Harrington Backs Lusaka Clean Up

Former environmental and natural resources minister William Harrington has backed the action taken by government to remove the street vendors in town saying it will help in the promotion of sanitation and maintain cleanliness.

Harrington says street vending was one of the reasons why there was poor sanitation standards in trading places in town saying their removal will result in improved service delivery.

He says street vending poses an environmental disaster in the cities and that is why he has supported that move in principle.


  1. Sims

    To Bad,but Wher Have Yu Taken Then?They Ar Complaining All Over!!Do Somethng Plz,places Ar Limtd In City Market Lusaka.

    • diaspora

      Sims, there is a background to this situation of vendors.
      Plainly put; where did they come from in the first place? Urban migration, Unemployment and other causes may have been the cause. Mind you all this happened on a gradual note

      But that does not warrant their plight to remain on the streets.
      There is simply no consistent system to facilitate their jurisdiction of trade by the municipal.

  2. Good Move

    Good Work

  3. jekanyika

    At least we are moving freely and stand were you want. But bane survival in nkhondo

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