Kambwili May be Detained Today…as Police Summon Him

Defacto National Democratic Congress president Chishimba Kambwili may today need the mattress he comically carried for police interrogation when he was summoned earlier in the week.

Kambwili is today expected to appear before the Zambia police anti-fraud squad at 14:00 hours as a follow up to his interrogation on Tuesday.

The Roan Member of Parliament is being pursued for allegedly fraudulently registering a company under false names.

He has been summoned in connection with a complaint filed by perennial political trouble shooter Chilufya Tayali.

Kambwili’s Christopher Mundia confirmed the summons.

On Tuesday Kambwili went to Lusaka Central police with a mattress but was later released after questioning.

Kambwili was expelled as information minister but remains a Patriotic Front lawmaker after having challenged his expulsion in the ruling party in court.


  1. Basibweni Voice

    Press Kambwili U Have Many Sauls Of Pipo, Bt Be Carefull They ‘ll Do It As U Did It To Sampa Milse.

  2. Lungu Ceasar

    Its seems police service have nothing to do ever since kambwili came into power its like they are much interested in all he does when they know that they can not win these kind of cases any way thank God they are making him popular and it seems in police they are no learnerd persons otherwise they could have advised
    We thought police are neutral on such kind of issues but its like even them are caders


    True story …..patience pays

  4. wellingtone mofya

    Leave C.K alone……love covers everything… I know for sure the police is working under a difficult conditions which will lead the down fall of a certain political party .God is not stupid alemona,fyonse ifilechitika…..

  5. Evans

    Leave our party President alone, but u just OK let be famous,us we re waiting for him


    Mwebantu let’s seek God and let God be God. The revelation of today are Ashes tomorrow. Know that strange fire made Arron s sons lose more which lead to the death of the two, seek you will find.God still speaks.

  7. mulase

    Hon CK remain sickling so that the court can adjourn yo case sine die or until 2021.It appears this PFooz govt means no good on u and the Zambian pipo.U and hon kalaba did mention that corruption in this govt has become rampant but the police and ACC have given it a deaf ear coz the powers that be keep saying u ar not telling the truth.If indeed the policy position of govt is that corruption does not exist in govt then I wud suggest that the ACC be disbanded forthwith. Y should ACC officers be drawing salaries for cases which do not exist?May I also know if the repealed or amended article 35 in the ACC which deals with money laundering wz reversed by this govt since I wz away?The IPS NDC/eastern.

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