Now FAZ President Allegedly Becomes Member Of The Redundant City Of Lusaka Group; Pays K10, 000

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga has allegedly paid K10, 000 to the dissolved executive to assume membership at City of Lusaka.

City of Lusaka PLC 2000 PLC, owners of the club, declared the executive redundant late last year after restructuring management but the FAZ secretariat has declined to recognize the legal owners.

It has now emerged that Kamanga is a member of the redundant City of Lusaka group after paying K10, 000.

The FAZ president was welcomed to the City FC members WhatsApp group by Kapalamula Njobu.


  1. louise halw

    Its fine. He can be a member

  2. tony

    Zambians let us talk about real issues.

  3. Tina

    Where did the K10,000 come from ?

  4. Dk

    So what if he pays…

  5. Dk

    So what if he pays


    Well done

  7. joseph

    Hu great but where did money came from?

  8. jones

    So what?

  9. Chunda Robinson Botha

    So what if he pays?

  10. Soldier

    Where has the money come from? From Kananga…kikikikiki

  11. Shadreck sakalimbwe

    Where has the money come from? From Kananga…..kikikikiki

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