Hichilema Says PF wants To Auction Kafue & Luangwa National Parks

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema claims that President Edgar Lungu is negotiating to sale Kafue and part of Luangwa National Parks.

Speaking when he addressed the media and his supporters at the UPND Secretariat in Lusaka, Hichilema says already the PF Government wants to NRDC, Chimbokaila Correctional Facility and other key institutions.

Hichilema has furthermore claimed that President Lungu and his team is using ZAFFICO to transport the infamous Mukula logs to China.

Mr. Hichilema says President and his team have become so rich within a short period of time because they are earning a lot of money through the export of Mukula logs to China.

And the UPND Leader says poor agricultural policies by the PF Government will one day starve Zambians to death.

Hichilema says it is gratifying that President Edgar Lungu has acknowledged that the yields this year will be low saying hunger is severe looming in Zambia.

Hichilema says each time he advises the government he is called all sorts of names and that he is bitter.

Meanwhile, the UPND leader has called on UPND members across the country to protect the votes in the next election so that it would be too difficult for the PF to steal votes like they did in 2015 and 2016.

Hichilema says some stakeholders are telling him to forget about the past elections and the election petition but that there is no guarantee that the PF will not steal his votes again in 2021.

He says President Lungu is busy appointing his tribesmen at the Electoral Commission of Zambia after firing some commissioners in readiness to rig the 2021 elections.


  1. mkango

    UPND Forward HH forward 2021control the country people are runing behind to 2021

  2. mulase

    Kkkkk.. As long as u won’t go into an alliance with NDC bwana HH ,just prepare a petition for 2021 results in advance which has become a norm nd will forever be academic.How surely can u win a petition wen the Zambian constitution allows the Chief justice to become part of the electoral process for the sole purpose of a Presidential election at the same tym expecting him to preside over an election petition he has just certified to be free and fair?This is a mockery beyond (reasonable) doubt. NDC IPS/eastern.

  3. Kufahakurambwe

    I can not fully understand why Zambians are willing to wait till 2021 to get rid of this thieving retrogressive bunch of retarded illiterate clowns masquerading as civil servants! Only in Zambia.

  4. controller

    we want good leader like u……..hh forward.

  5. chanda

    Gods duty to give us a leader,only PF seems to have people with the heart for the people. 2021 Gods will.UPND should learn to discuss major issues not petty issues,not individuals. That’s why always it happens the same.

  6. ck

    We are with you papa HH!

  7. King David

    We will vote for you.HH

  8. No man

    HH is the great next man for the Zambian people, i think he needs a chance to change Zambia, the problem is that my people in Zambia a corrupt my this issue of tribelizim, let vote for him, a change being’s with one step, my vote in 2021 goes to HH, please members of unpnd work hard to win more people this time #from northern province, #one zambia one nation

  9. Ba honour

    You don’t know what you have until you lose it

  10. Ondya's kingdom

    Pa Zambia tyeni nayo!!!!!!!!!

  11. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Ba HH

  12. Raphael

    We are behind you nr hh

  13. Patson

    HH 2021 control

  14. Tapali

    Gud pint dear grid hh u ar will man baleke bakos

  15. Wise me

    I think the more HH talks a lot the more his value to gain support from decerning reasonable voters.
    He is becoming a manufacturing and carrier of fake news. Remember not every Zambian survives on rhumour mongering and cadre mentality. A leader’s integrity can deteriorate by what they say with likelihood of discouraging some voters. I would like to encourage him to embark on building his image rather than dwell on petty stragies.

  16. mulongoti

    He will just find something to talk about concerning his loss now it’s lungu deployment of his tribes men what a tribal man as people say if there’s a Tonga who is not qualified and any other tribe that’s qualified the tonga shud just b employed that’s not tribal lets wait 2021 no merit in employment as long as you belong to the South

  17. Banene

    Twenty 2021 Badala

  18. Banene

    Twende 2021 Badala

  19. George Mainza

    Today i prove to know why those cadres in PF used to sing a song called, DUNUNA REVERS during campains ,kansh they knew that they will push this country backward. Am humbly requesting those who are contraling over this country not to put national property at any cost without consultation from the Zambian People.

  20. Sianga

    Maybe the under five still has the privatisation hangover.

  21. nyimbwa

    Yeah I see future in you.(HH 2021)

  22. fkc

    Mwebe kapala ulelapila pompwe

  23. mutaba

    Commentkuwaya wayafye ba hh

  24. Aaron Katongo

    sorry I wll never give you a vote HH

  25. chagwa

    If Pf kill hh I will live this country so that u make your politics but god will punish u and go in south africa to my father in fact the real president was hh

  26. Summer salt

    You hakaivotela hekka, you always talk about lungu in your meetings, you mean you have no schedule to follow for you to be productive? Have a manisto and run with it. The more talk about Edgar that you portray your idiocies, foolishness and lunatism. Grow up or keep talking about ECL. Caution, the by Bible says, indeed they shall gather but not in my name, and they that gather against you shall for your sake. Am warning you, if you shall continue gathering and talk about Edgar, you shall ultimately fall for lungu’s sake; think before you call for a meeting.

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