Kambwili Makes No Guilty Plea In Forgery Case

Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has pleaded not guilty to three counts of forgery, uttering false documents and presenting false documents to a public officer.

Kambwili took plea before Principal Magistrate David Simusamba.

Magistrate Simusamba has since set 6th March as date for commencement of trial, and 15th and 19th March for continued trial.

Last Friday, Kambwili failed to appear in court for plea with his lawyers led by Christopher Mundia informing the court that their client had been given bed rest by his doctors after falling sick.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says he is happy that Economic and Equity party president Chilufya Tayali has taken him to court for alleged forgery.

Speaking to journalists after his case was adjourned; Kambwili says this will compel Tayali to adduce the evidence in court which he claims to have.

Kambwili says once the matter in court is concluded someone will cry, saying some people will face consequences for all allegations leveled against him.

Recently, Tayali told journalists in Lusaka that he is the chief witness in Kambwili’s case, stating that he was ready to expose his alleged corrupt activities in court.


  1. Tapali

    My prsdt

    • Dominic

      The case against Kambwili is a straight forward one.According to PACRA records,Kambwili is neither a shareholder,Director nor Secretary of Mwamona Investments and as such he cannot prepare and sign Annual Returns of Mwamona Investments.This is clearly prohibited under Company Law.Both him and the Company which condoned his acts stand liable and can be punished accordingly.There is nothing political about this.

      • Jackson James

        Do the search yourself and not basing ur arguments on hearsay.

  2. Gift Malanga

    Where are we going as a country who ever leaves the ruling party becomes a problem.
    Why not identifying them whilst you are eating,drinking and enjoying together in the party. The measurements you are using to other same measurements will be used to you.

  3. J.L

    Abutayaliububwine, Attacking Yo Fellow Opposition Leader. Are Seeking Job From The Ruling Party, Politify Wisely.

  4. CQ

    Tulamyeba elyo nga niwe ka Tayali lobe imbwili iyoo no bufi bwine
    Twalakumona,nabalekutunka ngayakosa bakabutuka wooo!
    Only a fool can’t read the state of affairs we are in,take your lies ku bakumushi ku mwenu us we know all the culprits
    Corruption at its peak,shame

  5. Abel

    We need Way’s and means on how we can improve the economy of this country we are tired with this politics of yours.

  6. Lungu j

    I hope kambwili can be found with a case to answer

  7. dl

    Kambwili u at waisting yo time please go to the farm

  8. dowell

    Kambwili you what you are doing continue we are in front of you my president. This cadres they don’t know what they are doing someone will cry

  9. Ba Mack P

    The Countries’ Politics Is At Steak.

  10. mulase

    Tayali is a mental patient. Yo friends ar fighting chol

  11. mulase

    Tayali is mentally unstable. His friends ar fighting to eradicate hunger and cholera cheve chili bize kusakila milandu mubantu.Malabishi yachi muntu!

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