Question Time: If Courts Nullify Lusaka Central, Can Iris Kaingu Win On PF Ticket?

Prince Ndoyi Writes;

I have some questions???

Where is our “BOB” Sichinga hiding?

Will Given Lubinda stand again to make it four terms in Kabwata or whats next for him?

What if Inonge Wina retired from politics and resigned her postion as Veep, who would make best Veep?

If courts nullify Lusaka Central, would Iris Kaingu win on PF ticket since she has interest?

Heard infamous Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba intends to recontest 2021can he be reelected?

Heard Saboi Imboela is running mate for Kambwili on NDC ticket, can he get the women support with her?

Do we still have a Ministry of Defence, maybe ECL should instead appoint Davies Chama Minister of Information.

Will PF SG Davies Mwila recontest for Chipili where he lost to an independent?

What if courts ruled that ECL is not eligible, and PF appealed and the ruling was adjourned to a date beyond the election date 12th August 2021, can PF go ahead with ECL?

What if the Courts ruled that ECL is not eligible, who would best make candidate and running mate?

What happens if courts ruled ECL is eligible who can be best running mate to guarantee PF success?

Would you support the bringing back of Deputy Ministers?

What If The Post Newspaper reopened, Would we then support the closure of News Diggers and The Mast, because they belong to the same Person?

Heard Chilufya Tayali wants to replace Antonio Mwanza as FDD Spokesperson for Nawakwi and Running Mate?

What if Edgar Lungu left Mulenga Sata to take over from him, would Kambwili continue making noise about MMD.

Where is UPND Choma Central MP Cornelius Mweetwa?

Was Lucky Mulusa a factor, everyone has stopped talking about him its about Kalaba and Antonio…Isn’t Political Kaizar more popular than Lucky Mulusa.

What is next for Tasila lungu at 2021 elections?

What if Nevers Mumba got back to MMD what position can MMD Preisdent Felix Mutati give him?

Where is Fred Namakando M’membe?

What If Great Kalu stood for MP can people vote?

What if Hakainde adopted Dora Siliya as running mate, whats next for GBM?

Is it true that Hon. Jack Mwimbu has resigned from his position as MP and retired from active politics?

Where is Jonas Shakafuswa?

Whats next for Frank Bwalya beyond 2021?

Where is Guy Scott?

Is it true that Hon. Austin Liato is now a district Youth Chairman for Kaoma?

Where is Ngandu Magande?

What next for Brian Hapunda beyond 2021?

Will Gen Chiwenga II(Munir) be adopted in Lumezi this time around 2021?

Will Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba resign 3years before 2021 to challenge Kelvin Sampa for Kasama Central?

What happened to Article 60 section 4(a) allowing political parties with members in parliament to be funded by Government?

Finally not a question, I Prince J. Ndoyi will stand for MP Kabwe Central?

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  1. Eddie

    We are satisfied with Tutwa. MWIKALEFYE PANTU MUKASEBANA.

  2. advisor

    What is the problem? you have no real news to give us?

  3. Kikikikikikikikikikikiki

    Gossiping at its par

  4. abilima

    Very creative, Ndoyi.

  5. Sirb

    What is the logic behind this writing. I doubt the caliber of the writer.write sensible article.kuwayawaya fye

  6. corin

    Yaba! Zambians?

  7. melchizedek

    Comment awesome one u’re creativity man

  8. Grant

    prince Ndoyi. is it raining in your home village? if not. don’t you think that these are the issues you should fomulate puzzles. the nation does not know what next on the rumming crop failure for 2018 season.please there are more serious issues affecting ordinary zambians now whixh need answers than politics making headlines every time.

  9. Kunta Kinte

    Thought provoking. Fili ukotuleya

  10. Tizzy

    Wat if u are just dreaming all de questions?

  11. bornface mufwempa kaumba

    katwishi mayo

  12. big black cock

    she can win provided she give me her critoris to fuck

  13. Ombudsman

    Those are questions. Who to ask?

  14. ?

    Too many questions so you wont get answers.

  15. snow

    All is posible

  16. Myme

    asukawemwi nawishiba umouloseshe mwa.

  17. Emmanuel musosa

    Let the people taik. You are comein up with good thing.

  18. Icman

    Don’t waste our time

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