Police Hunt For Suspected Gay Couple

Police in Lusaka have launched investigations in the matter in which pictures of two girls believed to be in a same sex relationship have been circulating on social media.

Police spokesperson Ester Katongo says according to Section 158 subsection 1 and 2 of the Penal Code, Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia, it is an offence for people of the same sex to engage in an intimate relationship or sexual affair.

She says Section 158 (2) states that any female who, whether in public or private ,commits any act of gross indecency with a female child or person , or procures a female child or person to commit any act of gross indecency with her , or attempts to procure the commission of any such act by any female person with herself or another female child or person whether in public or private, commits a felony.

Katongo adds that any person convicted of this offence is liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than seven years and a maximum sentence of fourteen years.

She further states that Section 155 (a) of the Penal Code under Unnatural Offences, criminalizes canal knowledge against the order of nature and anyone found guilty is liable to imprisonment for a term not less than fifteen years while the maximum sentence is life imprisonment.

Katongo says Police officers from the Cybercrime unit have since instituted investigations in the matter involving the two girls.

She has appealed to people with information that may be helpful in the investigations to report to any nearest Police Station so that perpetrators are brought to book.



    Please if anyone else come across these two young girls don’t feel pit on them report them they are a disgrace.

    • Ryan

      Disgusting that a country can still treat its citizens like that in the 21st century.

    • Cremo

      Pliz let them b casted in Jail coz they are promoting bad device n devaluing our God’s creation’s design. They re such a disgrace bad than animals coz that reason.

      • Shawna

        Shut up who says your not supposed to like the same sex a man made bible so much evil stuff happens in countries like this I’m not surprised y’all target people for being them it’s sad and disgusting on y’all behalf and how is it a disgrace did you watch it before? Probably fantasize about beautiful woman laying down with each other your country is dumb blessed I live in the United States

        • John Cornish

          Yall look happy so be happy Fuck what everyone else has to say! If you want to know the truth this whole world is fucked up but who will are we to judge be happy I’m out here

      • Shawna

        News flash as well asshole we still can become pregnant so there still will be babies people be crazy I’m very disappointed with y’all

      • Rae

        You realize animals in nature have been found to engage in homosexual behaviors?? No i wouldnt think someone with a basic education could comprehend that

    • DontNeedOne


    • Don’t play that shit

      Fuck you they can hang out just because that girl has a short cut kiss my fake dick and I love woman who the fuck are you to call them a discrase bitch ass pussy

    • Meli

      Bitch ur a disgrace

    • Shawna

      You have a shitty judicial system thank God for America where you can be you and live so much going on in the world and y’all worried about LGBT shut up dumbest shit I ever heard in my life.

    • Muso

      I wish Zambians could act this way towards corrupt leaders not what any one is doing in their bedroom.. grow up

    • Brook

      Bitch you’re a disgrace! Wtf is your name suppose to be????

    • Rae

      Clearly you need to crawl back under the rock you came from.

  2. Brian

    My first time to hear this.Dear editor,point of correction,when two females are involved in a relationship or sexual affair they are known as Lesbians.Therefore, called a lesbian couple.

    • Adjective

      Gay actually refers to those that are attracted to the same sex. It can be used interchangeably with homosexual

  3. mboro

    why waste your beauty while my pennies is itching just for you

    • Shawna

      It’s probably literally itching dirty

    • Rae

      Pennies? You got itchy change bro? Stfu fool.

    • Talk up

      Look alot men in the Caribbean would be begging to with those girls so shut

      I would be any one of those girls right now they wasting their beauty good men Jamaica need you

  4. Pro-Choice and Pro-life

    Homosexuality in Zambia is against the law, that is the only fact in this matter. But no one can change a person’s sexual orientation. Those ladies should just seek out a country that allows same sex marriages and couples. But still they should be caught if they are in Zed as homos.

    • Shawna

      Zambia sounds like home of zombies like if y’all don’t end poverty and world hunger and deadly diseases before y’all worry about same sex

  5. Chalikulile

    What a Christian nation is Zambia?

  6. Richard

    this is totally ridiculous. you ve failed to investigate the mukula logs & corruption, under changwa’s regime.

  7. ADRY lumingu


  8. ADRY lumingu

    did they mean there are no men in the country or what?

  9. chitambo zulu

    too bad to the girls,i can c they are very beautiful.let the law work so that others can get a lesson.

    • Shawna

      A lesson your country is sad that’s why all that poverty and hunger exist y’all cursed country of evil

  10. copperbelt

    The dark skinned one looks like a man.



    • Shawna

      Y’all country is a whole prison without bars are you joking right now??‍♂️?

  12. No man

    As for me is this real in zambia, I have no much to say, but to say man is more than crazy,lost is thinking capacity going wrong, Zsmbia been Christian nation, the world is about to end read the all bible

  13. Me

    Those are just useless accusations, what proof do you have ati ma lesbians naimwe?? You fail to lock up the pipo that are stealing our monies in broad day light purchasing useless fire trucks but busy concentrating on petty issues… rubbish!! and shame to the whole zambian policeforce.. you are such a disgrace.

  14. fkc

    Me chikala chobe wilapusana na topic obolo

  15. Christine Nsofu

    Firstly it will be very hard to prove they are in a gay relationship. Two people lying down together doesn’t prove anything. Secondly, surely you have more serious cases that impact the well-being, safety and security of the country to concern yourself with!!!!!!!

  16. Prince Leo


  17. Prince Leo


  18. david munoki

    Dont condenme them pray for God deliverance

  19. Ackim

    Wats wrong with those girls??

  20. Tapiwa

    This is bad to human and god

    • Shawna

      So is killing people and sleeping with babies which your country is known for so shut the fuck up

  21. alfred mukelabai


  22. Wise Me

    We should be worrying about intercourse that produces people who become deliquent like those insulting elders and God given leadership. Those two people’s tickling each other will never directly affect any other person. I am sure they will never do it publicly.

  23. Ian Bugar

    Its just being childish, am sure the will realise after they become mature enough.that’s what happens when children are cross breed from foolish parents like theirs

    • Shawna

      You the only one that sounds foolish and barbaric that’s why countries like yours and others remain poverty stricken and diseased

  24. Aggre

    These two ladies must be imprisoned

  25. Kkk

    You most be out of yur mind cases are different which scool did you go to.

  26. Kkk

    Me You most be out of yur mind cases are different which scool did you go to.

  27. slim

    and whats wrong with two beutiful young girls taking pictures together…that picture is clearly not even from zambia it appeard sometime back on facebook in durban….its a shame the zambian police is creating fake news

  28. fyakuifwaila

    Investigate them here and there for there practices are bad, let bad habit to be the last to these girls and to all who are hearing.

  29. Japhan

    In as much as we agree that it’s against Zambian law to be in a gay relationship, why should police hunt these two as opposed to hunting those cadres who are beating, kniving,axing,and damaging people, s properties? The criminals are free whilst the innocent are languishing in jail. What a society, shame on all of us.

  30. Fk

    Dear editor,if at all u got you job by crooked means….please live that position for people who are learnt and are able front with good grammar.”gay couple”?It’s lesbians please.lots of people are reading this!!!

  31. Irukandji

    People are different sexual oriented.

  32. juvick

    Zambia is Christian nation so we can’t allow this sodom behavior.

  33. Nazlo

    Comment and they aren’t Zambians. , they look like they are from soube

  34. Nazshon

    They aren’t even Zambians, they look like nibaku south Africa

  35. fifa

    guy wake up

  36. Mabibo odesta

    Yangu ilababa balo balazisobanya

  37. Mabibo odesta

    Fuck fuck

  38. Share ndashi

    Leave them alone

  39. The wise 0ne

    They are not Zambians guys lets concentrate on real issues

  40. Millz100

    As if we don’t have much more important things to worry about like putting food on our tables and worrying about this government of thieves. How does one prove that these women have even committed a crime? What do these pictures say. Plz Zambia this is the 21st century , move out of the bush and into the present.

    • Young Holy

      I think Jesus is about to come coz they re under control of devil it could be better pray 4 dem in Jesus mighty name.

  41. Young Holy

    I think Jesus is about to come coz they re under control of devil it could be better pray 4 dem in Jesus mighty name.

  42. Biko

    What’s soon wrong with it…… After all can u tell what people do at night…. Guys grow up this things happen daily in Kenya… We have even Samantha’s

  43. David

    am not in support of theses acts but seriously putting up a search for these two only show that government and the police are not serious at all let them put their resources into Mukuka investigation and bringing down corruption in the country

  44. suve

    The look like South Africans Why worry about them
    Concentrate on Zambian issues not these lies

  45. Lola bee

    Leave them alone if you’re happy why are you worried about them furthermore all y’all want to do is tape and torture them u sick ass people need help what have they done other than love each other!

  46. Zwambo nation

    Let’s not arrest them let’s give the 2big cocks they can change

  47. Ali

    Lmao you people have got to be kidding me. All these men seem more concerned with penis than anything else. If the women are gay how does that affect you?? Is not murder is not crime is not hatred is not rape is not corruption horrid enough for you backward thinking people that you’re frightened of potential LOVE?? Shame on all of you borderline rapist criminals.

  48. Nicole

    There are people killing others and there are adults having sex with babies… but the police are interested in two women who love each other? This world is sick

  49. Meliiii

    This is so sad people can’t even live their lives in 2018

  50. patrick

    I have never seen a male animal having sex with the same gender

  51. Aminata

    You Africans so stuck up and living in the 18th century, grow up! The world would be a better place if you people learned how to mind your business, get a life and stop worrying about everyone else. Incorporate that into your janky culture, you are all a bunch of vultures.

  52. Knowledge is power

    So let me get this straight- the Zambian ( which is black people are hunting down a lesbian couple because it’s against the law in their country!!! Well I guess slavery never left blacks ( which originally started from Africa on a ship) while being a slave was beaten into them on a everyday basics. Now yah want to catch and beat these innocent women( which they are in fact innocent) who would pass a law as sure. I mean America was not all for gays for centuries and has been and still is homophomic , but America has never made a such law to where you can’t express yourself with anyone who you choose. I mean come on, this is what Africa is about?? I hope people do realize this is not all in Africa. Yes the law is the law. Yah really need to be after the fuck boy who made the so called idiotic law. In America we concentrate on equal rights, not bull shit like this. Zambian is a joke . But hey these girls did know the law, not saying that they’re wrong….all I’m saying is know your town/state/city/county/ country… I mean the African slaves knew they master and some still fought back. Was yah wrong for fighting to be free? If they answer is no. Then them two beautiful girls are not wrong as well( it’s called being free) . Oh thanks for reading this great message of knowledge. You can catch me real high on cloud 9 with a great deal of wisdom.#eachone**teachone

  53. God law

    These two ladies should be in jail for breaking God law.

  54. God law

    These two ladies should be in jail for breaking God law America is America just because you are doing devil work does not mean others could counties must disrespect God as well. Please put them in jail and punish them according to the country law. Maybe God bless who keep his law.

    • Nanae

      You sound stupid! Since y’all wanna make this about god…. how are y’all killing one another, raping one another, killing one another? Allowing your young daughters to lay up with grown ass men? Y’all need to be punished and burned….. glad y’all ain’t in AMERICA WE DONT NEED YA KIND HERE

  55. Rose cruz

    This honestly got me very angry and some certain people complaining about how it’s wrong to be a same sex couple, there is going to be differences in the world and where gonna have to man up and go with it instead of outright hating. This is a disgrace that they are complaining about what they prefer and whatnot but c’mon folks it’s the fucking first century man up and accept people as they are.Oh God is going to punish them or they’ll be damned in hell. None of this shit please let people live and love the ways their life is and it’s not hurting anyone.?

  56. clever Munakanyemba

    Truly Jesus is coming back sooner than expected…….

  57. Nanae

    Ahhhh y’all have way more important issues then to worry about their sexual orientation….. your country is sad and poor smfh….. worry about fixing those issues first…..better schools better medical care, better housing, more jobs, better legal system, more food production….for your people…… leave those women alone. GLAD I WAS BORN AND RAISED IN AMERICA…..may god bless you evil people!

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