Hichilema Is Lying Over Kafue, Luangwa National Parks Auction – Tourism Minister

Tourism and Arts Minister Charles Banda has dismissed as false claims by UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema that government has sold the Kafue and Luangwa national parks.

Hichilema had claimed that President Edgar Lungu is negotiating to sale Kafue and part of Luangwa National Parks.

Speaking when he addressed the media and his supporters at the UPND Secretariat in Lusaka on Sunday, Hichilema said the PF Government already sold NRDC, Chimbokaila Correctional Facility and other key institutions.

But Mr Banda that as a ministry they are not even mandated to sell any national park in the country.

He has since challenged the UPND leader to produce evidence of the people who will be conducting the auction or to whom the national parks have been sold to.

Banda says it’s regrettable that politicians are bringing politics into everything thereby alarming the situation.


  1. Advisor

    It was quite clear that the man was lying and even without clarification we already know. Its unfortunate that our politics have been reduced to nothing and they are adding no value to our lives. Maybe Kambwili will bring a different style of politics not Mr HH. He speaks like a kid. How can you convince people to vote for you with that knd of leadership? The man has lost it. HH is actually delaying UPND to come to power, he lacks strategy. CNP.

  2. Tapali

    Ya katwishi ukotuleya

  3. FGM

    PF ousted Mmd on the premises of correcting the rampant corruption and the sale of parastatal companies that characterized the exit period. Why should PF forget so quickly and resort to the same condemned policies? Something has gone wrong .

  4. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Zambian politics,awe sure!

  5. duks

    Hh lishilu mulemweleko his not normal

  6. Tom London

    Who is this Charles Banda ( a former znbc employ i believe ) the he and

  7. Tom London

    Who is this Charles. Banda ( a former znbc employee I believe ) then he and his pf govt should be mad . Who knows tomorrow they might sell the how country not to mention mukula tree . The govt should not take things for granted . Ba koswe mu mpoto .

  8. Lm

    pf will always do away with evidence because illegal transaction have no documents. pay day is near. I DON’T HAVE A VISSION and so potcket all cholera money because i have bought 8 trucks for gabbage.

  9. Sj

    A president of a party musk be factual instead of causing alarm. We need to trust your word when you’re in Leadership. An English saying goes “One Fingure Soiled The Rest.” lt’ll be difficult to believe you next time you make false/true utterances. Comment

  10. Abel

    It’s HH vs ECL anyway am just wondering…?

  11. Kopala

    What pf government. What are they think to sold some resources

  12. lungu

    is hichilema legible to stand for president after spending104days in cells

  13. Manco

    Yes plse

  14. Kelvin

    It’s like the world Leadership is losing meaning every day in Zambia.Why can’t the government just do it’s developmental issues without exchanging words and wasting time with opposition’s.moreover its the duty of the oppositions to be against some thing with the ruling to make the word opposition meaningful

  15. duks

    HH good for nothing even you supporters for HH u are fool useless

    • Dissatisfied

      Many,are the times I’ve read some comment which don’t make sense.Things have gone to the dogs & u re busy protecting. Wake up Zambians.I feel pity for ecl cz he’s vision less.Some,of u idiots immediately he leaves office u’ll b condemning him.Remember ftj?

  16. kabange

    Kuwayawayafye Ba hh no opposition party in Zambia, let him aleteka lungu umuntu no…..lu..n..GU.

  17. celeb

    Zambia yaluba through politics,leaders do things with evidence kwasila.

  18. Notus

    Stand on your own and dont insult

  19. Amagenge

    Why does HH speak like a cadre. As a person who is education. He should always open his mouth we facts. UPND is a big party to be issuing sweeping statements especially from the month of the president. We would understand cadres talking from without. HH can produce facts even at his press conferences unless his party intelligence is weak.

  20. saimwende saimbwende

    UPND could have come into power long before PF if it was being led by somebody else not HH. This man for sure politics is his talent. he lacks political strategy to usher in UPND into government. Come 2021 again UPND will still be in opposition just mark my words

  21. Perry simunyola

    We all know and see the challenges that the current government is facing by being stubborn of selling your resources but by 2021 pf will be stubbornless and accept the defeat

  22. Dissatisfied

    Many,are the times I’ve read some comment which don’t make sense.Things have gone to the dogs & u re busy protecting. Wake up Zambians.I feel pity for ecl cz he’s vision less.Some,of u idiots immediately he leaves office u’ll b condemning him.Remember ftj?

  23. dowell

    You shld not give comments if you don’t have proper information. Always blaming one person 2021 is near

  24. Prince Mande

    Spending 104 or 365 days in custody/detention does not make him a criminal. He is not guilty until proven guilty as charged and sentenced to a day or whatever period in prison. As it is he has no criminal record and is therefore eligible to stand fo whatever office.

  25. kopala

    HH alipena, lishilu & I now see why they are friends with pilato

  26. edgar lungu

    ba pf muli fi puba

  27. Sambiri

    don’t blame anyone.. put a blame on your self by voting thieves. I mean this is just the beginning they will say Zambia including you and my children…


    My fellow Zambians let us mind de way we talk coz all of them they ar our leaders.who knows what comes tomorrow?

  29. Mwamba Richard

    trust God People

  30. James mulamuno

    I don’t understand what happened in country Zambia ,only God knows.

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