Kambwili Says Brian Mushimba Is Not His Match

Brian Mushimba is a political novice, a good for nothing conman to start a political show down with Chishimba Kambwili, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) consultant has charged.

Mushimba during a PF interactive Forum in Lusaka hit at the NDC consultant for saying he can’t be likened to late President Michael Chilufya Sata.

But NDC National Youth Chairman Charles Kabwita has threatened to expose Mushimba on how he allegedly bought his way to parliament using corrupt means.

Kabwita said it is irresponsible for Mushimba to make malign Kambwili but should instead focus on delivering development to the people of Kankoyo.

“We won’t get into the rantings made by Mushimba but we want to remind Mushimba to keep his lane or least he will be exposed.

“If Mushimba continues with his rhetoric, we shall expose how he bought his way as Kankoyo MP after dishing out over six hundred thousand kwacha in bribes to buy his adoption.

“Mushimba’s hands are too dirty and he shouldn’t play holy,” Kabwita alleged.

He further claimed, “Bishop Edward Chomba the permanent secretary for energy and Col. Chanda Sosala were favourites to be adopted by the PF for Kankoyo.

“Was it corruption or the will of God that made Mushimba find himself in Parliament?Mushimba shouldn’t force us to start making revelations on scrap metal deals at Mopani Cooper Mines. He knows what we are talking about,” he said.

Kabwita has further made other allegations including Mushimba’s alleged presidential ambitions.


  1. mulase

    It is always said that don’t play dirty games with a pig because u will come out more dirty but the pig will be happy since it is used to playing in the mud.Soon u will be blaming the player instead of blaming the rules of the game.Ba mushimba..defend yourself kaili so that we can learn more from team CK?

  2. Gift Malanga

    Please a piece of advise.
    Don’t involve God in politics why don’t you involve him when stealing pubic funds.
    Please put an end to this.

  3. Lc

    Tell the idiot off,we dont want that fuck to disturb our able leader Dr kambwili

    • Frank

      Honestly, Kambwili? Zambia is a country with people who think so low. Anyway, it’s opinion and your Democratic right.

  4. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Ba Kambwili

  5. FGM

    Shame indeed, corruption in everything where are we heading to? God help Zambia from this demon that is at its peak.

  6. Ba Chika

    We always say the justifications whoever can make must realise that we are not his/her match to be fooled,we know alot about pf,we will keep on revealing till you understand how useless you are ba pompwe imwe

  7. Mike Bulanda

    Its very important to have a hot or worm meal for it is healthy and appetising ulike a cold one which results in health complications.Mr Kabwita sir, you were supposed to raise this Mr Mushimba’s case right from the first place when it was hot so that it can be hundled enthusiastically unlike this time where its cold and carries no weight its very important to apply wisdom in our lives especially in this day-and-edge.Mr Kabwita whenerver and whenever you see negativity taking place, it implies that you take action against it not using it as an advantage for your intrest. Let me tell you something sir, for you to be an effective politician you need to be honest initally to yourself, then to everyone else.For me I belive that if we can have one mind as a nation of fighting corruption, we can have a very great achievment.

    • Fbk

      A match must be specified. Why are we still infants in politics? Corruption whistle blowers must have empirical evidence and deliver it to ACC, Police and relevant authorities. A bemba saying goes ” umun’go nipa kuboko”. We are too much of alarmists than evidence carriers. Exchange of insults for those viewing for the highest office through the ballot is not any closer to solid attractive gear for votes. Don’t take us for granted, we are mature enough to subject any candidate to a microscope, whoever it maybe. Mr. Kabwita advise your consultant to show leadership and not boosting unnecessarily

  8. louise halw

    Ba Kabwita. You must be stupid. You knew about all these but kept quite not until your leader was attacked! You must be punished for keeping such vital secrets of corruption. Ma Politics ya Njala

  9. Kapatu villager

    Scrap things tubengi fwebabamo we even want be Presidents of Zambia. Scrap let’s not point at individuas. Let’s talk politics

  10. just

    Those are the consequences of corruption. And we call ourselves Christians but corruption and other diffiled acts fulu fulu.

  11. Kizo

    BA kabwita is it not true that kambwili can’t be compared with Data mhsrp

  12. Jimmy shaba

    Yes brian is kambwili’s match coz brian is an intellectual and kambwili is just an empty tin

  13. Jimmy shaba

    Yes brian is not kambwili’s match coz brian is an intellectual and kambwili is an empty tin

  14. tayali

    if not me then who is your much

  15. asha phiri

    fuck pf and ecl

    • Frank

      Are you a gangster? U really sound pisd off and out of touch.

  16. Bunda bunda

    but why expose mushimba now? personally i think most means of entering Parliament by most ministers is of mushimba way in concaminent to kambwili’s revelations.however,i think development does not take our country as its obligation but Zambia will take decades to develop economically , in the same vain, Zambia had faced many challenges that ordinary citizens fails to understand yet leaders take chances to develop individually, hence we can’t claim Zambia to be a free country for everyone . how I miss Mr micheal data mhsrip,that man will be remembered and am sure he said goodbye to Zambia for our own good. he was my inspiration and will always be.God bless this county.

  17. hambuulo mudala

    or so u fuck upnd and hakunya hakumha

  18. Citizen

    Wen Wil The President Investigate This Known Corruption?

  19. Davido

    Ba mushimba honorable please let go of this kind of politics work don’t waste your time and energy of some things which u and I know that they is a bit of truth in your government instead improve and work had otherwise in your constituency they is nothing there and its one of the least developed kankoyo concentrate on improving people s lives not ifyo ifyabupuba that u have started

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