Pilato Slams Amb. Mwamba: You Speak Out Of Duty, Not Conviction

Asylee singer Pilato has snubbed an invitation to meet Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba saying he did not possess a level of integrity to speak for the oppressed.

Pilato says Amb. Mwamba’s job is to tell President Edgar Lungu lies describing the former freelance journalist as a make up artist who serves as a mop for cruelty.



By nature humans don’t listen to what is said but to who is saying it. That is why it is very important for every leader to posses a certain level of integrity because it doesn’t matter what you say, it matters who is saying it.

Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba lacks this level of integrity. All he needs is a good pay and he will say anything. He speaks out of duty not out of conviction. He has no reputation for caring or speaking for victims.

He is simply a make-up artist for criminal acts even against his own brothers and sisters. He survives by justifying corruption and the corrupt. This is a brilliant young man who has offered himself to serve as a mop for cruelty and crimes against humanity.

His job is to lie to the president that the international community is under his armpit, but what is worrying is the fact that he is squandering his own future just to stay relevant today. I fail to understand why he is so much in a hurry to discredit himself and the office that he holds. Maybe this is something we should pray for as a country.

Against this background, i find it hard to sit in a meeting with a man whose job is to dress-up crimes committed by his boss. I would rather sit down with his boss instead of wasting my time in a meeting with a man who can’t speak his mind. I dont speak to shadows. I have no time for men who disrespect themselves like that. I would rather sit and talk to myself than talk to someone who has abandoned his own mind just to get a salary.

In his attempt to sound smart, he is belittling the death threats against my life. As i read his statement, I asked myself, who has paid him to embarrass himself this loudly?
Does he want to see me killed so that his government can claim not know who did it?

Do I have to die for him to know the threats were real?

The levels of desperation exhibited by ambassador Mwamba are so worrying but thats what you expect from leaders who are guided by greed and selfishness. They can do or say anything as long as they are gaining something. These are men who have cremated their own consciousness just to have a job.

My advise to the most excited and undeplomatic deplomat is, yama bukeni. You are young and intelligent, be an instrument of benefit to the people not only to those who have conspired to rob our country. You are sacrificing too much for too little. Wake up my brother and see that there’s something more to life than just money and power. Quit being a devil’s pawn and let the light of God shine in your life.

Thank you


  1. Ftj son

    Excellent piloted

  2. bright

    U ar right my pirato these pipo ar just fools and eating money they don’t considered others shame on them

    • Mpombo

      This Pilato is dull if we had crimes against humanity in Zambia these could have been referred to the UN security council where like genocide they fall.But it seems he is talking to justify his puffed up pride of being a wanted person when he is just a dirty fry on the Zambian political window who can’t be squashed for fear of breaking the window which is more valuable than this dirty lunatic fry.

      • George

        Pilato, just as much as the ambassador may be is being used the same may be true in your case. What is worse in your case you have no respect at all to leadership. One day you will be leader, you will need the respect which goes with that leadership. Lunch is not God, neither are the rest of politicians. Mutobe libwe if you have never transgressed against humanity.

  3. Ftj son

    Excellent pilato

  4. Mulwandaz

    Ye ye ba mweba!!!!

  5. ine wine

    Pilato is just the sort of guy you would pass by in the street and can easily pass for dagga filled ruffian but get to sit with him or read what he writes and you immediately begin to realize how mature this guy is and above all his fighting spirit for the oppressed. #pilatoforpresident

  6. Mr Rich Mili

    The people who save the system can’t promise Justice.

  7. James Wiseman

    This is powerful indeed!

  8. ktk mujohar

    Kiki kikiki kikiki kikiki pilato me I know what I doing mr lungu

  9. leon

    The guy can describe to nothingness

  10. commando

    pilato the dirty musician .he can read the signs of our time

  11. Adrianos

    I’m beginning to like you… Pilato

  12. Adrianos


  13. Mbayo Jackson

    Pilato ufunika kufa che…ise tilabeko

  14. maseko

    Comment excllt pilato

  15. Kapatu villager

    You have been sent there because that’s where your psy masters have friends, that’s fine.

  16. pf

    never mind becoz pilato a ball z in his coat…
    So stop blaming any1!!!

    • zambia hakaide

      Mr pf they have payed u to speak so u are just like an empty backet

  17. Perry simunyola

    We all know mwamba a thieve

  18. .mike njobvu

    u are rit pilato

  19. mike njobvu


  20. Professor Al Hibbs

    Fumba Yamba, you are a powerful Zambian philosopher. Keep up your sensible ideological mental fibre.

  21. Lc

    Tell the idiot so that he polish his nonsense

  22. Sichembe

    Pilato ure a true Zambian ,mother Zambia has been turned into a hole of thieves that’s why we will soon experience God,s wrath

  23. Kasongo cleopatra

    Pipo can talk as I qot(I can’t talk to some 1who have abandoned his own mind just to get a salary. Owe!!! Iye!!!! Kikiki today’s politics.

  24. Royd

    Pilato u are a good man I like u so much

  25. Majoni Tyson

    If we had many men who would be reasoning like pilato, these criminals could hardly fool us.

  26. Mic-rally

    #Pilatoforpresident Awasome

  27. village bwoy


  28. Amagenge

    Sometimes people mistake their dirtiness and dullness for toughness.

  29. umwine webala

    point of corection pilato i love u

  30. Xando

    Am exceedingly gratified to hear this. I never thought pilato is white in mind. I almost ushured u into power my man. May the God of Abraham protect u

    • Jorge

      my friend y ar u being racist….jxt because he has sayed sumthin sensible that means he is white in mind? wat u mean in this case is that a black mind can nt thnk constructively

  31. cg

    Devil is better than the angle you don’t know

  32. Gift Malanga

    Pilato my brother you are telling the truth that is why my Lord Jesus Christ died because people hate the truth may Jehovah God protect you.
    Wicked people shall not go unpunished.

  33. Dr c

    pilato is great man

  34. Petersburg Relic

    Excellent pilato

  35. Summer salt

    My boy pilato, those who say you’re a man rights now they are enjoying freedom and sleeping in their houses in their country! If you can sit down and reflect, you could enjoy life, but the money you were being paid to do dirty jobs to insult the father of this nation you are now using it to run helter skelter. On the other hand am seated and picture you as a coward. You open your mouth so widely loud to intimidate, but before you are chased you begin to run. I remember you last voiced to say, ” come kill me if you want! Now you seek meetings? Tell me you will be heard again? Then person you seek meetings with, you are already insulting him. Look the Bible says respect your parents so that it may go well with you! Look respect every elderly person you come across with and you will be OK; stop weeding! Start spraying prayers. Look you’re now alone and wondering. I pray that you be OK and sober up.

    • Phanuel phiri


    • Pilato

      I m not seeking a meeting with anyone . Read what I said and try to understand

      • Aurent

        Comment: Pilato my brother, always make sure bot
        struggle with pigs bcoz pigs like mud and they’ll end up dragging u in mud.

      • Nathan Fitch

        We have understood Boss, you don’t speak in spices and pieces.

    • Shebarne

      Live Pilato alone you PF fool.

  36. Tom London

    So even Pilato knows what and who Emmanuel Mwamba is . Pilato don’t accept that invitation . There is some things fishy into that invitation . so as an artist read that invitation between the lines . just for your own sake Pilato . identify poisonous snakes hiding in tall grass and also smooth criminals in suits . Emmanuel this country needs you but please don’t save only the chosen few just for the sake of money .
    Pilato is just a musician who speaks for the voiceless voters

    • George

      Bwana pilato does not speak for the voiceless but he insults for the voiceless. Where has pilato got the money to stay outside the country?

  37. Summer salt

    Boi waumfwa ubu nangani uku suunga family?

  38. Munthu

    So ndiye so

  39. Tom London

    So even Pilato knows what and who Emmanuel Mwamba is . Pilato don’t accept that invitation . There is some things fishy into that invitation . so as an artist read that invitation between the lines . just for your own sake Pilato . identify poisonous snakes hiding in tall grass and also smooth criminals in suits . Emmanuel this country needs you but please don’t save only the chosen few just for the sake of money .
    Pilato is just a musician who speaks for the voiceless voters , tax payers . It’s high time we called a spade a spade in this country . Well done Pilato from ( stepfather , a lungu anabwela and now Ba Koswe Mumpoto ) excellent peaces of art work piloted by Pilato .

  40. stanspaul

    wise men speaks


    Powerful pilato..

  42. green mukabila

    Tell them my brother these Pf cadres are behaving like hyenas .

    • Gerald mumu

      Tell them pilato they are thieves only trying so had to rob our humble nation ,,fuck all these leaders

  43. xander pilato

    Pilato is zee yaba mr lungu

  44. Bizzy Bee

    such is life, never trust a human being!! Put ALL yo trust ONLY GOD!

  45. Zuma


  46. Ba honour

    Let him stand in what he believed in and let him speark what he wants.

  47. Mr

    Keep It Up Pilato The Country Needs You

  48. ANP

    Icalo nacibipa, ninsh kansh?

    • True Christian

      Yes, Mr ANP, It is written in the bible. PLZ read
      Amos 5 vs 7

  49. ANP

    still loading, there is network intermitent

  50. Rodgers Phiri

    Me I don’t know teacher he puts on a shaggy wigy kanshi mumutwe baba smart keep it up man team pilato.

  51. McMardons

    It’s hard to give a good direction without knowing where the argument started from. He (pilato) is something that swings in all directions without showing people where it will drop at. As for the other counterpart the berry matters more than his career and integrity. He knows he lives once and he must satisfy his egos when opportunities are available.

    • waziwa love

      At the end of the day God’s time is the best
      lets just wait & see

  52. Margret folowisa

    Let’s just pray for peace people and a better Zambia

  53. Margret folowisa

    Pilato pilato

  54. Pamutundak

    Bapilato kwati PABA nefyo baishiba he is making himself very intelligent, is money pilato u want,to become rich when hh becomes a President who don’t know that? It os the promise between u two even money u use to travel is not yo own.

  55. chikwembeta

    Let’s unite and ouste destryed pf…we vote wisely to get rid of utube na mwamba tu crook

  56. Edward

    I think guy let’s understand wat pilato says i don’t know if we are blind lite now us works we are crying this pipo they have increase tax to 40pcnt sure pipo we can’t see even if your father is lungu? And the Bible says God help those who helps themselves nd that’s wat pilato is doing. My bro pipo hats the truth like one of my friend states don’t meet that evil man is evil so he has planed death for you am with you nd God will not live you alone. Dd Jesus do anything long for him to be crusified? No pipo hats the truth

  57. Roberts

    Pilato power….Strong words!

  58. Pilato Xbox

    Pilato is always right

    If some one accuses u dat Uli hule N u feel guilty then uli hule

    Bize mind never disturbed
    Feel free if u are innocent
    Pilato is jus sum one who can make u surrender ur hidden crime
    Sleek astylee
    Pilato one
    Love u big Bro

  59. Lubuto

    God knows…Ndeloleshafye……. planned to be killed or to be tormented,God is my rescue when am lost and in need of him. Instead of staying faithful and praying to Jesus for our problems in our country, we are starting the fire ourselves. how can God help us when we are not been humble to our friends,pipo and families???God helps who helps themselves but as a nation we are not helping each other in what we are passing through.Do u expect God to come down from heaven to help pipo causing confusios to each other? Definitely not, Lesa tabomba mucimfulu-mfulu….

  60. Zambian citizen

    Pilato home is home a snake hated bush, one it will come to your minds think twice


    I can’t say anything right now,because all the people who are supporting pf can’t write proper english.and that shows that they are lacking knowledge and they are too blind to see that all the pf leaders are just thieves,
    They can not see what pilato is talking about.
    Pilato you are a brave soldier don’t blame your self,just continue speaking the truth.

  62. Justin


  63. Shebarne

    Well spoken PILATO

  64. litunga

    Correct PILATO
    True man

  65. bakabbongo

    NYC 1 bakamba

  66. pf die hard

    go hunger will make you come back
    .ikakunyokole njala ukawele

  67. anonymous

    pilato was called in southafrica so that he sells his years for fame.he has joined an occult club

  68. Haachigondo

    Ba Edward!!!!!!!! Which Bible do you read, is it a satanic bibo or Christian Bible, Peter could not help himself when he was drowning that’s why he cried by saying, Lord help me? Don’t go into violence on the milage of helping your selfish ego! Grow up or you will be thrown out together with Pontius pilato! Mwilaa tuumfya abanneenu ukuciita ubushiilu.

  69. jackson

    go go pilato

  70. mukwasa sydney

    Pilato you are quait educated but your behavier is like that
    of a person who never steped foot in class
    Its like you can not even reason properly.you can not even realise that you being used
    I bet they gave you some big that you would even risk your neck.
    Cause if not then you must be mentally distable


    I don’t know Wat pilato is fighting for.. To be honest u ar just creating problems for yourself.

  72. Shaggy

    Pilato u are just a political prostitute shame on you.

  73. fyakuifwaila

    Awe pilato ewabako, mwaice walikiosa we need people like you go Pilato go ….go for ever go.

  74. Frank

    Pilato, learn to sing wisely not cleverly. It’s old fashioned and not man II man, Insulting? It’s criminal. As a singer and popular for that matter, it would have been instrumental to sing construtive politics not likening anyone to an animal. I pray for you and your family during your times in time of running for your life. 21 st century is about evolution not revolution my friend. In the meantime, stay focused and don’t pick fights with everyone. And ask God to guide you.

  75. Dj chomz

    Pilato is right

  76. Eustuchieey

    Continue teaching them pilato maybe they can stop stealing and sacrificing the country.

  77. FGM

    Pilato , I never imagined you were so intelligent and patriotic. If all Zambians chose to use their talents and intellect in the way you have done, Zambia would change for the better within three years. But cadreism and poverty seems to have blindfolded most Zambians . They can no longer see beyond their political party cacoons and who is to pay them a K50. May God quickly shower the blessings of prosperity in the suffering Zambians to liberate us from this new form of SLAVERY.

  78. Myself

    Pilato is right

  79. Robert Joel mbambala

    nice Mr Pilato

  80. litunga

    Pilatoa GUD man

  81. kelly

    foolish pilato unzankala chipuba ndiwe magaphone ulibe maso pafyo ukamba idiot man bastad pilato fuck u uziyenda kulikonso

  82. Bernhardt

    Pilato is positioning himself for post in case HH forms government, who doesn’t know.

  83. agy karsha

    dats true pilato they dnt care about as they cam jst to eatin money en stealin adaz properties tuzaka imilila naife dnt wary wagwaan kingman jah 4 life

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