Sudan Eliminates Zambia From Chan Tournament

Zambia’s fairytale at the African Nations Champions (CHAN) has ended in a 1-0 defeat to Sudan.

Wedson Nyirenda’s charges have had a decent outing winning two and drawing one of their group matches before coming short against Sudan.

The team succumbed to 1-0 defeat that was as a result of a defensive lapse.

The Zambian delegations will now pack their bags and head back home to reorganize and prepare for the Africa Cup qualifiers resuming in March.


  1. gule wa mukulu

    We’ll not so bad boys we shall u receive u with both hands, after all u did yo own part now.

  2. Joe Armz

    Cabipa guyz

  3. kk

    Wada Wada must go

    • observer

      That’s true mr kk.We can’t blame the players for that loss. Th boys were physically fit to play even 120 minutes. If you were good observers, no system, no coordination in the passes, too much unproductive corner kicks, it was like a flock without shepherd. Ala bane twilaumfwa umwenso wakulanda, when there’s a rotten part in the system, we don’t waste time to remove it , same applies to your so-called wada wada. Compare him Chambeshi, the last mentioned is by far better than the first mentioned. Thank you.

    • IP

      i support u he z doin nothing

  4. Kingzile Panza

    It’s the time but be confident to what we’re doing

  5. Micky

    As Morinho would say ‘The better team won ‘

  6. Kedric siame

    Since 2012 when the team was rise by white man, we don’t have any other victory from chipolopolo boys i don’t why? Please answer this question.

  7. Kedric siame

    Since 2012 when the team was rise by white man, we don’t have any other victory from chipolopolo boys i don’t now why? Please answer this question.


      I don’t think you’re telling the truth, Kedrick Siame.We have had victories. In games u either win or lose. We should be expecting both, coz that it is in completions. Well done boys! Thumbs Up Wada. We focus on the next task, no discouraging remarks. Potential is there, it’s only time for Sudanese to celebrate n for Zambia to cry. The coin has two sides.

  8. don kelly

    bola yapa z,anyway good try!

  9. Chichitike

    Hard luckey guyz.

  10. Feston

    Time all the time kukodwera same time loss ndiye bola

  11. Feston


  12. chitambo zulu

    chimwela pasogolo guys.we will wellcome u with both hands

  13. Kojack

    You played well such that ubushiku usheme,necimbala ciloca.

  14. Kayope Kojack

    You had played well such that ICO ubikileko umutima, ecikusha my menso foko.

  15. okafor

    playing against giant’s
    .eat well so that you are not stunted.to bad for you

  16. Innocent

    How can we win when the suppoters were busy singing “Bbunchwana mama bbunchwana eya,ngawachitefi

  17. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Too bad,let’s focus on the next to the next tournament.

  18. Chizungu chaboza

    What do you crappy reporters mean by fairy tale?

  19. Charles M.Phiri

    This is how football is guys,it’s lose and win, to bad 4 chipolopolo

  20. Official

    They will do better next time

  21. Yetubene

    Thanks good try boys

  22. Call'meh Ignizo

    It happens..

  23. Ba honour

    Everything has its time and they time to win and time to loss so don’t be surprise if you loss .because this is the step to another stage.

  24. Victor

    Hard luck guys

  25. Sirb

    Coach and Technical bench is to blame. Where did the fool Mwengani collected? We were luck to come out with a 1nill.sorry to say lessons are not learnt in Zambia.Wait for wounded Namibia

  26. mulase

    I just saw the worst # 2 in the history of Zambian football.Though it is said that out of a bundle of trash u can still get good things but ija yeve nikula yama kula.Anyway its gud these guys come back so that we save the money and fight cholera.

  27. Leonard lungu

    hard lucky

  28. mm

    We will welcome u

  29. Yes now

    What happened to bola na lesa?….instead of training busy praying IDIOTS

  30. AARON sinyangwe

    Uushitasha mwana wakolwe. You did it guys. That’s how it goes with games. Be blessed.

  31. jay jnr

    Good try! But wedson must go, he z doing nothing

  32. Kayanda Beavance

    In fact de guyz have done much better,but Wanda nothing iz doing .why he didn’t not bring those experience prayer eg DAKA,MWEPU ,FASHION and others players who could done well?wada must out from de team.

    • martin

      Comment iam sorry my dear chan is speciffically for local players and not proffessionals like you have stated , daka, mwepu, sakala,. all these are proffessionals includi ng mulenga who has just signed he is not going to be used in the next CHAN tournaments

  33. Given

    Welcome Back Guyz. The Game Was Tough

  34. Poverello

    Kawanga, wapa can’t bring those players you are talking about, they are professional. This tournament is based on local prayers.

  35. duks

    Kayanda b u ar a fool how come wada call the professional to come chan muleipusha ala

  36. King David

    Just wasting tax payer money.

  37. Lc

    Mr observer wada wada is a coach theirs no need of him to start conveting corners into goals a coach is always on the touch line,if the players failed to coordinated what do you espect the coach to do and in every game only three sub is allowed and he did his best.as for me wada wada should continue us a zambian coach come 2019 wada will lift africa cup no doubt about that he’s a person with vision for zambian football.

  38. Lc

    Who won morocco vs Namibia

  39. Copala

    Bola Na less,guys you have to understand that in football they’s win and Luz.bola nimucibansa

  40. dowell

    Avoid tribalism

  41. Bw

    There r so many good , local prayers could have done better than what we so , the problem of Zamian fotball z too much corruption , en that’s what u get at the end of the day , Tex money going on the syver plat

  42. Pk

    Less wabonse.

  43. Glass

    Becoz we ar in a devided zambia.

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