Over 4, 000 Students Get UNZA, CBU & TEVET Scholarships

Over 4, 612 students have been awarded scholarships for the 2018/2019 academic year across all the Technical Education, Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Training (TEVET) institutions in the country.

Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo says of the 4, 612 students, about 1,447 are female representing 31 percent, while 3, 165 are male.

Professor Luo has told journalists in Lusaka that government will continue to award more TEVET bursaries to the rural students to ensure more skills development and poverty reduction.

She adds that government will continue funding skills development and ensure training is demand driven and meets the development aspirations of the country.

And Professor Luo says 2,890 students have been awarded loans at the Copperbelt University (CBU) for the 2017/2018 academic year.

She says a total number of 4,025 applications were received with 222 applicants not meeting the set requirements, while 913 eligible students could not be awarded loans due to budgetary constraints.

Professor Luo adds that the Ministry has also awarded 2,172 students loans from the 2,233 applications received to first year students at the University of Zambia for the 2017/2018 academic year under the Loans and Scholarships Board.

She explains that from the 2,233 applicants, 62 were ineligible because 40 were accepted into university under parallel, while 14 were found to be children of members of staff at the university which means that they are under a tuition waiver thus they could not be considered.

Meanwhile Professor Luo says her ministry has also offered 1,710 scholarships under the Support to Science, Technology Education project (SSTEP) in Colleges.

Source: Qfm


  1. Lawton Bwalya

    Thanks for the government of Zambia through the
    Minister of higher education in giving the support to the 2018 and 2019 students scholarship

  2. RS

    When are they giving more bursaries to students that did not have the chance to apply I.e Evelyn Hone

  3. Wise Me

    Excellent, indeed government for us the poor is at work. Thank you!

    • Mumba Kenneth

      We appreciate those scholar ships but they are not done in good faith,there is too much corruption. We don’t see any advertised application for scholar ship place.we only hear that the government has done this and and that.leaving brilliant with brains children without anyplace., just cheated next time to be considered and start waiting

  4. Lukwe

    Indeed thanks to the government but when are u going to the universities,,, CBU, UNZA ,,etc.

  5. Lukwe

    Indeed thanks to the government but when are u going to open the universities,,, CBU, UNZA,,etc.

  6. Justin flaex

    Wow!! Amazing Government is now in help of the poor! Maybe I can now go to the university zoona! Thanks to the president of our country Mr E.C Lungu and madam professor Nkandu Luo

  7. Samuel

    this is great atleast we are able to see were government is spending its money
    thanx ba minister continue working hard with no corruption

  8. Atonis

    Wow!! impressive!!this is awesome thanks to the president Mr E.C.lungu and Madam Nkanda Luo,continue working hard we r greatful as zambians,but advertisement of bursery is not well done if its usually done coz a lot of people r not aware when n how to apply for a bursery kindly work on that issue otherwise we r greatfull with yo hardwork God bless u keep on working hard our mother.

  9. M.H


  10. Timbo jane

    You are awarding them scholarship s,
    After they finish, can’t find jobs. Mr Luo, it doesn’t work, time wasting degrees, just packed in the drawers.

  11. james


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