ZIALE Reforms Underway As Students Will Be Allowed To Write Exams After 4th Failed Attempt

Justice Minister Given Lubinda has disclosed the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) has resolved to do away with the rule of barring students from writing examinations in the event that they failed at the fifth attempt.

Lubinda says the ZIALE Board of Directors recently held a series of meetings where resolutions were made in a bid to address the limited infrastructure at the learning institution and also to improve the passing rate of students.

He says it has been resolved that students will only be required to re-sit for the subjects which they fail to clear unlike the case has been where they were required to re-write all the subjects including those that they had cleared.

Lubinda, however, feels the changes which have been made so far are not enough, stating that this is why he has tasked the board to do a further introspection and effect more changes in the interest of the law training institution.

Lubinda is concerned with the inadequate infrastructure at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education.

He says it is ridiculous for lecturers to have a class with more than 300 students.


  1. shu shu shu

    Ziale, producing no good know it all liars.

  2. Jaz

    That’s more like it …well done minister

  3. The Zinc

    ZIALE is very much okay you people. This is how infact ECOHS was suposed to be because some of these quacks called nurses, Doctors & others, been trained by busines entities named private institutions, kill the inocent poor Zambians before they learn a thing.

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