Zambia in Do or Die CHAN Match

Zambia and Sudan face off tonight in the quarterfinals of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) at the Grand Stade de Marrakech in Morocco.

Both sides know any loss at this stage means taking the next plane home but Wedson Nyirenda and his charges believe they have done enough to stop the Sudanese interest in the tournament.

Interestingly both sides have not lost any match at the tournament having won two matches apiece and a draw in the group stages.

The Chipolopolo boys is expected to tweak their stating eleven with defender Simon Silwimba suspended for the match paving way for Nkana’s John Mwengeni who will be thrown the fray in a reshuffled backline.

Upfront Lazarous Kambole be partnered with either Friday Samu or Martin Phiri with the artistry of Ernest Mbewe and inform Augustine Mulenga taking their places on the flanks.

In midfield workhorse Donashano Malama is expected to be in the engine room with Kodwani Mtonga although depending on the flow of the match or game plane other options in the back to fitness Godfrey Ngwenya or Jack Chirwa could be given a chance.

Skipper Ziyo Tembo will marshal the backline alongside Mwengeni with Adrian Chama expected to take up the rig back position while Fackson Kapumbu will be at his usual post at left back.

Toaster Nsabata will be the final cover between the posts.
Kickoff for the match is at 21:30 hours (Zambian time) and will be live on Supersport.

In the other quarterfinal host nation Morocco will take on Namibia at the Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca with kickoff at 18:30 (Zambian time).

Winner between Zambia and Sudan will play either Nigeria or Angola in the semi finals.

(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    I strongly think Zambia must improve in all department to win the match.We have all the guns to shoot Sudan down but we have to do it,like we r shooting for the last time to win.All the best guy’s n do us proud.

  2. Pamusebo

    Zambia 2 Sudan 1

  3. Man muto

    Zambia 3 Sudan. 1. Go Zambia Go

  4. Bola nalesa

    We. are winning Zambia 2 Sudan 0

  5. david

    Tricky game. Chipolopolo should be alert on the flanks. Sudan likes featuring swift wingers.

    • Gugu

      Very true!!! Additionally long balls will not work against the tall Sudanese.

  6. D y flow

    We won the game

  7. Hotness

    All the best guys, cup ibwele.

  8. Hotness

    Put your eyes on the ball and be focused, I can see a lot of sparks in this match. Zambia will Carry the day by walloping the falcons of median by 2 goals to 1

  9. luka

    go zambia go we are going to win zambia 1~0 sudan

  10. adams

    All the best Ba pipo

  11. Bright

    Zambia will carry the day by a lone goal.

  12. Bright

    Sudan 1 Zambia 2

  13. Hamafuwa clever


  14. Febian

    i think the coach shud use one attacking midfielder today nt jst employing 2 DMF

  15. Bright

    Zambia 3 Sudan 2

  16. alfa banks

    Go chipolopolo go all the best.

  17. alfa banks

    Go chipolopolo go all the best.

  18. Stanley

    All the best guys go chipolopolo go

  19. Stanley

    All the best guys go chipolopolo go

  20. passmore


  21. passmore

    Play well

  22. KEKIX

    Zambia 2 Sudan 0



  24. Marshall Webby mubiana

    I strongly believe that we are going to win the match…lets gooooooo zambia..

  25. BOLA NA LESA!!!!!!!!!!!!!ZAMBIA 4-2 SUDAN.


  26. Mark D vaine

    Am very much sure that the guys will do better tonight no doubt,

  27. Hotness

    Brother Augustine m we need early goals. Never should you underrate your opponents. Iii yeve niyatu.

  28. Paul M

    Zambia Vs Sudan Any Team Can Win

  29. BENSON


  30. Tisa

    All de best guys, Zambia 2 Sudan 1

  31. Willy nacho

    Zambia 3:0 sudan all the best guys be care full

  32. King David

    Play as a team if you are to win the game. Football is being won on ground.

  33. JANE

    Zambia we wil win

  34. Ngolofwana Fordson

    All de very best guys you can do it!

  35. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    All the best guys, we are fully behind you.God bless you. Zambia 2: Sudan 0

  36. Ngolofwana Fordson

    All the very best guyz you can do it for Zambia!

  37. RB

    The game today is a must win one, hence da need for players to be at alert. Both teams have equal chances of winning. Our team will be playing at ground it has used and won games, hence the advantage. Despite da small numbers of supporters there all of us at home are spiritually there! Make us proud once more. Chalikale!!!

  38. RB

    The game today is a must win one, hence da need for players to be at alert. Both teams have equal chances of winning. Our team will be playing at ground it has used and won games, hence the advantage. Despite da small numbers of supporters there all of us at home are spiritually there! Make us proud once more. Chalikale!!! Wada balenge insoni ba ngwele.

  39. nathcecy

    Go guyz we are behind you

  40. Gerald

    Zambia 2 Sudan 0

  41. duncan

    Motherland will carry the day go Zambia go the nation is behind u will keep the green flag high……all the best chipolopolo

  42. m milambo

    Zambia show them your talent, all the best in your endeavours.

  43. mayembe nonde justine

    Our boys are in good form plz let’s support the chipolopolo,we are behind you guys the republican president is also in support of you guys.may God bless our national team go go boys.

  44. mayembe nonde justine

    Zambia 3 _Sudan 1 God help our beloved team zambia zambia & Faz as promised more money to our boys

  45. jame

    zambia 2 sudan 1

  46. alex

    zambia 2:0 go zambia go

  47. Stephen Chishiko

    Kapumbu should improve on the pace and Mtonga, who is sometimes casual with his passes, should equally improve. All the best boys. We are behind you.

  48. Evans

    Zambia 2_0sudan

  49. mwenya

    Zambia 3 and sudan1 Go zambia Go

  50. mwenya

    Zambia 3 and Sudan 1

  51. Gugu

    Defensive frailties and a technical bench that can’t read a fluid situation will cost Zambia.

  52. Royd

    Zambia will going to win Sudan 3:1

  53. Victor M Major1

    Zambia Gona Win On Penaltys

  54. Half London

    We will win the game.let’s go Zambia

  55. Sir mwarosa

    Weather cholera or army worms Zambia is winning by 2 goes to 1

  56. Santiago

    All the best guys zambia go!

  57. Abantu

    Zambia 3 Sudan 1,Go Zambia Go.

  58. Henry

    Play well guys

  59. Gertrude

    Zambia go we are supporting you Sudan 0 Zambia 3

  60. evans

    Zambia 24 Sudan 23

  61. kapembwa

    Go Zambia go

  62. Mcj

    Tulebanaya bangwele!

  63. chali kaluba

    Go Zambia go,#bola na lesa,Zambia 2&sudan0

  64. Jeromy

    Zambia 4 Sudan 0

  65. Ranfel

    Zambia 3-0 Sudan

  66. chitambo zulu

    zambia 2-0 sudan

  67. Charles M.Phiri

    It’s 2 zero in favour of Zambia .Amen.

  68. Abel

    We shall make it to night

  69. Kenny

    Zambia 2 Sudan 0

  70. Chofwe William

    Ba Z bola go go chipolopolo.

  71. Yõüng

    Bola na Lesa
    letx go zambia go

  72. maps

    Zambia 2 Sudan 1

  73. Cosam nyirenda

    Go Zambia Go

  74. Mphatso Zulu

    Zambia will win

  75. Don jahxhy

    Go Zambia gooo.2-1

  76. ngoshe

    Zambia Go please

  77. frustum

    Zambia Go

  78. Feston

    Zambia 2 Sudan 1 go go chipolopolo go zambia

  79. Feston


  80. Ackim ngoma

    Zambia will win the game 3 : 0

  81. Mike

    As a Zambian I want our team to win . However , even though we have reached this far , the quality of our play has been poor .
    Uganda and Namibia were better teams but then’ bola nizigole’
    I love Zambia but I want to be honest with myself lest I have BP.
    I hope and pray that Zambia plays well and wins the game.

  82. Do Mwweemba

    We can do it for boys, solwezi black out and suspect that Zesco is supporting the Sudan coz they intend to borrow shaduf from them and start getting the water from the mile river to fill Kiribati dam

  83. Derick

    zambia 3 sudan0

  84. boyd

    Zambia 1 Sudan 0

  85. Lumumba street vendors

    Cholera 1:0 Sudan
    All the best bana BA Lungu

  86. tembo shepherd

    Comment zambia must work hard in all parts of the field

  87. Yetubene

    We are behind you Boy’s

  88. mwewa john

    Zambia 2 in the extra time u wil see this.

  89. Hopeson Mugala

    Go Zambia Go,we’re behind u guyz.

  90. lyton maymeek miti

    behind u guys

  91. Final matendu

    Zambia 2-1Soudan

  92. Yapa

    Guys do you think Zambia wont disappoint us

  93. Ferguson

    Zambia 3-0 Sudan

  94. Simon mphande

    Go Zambia go

  95. Joseph

    Do o die Zambia 3 Sudan 1

  96. mambu

    Zambia a must win. 2:1

  97. Kikiki

    Bakolwe ifipuba

  98. Choonga given

    I think we need to improve on selection of coaches in zambia we dont want corruptd coaches ,how could he take only defenders and strikers by names ,surely this is sad ,

  99. Choonga given

    So sad wad must improve how could u select defenders only without strikers ? Surely dont take the team as your personal entity

  100. Hotness

    Too bad for chipolopolo boys for exiting the tournament so early

  101. Hotness

    Too bad for chipolopolo boys for exiting the tournament so early.

  102. John

    Zambia needs new coaches

  103. chitambo zulu

    too bad 4chipolopolo anyway Lesa niwaonse

  104. Jason Mbumba

    Improve your strategy of playing.not when ever you got a ball u play one-two then long ball.kikikikikiki Zambia nima tuvi siba ziba bola ya panis.

  105. Jason Mbumba

    Hmmmmmmmm useless Zambia full time 1-0 ka kolwenfye

  106. fk

    Are U sure? do or die???

  107. Fada

    Zambian football too bad

  108. Try

    Football in Zambia its poor

  109. Peter Gorden

    That man so called wada Wada is not a gud product of coaching the senior National Team, he is there to break people’s hearts rather chipolopolo soccer fans. Lyonse ena ati time will come, but when?

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