Man Batters Woman Into Near Death State

A family of a Zambian woman left in a near death state is seething with anger after a matrimonial dispute turns sour.

Tamaranji Nkhoma has posted chilling images of her sister drenched in blood after allegedly being beaten by her husband.

Zambia has recently recorded increased deaths triggered by matrimonial disputes.


A sorry excuse for a husband. You better show yourself, the law will take its course this time. No more silence and family meetings to hear your sorries. Enough is enough!

We are lucky she dint die.

How can you beat a woman with a metal bar in the head, body and break her hands? That’s nothing short of you committing murder. You coward! This is really disgusting and inhuman.

You show yourself and let’s see how man you are, we are waiting for you. And trust me you ll get what you deserve.

Am putting you on blast because you have no respect for us as a family and think my sister is your punching bag, this is barbaric. Know this, this is the last time those filthy hands will touch her, Pray these injuries don’t kill her coz my friend your freedom is highly limited. How can you rob her of her beautiful self, all she has now is scars, always blue and black


  1. joseph

    Pliz GBV official pliz deal this case

    • JOE

      Can we please have the background to this sad story.What on earth annoyed the husband to the extend of almost murdering his wife.

  2. Shadreck Daka

    if that doesn’t want his wife why can’t you take her back to her family because they still need her…than beating her up…please just give him want he is looking for..

  3. The Zinc

    I think just like your sister. Lets hope you won’t be the next victim. A Humble Woman Is A Good Woman.

  4. The Zinc

    I think you just like your sister. Lets hope you won’t be the next victim. A Humble Woman Is A Good Woman.

  5. Billz

    Whatever the case, neither the reason, can’t beat a woman like that ,that’s evil and lack of thinking right .

  6. Chofwe William

    Boma yisebenze.

  7. Richard

    This The Problem We Have In Zambia We Not Respect The Woman We Think That Is A Football We Cen Pray Evry Day Mmmmm Sure Sure Awe Change Mwebantu Plz

    • Ashley mwanza

      Demented redneck barbarian..you fool!!with no respect for human life,may God punish u in eternity,i curse
      you,hw cn u bit up a woman like that?why don’t u fight with us your fellow men if u feel ur strong?boma chimangeni.

    • Ashley mwanza

      Demented redneck barbarian..you fool!!with no respect for human life,may God punish u in eternity,i curse
      you,hw cn u bit up a woman like that?why don’t u fight with us your fellow men if u feel ur strong?boma chimangeni.

  8. Mr Lukama William

    Comment Fighting does not solve or solution to problems but it create more problems to ones life

  9. slim

    she was a whore .I caught her redhanded.what do you think I could have done

  10. Prince Leo


  11. Jimmy shaba

    Its better to divorse than to batter yo wife and become a fugitive.

  12. Gregory

    Boma ilanganepo

  13. Josiah

    Sure that’s evil no matter what we can’t support a man there that’s been a hungry lion at home. And I call that not love a real man can’t rise even a hand at a woman

  14. Chibesa bwalya

    Law should prevail

  15. Bernard sikagoma

    Pliz,let’s behave like mature people. Our wives are not animals, they are human beings like us.let us be mature in our thinking capacity.


    Too bad.

  17. M L

    It Was Self Defence.

  18. Richard Zulu

    Foolish man, you are going to jail my dear

  19. zoe

    This man should be an example boma do something let others learn from this, they are thausands of women dieng out their wthn our beloved country because these some attitude so called “gender based violence” the law should take its course no one is above the law no one!!!

  20. Sonta

    Mwe less twafweni…people are rising against one another.

  21. Kalok

    Do not wait for her family or the abused wife to press charges. Such things must now be the State versus the abuser. Enough is enough guys! Please!

  22. Kayanda beavance

    What foolish husband you are?how can you beat your good body feelings in this way?if u don’t need her why can’t you packed her bags and take her to her family?court session must give u tough punishment.

  23. Dee

    Publish the picture of the guy so that the community can help trace the senseless guy.

  24. Mr Chinenga

    Law must visit that beast

  25. Francis

    Let the long arm of the law visit the man in due time..

  26. Chilufya

    Poor u,your own flesh! Think twice & reapent.

  27. Charles

    Send his photos on Facebook so that we help to apprehend him. His names and all.


    please Zambian stop GBV let love and respect one another

  29. Senior citizen

    This guy has aimed to kill not just beating. How could he break both his wife’s arms and such deep cuts in the head. To would be assailants please try to think before you act, learn to control your temper and consider the consequences that follows you after your actions.

  30. micheal mubisa

    police case

  31. Daniel

    Married men know what abuse their wives inflict on them.Whilst this beating is barbarick women shud show respect to their husbands otherwise they will continue to be beaten.Some women are little devils

  32. martin chiyesu

    W O iliam i agree with your obzvation .coz how come u bt somone’s dota like that’umugaiz

  33. Gman

    we dont know becoz if the reach at that stage woman we dont know ze back ground Only God Knows

  34. Her Bra Cut Her Bra

    Why do some men think they own a woman? You cant beat up someone like that when you never even gave birth to her. Even if you gave birth to her she has her own life to live so respect that life. You didnt create her so respect life

  35. Beatrix Nams

    Bring the idiot to book

  36. king coin

    Mabel she rejected to hv sex with his husband

  37. Gift Malanga

    Too bad for the lady, I feel for her please God have mercy on us Zambians.
    To the man I can’t say much but you don’t have to beat your wife like that anyway God knows no one knows what transpired.
    If it is true she was caught red-handed let’s think twice sometimes our judges that we have they do contribute to that you take your wife for divorce because you caught her red handed the courts of law will get a house from a husband and give it to the who is at fault and you be asked to be paying her again and yet she’s the one who messed up.
    So don’t be to fast to judge try to think about this and you will understand.

  38. joao chiks

    Ubuchende uwa mwanakashi efyo uchita

  39. DZ

    Mmmmm sorry mama

  40. assan.

    To bad for the woman, I would like to now the reason why she has been bitten like this, why did the reporter failed to report the reason why the woman was bitten. May be the woman is also a problem.

  41. assan

    There is no smoke without fire

  42. Chuvash

    The man is a real murderer gati a Ku kanga why didn’t u send her to her parents?

  43. Given Twin

    Boma iyanganepo.

  44. smath jacob

    Wow, men Why do you do this to our lovely women, just because of a idot thing you now want to out her to death Why. For jesus said that love and forgive for GOD will also forgive you.men stop It enough .

    • up to bottom

      Nga bucende acitile, cawama ukumuleka fye, naifwe bashi Mayanda, tuleke ukukwata akapa mbali. I KNOW EVERY HUSBAND HAS A CONCUBINE. IF YOU ARE A REAL MAN , SAY: YES I HAVE ONE OR MANY. THEN SWEAR:”, I WON’T BEAT MY WIFE FOR COMMITTING ADULTERY”.

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