Amos Chanda Hits Back at Kambwili

State House press aide Amos Chanda and National Democratic Congress (NDC) defacto president Chishimba Kambwili have crossed swords again.

Chanda has responded to summons by Kambwili to gag him from attacking usually provocative Roan constituency lawmaker.
Kambwili has been the chief government attacker since being fired by President Edgar Lungu last year.
The Roan lawmaker is clinging on to his constituency on the PF ticket after having been filed a court challenge.


I have always held KAMBWILI in very low esteem but he has exceeded even that low mark. Otherwise how can he not see it as the ultimate contradiction, that he, the very embodiment of slander, can himself sue others and seek gagging orders to prevent commentary on him?

Below is my letter to my lawyers challenging his claims:

30th January, 2018
Messrs. Eric Silwamba & Company
Plot No. 12
William Burton Place
Chilekwa Mwamba road

Dear Sirs,

I have received a Writ of Summons from the High Court of Zambia moved by Chishimba Kambwili, who is seeking my appearance before Court within 14 days of service in a suit where he alleges that I have defamed him.

Although the Summons are dated 8th December, 2017, and accompanied by a Certificate of Urgency, I was only served on 15th January, 2018. From the Court Order, I have learnt that the matter comes up before the Hon. Mr. Justice Zulu on 7th February, 2018.

In his affidavit in support of Summons, Kambwili seeks among other things, an Interlocutory Injunction to restrain me from defending myself, the President and the Government against his incessant, malicious and baseless falsehoods upon which he decided to build what already seems like an ill-fated bid for the Presidency given the extraordinary depths to which he has sank political discourse in a mistaken view that the public supports his rantings and foul language against others.

He claims that his credit and reputation have been brought into scandal, odium and contempt in the eyes of right thinking members of society and therefore, I must be garged so that I do not say anything about him as he proceeds on an onslaught against me and others.

It is my fervent belief that this raucous, vile, malicious mean-spirited, but cowardly bully, does not have any reputation to damage in the first place, and therefore, his claims are totally baseless. You therefore have my instructions, to, among other considerations, enter the defence of justification and fair comment on matters of public interest.

I will aver before Court, that Kambwili cannot come to equity with dirty hands and that his general reputation is so soiled that it is not possible to lower it any further. His decision to run to Court to seek garging orders against his victims who have decided to defend themselves is nothing but typical of his cowardly acts when he is called to account. His action is also an abuse of the Court process to buy him time as he proceeds to willy-nilly character assassinate others.


Further, a gagging order against me does not just go to the core of my responsibilities in my current job, but is also inherently undemocratic because it would narrow the space available to all citizens to exercise their freedom of expression, particularly in the face of senselessly aggressive characters like Kambwili.

That notwithstanding, you may also proceed to counter demand against his many falsehoods he has issued against me.

Kindly note also that the words complained of were made during my course of duty on an official television appearance.

Yours sincerely,

Amos Chanda



  1. Hotness

    Ba Chandra,your time to go is getting closer. Don’t pretend that all is well,but one thing you should know is that whatever goes up can go down.

    • Kingston

      You are speaking as if you are the only one who will be voting

  2. MK

    why gag your friend? let him talk the way you do

  3. lungu.j

    kambwili has a big mouth so he should not abuse the court to stop those with the rights to speak if he wants that let stop first attacking others

    • Gumugumu blue mutwe

      Do not mistake exposing corruption to attacking others, checks and balances should be there even if there coming from kambwili or not. People are not happy with the state of affairs in our country except for cadres and the perpetrators of corruption.

      • Bitos

        Checks and balances are the wholemark of good governance but insults in the name of freedom of expression should not be allowed in our today’s politics. Nyaa!!!

  4. Majoni Tyson

    Mr chanda u can’t claim to hold major kambwili at a low esteem whilst you’re not comfortably sleeping becoz he is dismantling your powers. Respect kabwili, it,s bcoz of him that you have become who you are. You were not there when honorable kambwli and the late przdt Michael formed that party which has even made u grow wings. It’s right for kambwili to uter anything against u and u should not dare to insult back. That’s yo father you be cursed and dissolve like salt

  5. Aurent

    Comment: Mr. Chanda, why waste time fighting one another at the expense of the majority Zambians who are walloping in abject poverty? Use your time to correct your failed policies.

  6. Jk

    Mr Amos are u a Government spoke person?

  7. Richard

    Chanda his, behavers like a whore.

  8. mulase

    Amos is not a govt spokesperson. The ka chap has usurped so much power that he can even order the police command to carry out his instructions. Was he not part of the defunct post newspaper which wz advising donors to stop helping this country? Today he has amassed so much wealthy that he can afford to brag and pay lawyers.But wat he should remember is that he will not be immune to prosecution once the PF is removed from power by 2021.

  9. Lc

    And let me warn you ka chanda you regret those words by 17 august 2021 wen justice anounces the victory of kambwili

  10. Gift Malanga

    Leaders in the ruling party don’t you see tears of innocent souls in their eyes crying in the corner.
    The bible tells me not to speak evil of the rulers of my people but God is watching over you.
    Judgement is own your own no political party will be involved cause everyone on that day will answer to his own account.

  11. Uxy

    You can tell from his appearance that this man has grown up in proverty . It just now that he has started voicing out . Our tax payers money has made him loose respect. Wait time will will come. Remember the wages of sin is death

  12. malema

    who doesn’t no the dog called kambwili.

  13. chikwembeta

    U r rigt katumpa sana ka chanda e kalepontela naba sata,
    Mwanaa imbwili ni mbwili u wil b dealt with

  14. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Team ck tiye nabo ur time is up



  16. Mr think

    kambwili you are waiting your time you think that you are clever days are closing in for you and you will be pinned down.

  17. Dewin Mulala

    Mr Chanda The Arrogant Man I Have Neva Seen Otho Itx Same As Mumbi Phiri There Are Able To Defend Wrong Things And Its Bcoz Of Money

  18. Muma

    What is this multitude behind him doing?

  19. Joseph Ng'ambi

    I can’t fight for the greed( politicians are all greed)

    • prestigious

      ba lungu let kambwili reveal his vision,
      you have failed to construct Nsama district road therefore you will see 2012 with that mp of chimbamilonga

  20. Xando

    I like this

  21. bbbc


  22. Daniel mulenga


  23. Brandon T Adams

    Kambwili is too big for lungu and of ????

  24. chris

    Kambwili is nt more than a mad dog,forget his careless and baseless insinuations.It’s a fact that kambwili has no reputation to protect .pliz those who kambwili has foolish attacked like a mad dog do nt digress from your vision to develop mother zambia

  25. Tom London

    Why fighting on fb# I mean huge ck and Amos. You are all the same pf smooth criminals . just tell this country what you know about each other ‘ s wrong doings . are you now fighting over what is in the pot %%%% Ba koswe ee

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