they don’t insult in their songs your other songs awe mwandi jxt senseless and then you saying You feel for us no no ba pilato think again your children should not suffer shame for you they av to be proud of u
    Come back a changed man


    Iyeee brotherman

  100. Comfort

    Do worry dear,lesa talekelesha abakwe

  101. FGM

    Pilato, I know what it means to pretend or obey your passion. You at one time openly said that if wanted money you would have chosen to align yourself with the ruling party. You also at another time publicly pledged loyalty to PF. Bu t I believe because you did against your ethics and passion you failed to permanently be in that camp. People should know that you were born to belong in that side of the coin. So accept your traits and calling. Coexion for you to join the ruling elite will never do as long as you continue seeing the injustices being perpetrated by the ruling class. May God protect you.

  102. Chikala

    Dont worry pilato we gat your back to those talking shit about you fuck them

  103. issa Emanuel

    pilato speak ntill de ocean drys ,speak ntill de stars fade ad speak ntill de enemy bowls…..mwabetako nabanenu baufwako pilato God bless ad protect u

  104. Musonda bestone

    Good message but change the way you sing , sing for people of Zambia not for president.

  105. Kaputostain2

    But pilato mwandi u have gone beyond the limit u shud respect the President “kwapa tacila kubeya”. Kateka no kateka.

  106. Kaputostain2

    But pilato u have gone beyond the limit u shud respect the president “kwapa tacila kubeya”. Kateka ni kateka.

  107. joao chiks

    To bad bro

  108. Summer salt

    The Bible says, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Hence, the truth sends no one into exile, so if pilato speaks the truth then why is he on the run than on the loose, why the truth makes him bound? If only he spoke the word of God, that would be the truth.

  109. Mataka Beaven

    just come back dear nothing will happen to you

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